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Welcome to Willow 2017-2018!


We will be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.
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Year Two Curriculum Long Term Plan 

Y2 Newsletter Summer 2018

Year 2 common exception words 

We need to learn how to spell all these words by the end of Year 2. 

door even sugar
floor great eye
poor break could
because steak should
find pretty would
kind beautiful who
mind after whole
behind fast any
child last many
children past clothes
wild father busy
climb class people
most grass water
only pass again
both plant half
old path money
cold bath Mr
gold hour Mrs
hold move parents
told prove Christmas
every improve  
everybody sure  


01.05.18 Team building and swamp crossing!

09.03.18 Aliens!

Still image for this video
Willow class used adjectives and emotive language to describe imaginary aliens - have you ever seen one?


DT - Healthy Snacks

We found out about healthy meals then designed our own, making sure that we included carbohydrates, protein and vegetables. We then tested our meal and evaluated it with improvements for next time. The children really enjoyed the meals and many said that they would be making the meal for people at home!




February Learning Log.


Over the 1/2 term holidays I would like you to create something to do with Dragons. I want this to be fun for you to do and am leaving it up to you what you create. You may want to do one of the following:


  • A model
  • A picture
  • A story or poem
  • An animation
  • A computer program (maybe in Scratch)
  • A costume or mask

or something totally different!


Your creation is due back on Wednesday 21st February - I cannot wait to see what you have written / drawn or created!


Mr Ross

02/02/18 - Money Money Money!

Part of our maths focus in this term is money. It would really benefit your child if you can involve them in any money activities in the home or at the shops, whether it be counting your loose change or working out what coins are needed to buy something at the supermarket. The more opportunities they have to physically count and work with money, the better!

12.01.18 The Deep


Willow class had an amazing trip on Friday when we went to The Deep in Hull.  Although the coach journey was quite long, spirits were high and before we knew it, we had arrived. On the way we saw the huge, towering suspension bridge that stretched out over the Humber estuary.


When we arrived at the Deep, first we went into a marine laboratory and were taught several facts about fish and undersea life. There were even some real shrimps for us to observe! Did you know that there are divers that go into the large tank with the fish, and because they have full facemasks they can talk to each other. One of the divers even sings to the fish!


After the research lesson, we had our delicious lunch, which for some, was the high point of the day! Then came the moment we'd all been waiting for, a tour of the exhibits! Starting on a slope through time, we descended into the depths of the Deep, walking past aquatic dinosaurs, starfish and rays to get to the first large pool. This was full of coral, and skates and flatfish swam up to meet us.


We spent the next 2 hours exploring, seeing penguins, sword fish, sting rays, sharks, poisonous tree frogs and even jellyfish! Part of our writing this week will be a recount of the day - look out for them in our reading books or on a display!


Happy New Year!

We hope you had a lovely Christmas and are ready and raring to go with a new term!

The children settled really well back into the school routine and had lots of fun finding out about animals and their babies. Here are some pictures of the children doing a matching activity...

An out of this world experience!

Willow, Cherry and Elm had a fantastic morning exploring the universe when visitors from Leeds University physics department brought in their amazing inflatable planetarium. It was so big it almost filled the hall!

Each class took it in turn to enter the planetarium and watch and listen as images and sounds surrounded us.

Using a special projector, the inside of the dome was used as a screen and planets and stars shot past us. We learned about the Mars rovers, star constellations, our solar system and the search for Exoplanets - planets that could possibly support life - did you know that almost 5,000 have already been identified.

One girl in year 5 was so inspired that she now wants to work in the Astro Physics field of work, and a fantastic quote was overheard when Year 2 were in the dome ... "This is why I love coming to Ashfield!"

Autumn 2 - Multi sensory phonics lesson...

Adding 2 digit numbers... The children have worked really hard using the 'Part Part Whole' model. Just look at the presentation of this work!

Forest Schools... We had a great time this morning doing Forest Schools. We used our senses to focus in on our surroundings and made notes in out forest school notebook. We really enjoyed drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows around the camp fire. This afternoon we are going to use our notes to create a poem of our own in the style of the poet Richard Long.

29/09/17 Coding online

We have been coding today using Espresso Coding. As well as using drag and drop programming, we are expanding out knowledge and depth of understanding by explaining step by step what the program did when we ran it.

11/09/17 - Our marvellous mathematicians!

We like to share the teaching in Willow class, so today, two of our amazing mathematicians showed us how to break down large numbers into their 10s and 1s. They will be maths co-ordinator soon!
Our first ICT lesson was amazing, with Willow pupils remembering what they had been taught in Silver Birch.  Building on this, they made a maze out of objects, worked out the directions needed to navigate the maze then write them down to allow other to follow their program. They did an amazing job and we will be exploring this further in the coming weeks.

8/11/17 - Programming Beebots

Retelling a story through drama.


In our first week in Willow, we have been looking at stories with familiar settings. So far we have looked at Family and Growing Up. On Thursday we looked at Get Lost Laura by Jennifer Northway.




After reading and discussing the story, Willow class split into groups and re-enacted the story using drama. Being able to tell a story using different methods encourages greater story telling and recount. We will be working towards writing our own stories in the next few days.

Retelling a story using drama

Sports Day!

Creating Art outside!

Science - Plants

Philosophy for children

Willow class really enjoyed taking part in some P4C (philosophy for children) activities this week. We used the book 'You Choose' and had some fantastic discussions about why we make certain decisions and about the choices we make. Well done Willow class - you are all deep thinkers! 

Science Experiments with Elm class

We really enjoyed testing whether the bigger we get the more we can do. This is all part of our topic 'Animals including humans.' We worked with some Y5 children to test whether (because they were bigger) they could run faster and for longer than us in Willow class. We really enjoyed combining PE and Science. 


