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Meet Zig and Zag

Meet some special characters at Ashfield by Ana, Phoebe, Jack and William


Sometimes, if the guinea pigs go in their little upside down bowl, there is a bottom sticking out. When you hold our guinea pigs, dont be scared, they will not bite.  When they are in their tunnel you can see a giant twitchy bottom! If you hold the soft furry guinea pig, he will talk to you.  When the guinea pig hides you can see his bottom.

They sleep with their eyes open because they do not have eye lids. (It would be cute if they blinked!) When Zag is thirsty he drinks loudly. Zig moves nervously. Zig and Zag move quickly although they have small short legs.  In fact they chew on things like wood so their teeth stay short.


We are really proud of our writing because we have used:

Vocabulary – highlighted in yellow

  • descriptive adjectives: twitchy
  • expanded noun phrases: little upside down bowl, a giant twitchy bottom,  the soft furry guinea pig
  • adverbs and adverbial phrases that tell us how or when a verb is done: nervously, quickly, with their eyes open

Conjunctions highlighted in blue

  • subordinating conjunctions: if, when, because, although, so that

Punctuation – highlighted in pink

  • full stops, capital letters and exclamation marks to mark sentences
  • apostrophes for omission
  • comma to mark a clause