We love algorithms in Willow class and it links really well to our English topic on instruction writing and our Geography topic on directions. This week we invited Reception children into class. They followed our simple algorithms to sort cubes. We worked hard on ensuring all the steps were clear and that we achieved the outcomes we wanted. 

World Book Day! 


Willow class really enjoyed taking part in a storytellers workshop with Eden today! They used drama techniques to bring characters to life. It was made extra fun as we were all dressed up as our favourite book characters! :-) 

Diversity Day! 


Willow class really enjoyed Diversity day. We read two fantastic stories, did some excellent art work and wrote poetry all about why were are so fantastically unique! It was great to celebrate the differences we all have! :-) 

Chinese New Year!

Willow class really enjoyed a dance workshop this week. We learnt all about Chinese New Year, that red is the luckiest colour, that the dragons have green noses and the colour green represented good health. We had such a fantastic afternoon! 

We are learning to write instructions in our English lessons. We decided to write a set of instructions on how to make a jam sandwich, of course we then had to make our own! We worked well in pairs to make our sandwiches and had an excellent time sampling our work! 

Willow class really enjoyed searching for 2D and 3D shapes around school this week!


Willow class really enjoyed doing some drama work based on the story of Hanukkah! 

Willow Class welcomes Zig and Zag!

Willow class have been looking after our school Guinea Pigs for the last two weeks! We have done Science and English work based upon them and really enjoyed learning all about them. 
Willow class have been investigating different types of materials. We each chose a material to look at in more detail. We thought about some questions we would like to ask about our material and some ways we could investigate. We then used microscopes, water and our partners to twist, bend, stretch and look through our materials. We learnt lots about our materials!

We love being Scientists!

Reverse Advent Calendar 

In Willow class we appreciate that this festive season is as much about giving as it is about receiving. We have decided to create a 'reverse advent calendar.' We will put an item of food into a box each day of advent (up until the 16th when we break up!) and then donate it to Otley food bank. You are superstars Willow class! Happy Christmas! 

Thank you for all your very kind donations Willow class!

16th December - Six items added!

15th December - two items added!

14th December - two items added!

13th December - two items added!

12th December - twelfth item added!

11th December - eleventh item added!

10th December - tenth item added!

9th December - ninth item added!

8th December - Eighth item added!

7th December - Seventh item added!

6th December - Sixth item added!

5th December - Fifth item added!

4th December - Fourth Item Added!

3rd December - Third Item Added!

2nd December - Item Two!

1st December - First Item Added!

Three superstars in Willow class who have all done extra homework this week! Fantastic!

We have worked really hard on our maths this week.

We love PE in Willow class! We have been looking at creative dance this week. :-)

We love reading! 

Willow have been working really hard on their reading comprehension this week. We were specifically looking at using a highlighter to find evidence in the text. 

We decided to make moon habitats as part of our History topic on Neil Armstrong. What do you think?


In Willow class we are all climbing up a Lego tower! To do this we have to have superstar behaviour. The more we climb, the more prizes we get. The first prize is a fantastic certificate and one of Mrs Warren's golden Headteacher stickers! We had three winners this week! Well done our Willow class Superstars! 


In Willow class we have been learning all about Neil Armstrong as part of our History topic. We have learnt all about space and the moon. As part of this we have designed a 'moon habitat' to help us survive on the moon. We then used a range of materials to build our moon habitat. Next we are going to evaluate them.  

We love maths! 

Some of us in Willow class have been using Numicon to help us with our maths work. We really enjoyed using it to help us with our adding! 



We love Science! We really enjoyed searching the playground for lots of different materials. Once we had found lots, we decided whether they were natural or man-made materials. 

We love our outdoor space at Ashfield! 


Some of our Willow class children have really enjoyed exploring our outside space. They worked together to create this fantastic grass hotel! It took them a few of their own lunch times to get it just right. We think it looks fantastic and shows great creativity and team work! 

Willow class 2015 - 2016

Following on from our  our Seaside theme we enjoyed an afternoon"beside the seaside, beside the sea"

Following on from health week, we loved the Bondgate Bakery experience sooo much that we were #inspired to bake our own!!

Willow baking

What are these prickly little critters that we so carefully baked??? Answers on a post card please!

Star Wars - light sabre training

Football training

Footloose dance

Still image for this video

Footloose dance academy - group dance

Martial Arts with Aegis Otley
Yoga time
Archery & Fencing with Premier Sports
Health Week  has been Awesome!!

Welcome to Willow!


We will be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.
Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your Teacher know!


Willow class have been learning about the Gunpowder plot in History. We have completed some amazing learning logs, some fireworks art on the computer and have been using Pie Corbett's actions to create wanted posters for Guy Fawkes.

Symmetry using leaves

A few weeks ago we were learning about symmetry in maths. We decided to make symmetrical patterns using leaves we found in our wildlife area. The children challenged themselves to see if they could make a pattern with 2 lines of symmetry. All the staff were very impressed with the results!

Investigating the names and properties of shapes

Children in pink group had a go at sorting shapes. They then discussed the properties of these shapes. They were looking at the amount of sides and vertices (corners) the shape had in order to help them identify it.


How many sides and vertices does a hexagon have? Can you impress your adult by answering the question?

Maths games lesson

Last week, we had a go and playing some different games such as snakes and ladders, treasure hunt and matching numbers to pictures. We had lots of fun and used our maths skills too.

Venn diagrams

We have looking at Venn diagrams and using them to sort odd and even numbers. We had to work systematically to get the numbers in the correct places!