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Summer Term

Legs have arrived!

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Lorcan's tadpoles are developing arms and legs... have a look.

Max's science investigation

Max mixed vinegar with bicarbonate of soda in a bottle. He put a balloon over the mouth of the bottle and found out that the balloon filled up!


Hammerhead Shark!

This is a hammerhead shark I made out of a toilet paper tube and a background for it.

Hattie's owls - Prudence and Hoots

Sofia loved the World Ocean Day activities.

How many of these do you do?

One day soon Stanley will be able to visit all these countries...

Stanley made these top trump cards.

Callum's Viking Longboat

Go Hattie!

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Hattie Wins a Copper Flute Award!

Lorcan's beautiful artwork.

Joe and Matthew just chillin' with a good book...

Art Photography by Joe

Can't think of anywhere to go for a holiday this summer? Stanley has a great idea...

Shetland is popular with otters this year!

Sofia has really missed going to Starbucks so...

Joshua has been...

 Busy learning...


 Hanging around...


  Designing and creating a really amazing t-shirt!

Jensen has been...

Made a tree swing, helping on the farm, doing football challenges and learning how to cook - perhaps he'll come back a better cook than Ms Mclaughlin!

Leila has been up to...



Doing some planting thanks to a kit from Hattie!


   Hunting for those ferocious Easter Eggs!


Enjoying reading The Mallory Towers books!

And... knitting, baking and learning how to do household chores (ouch!)

Use this net by Patrick to create your own 3-D chariot...

Thor and Loki's Chariot - by Sofia

Patrick has a friend who needs a date...

My name is Glarey the polar bear.

I am an 8 year old, handsome and deadly polar bear with a big mouth and soft, white fur.

I like football and cricket.

When you look into my dark eyes, which look menacing to everyone who isn’t a polar bear, you will feel fire in your tummy.

My scratchy paws can kill for meat because that’s what they do isn’t it …   However, just my nails are scratchy and on the inside they are soft.


I am looking for a mate. On our date, we will have a competition … who can make the biggest snowball.

Do you have a match for Bill's Polar Bear?

Sofia's Smarties Experiment

Stanley has made top-trump card rain forest animals.



Hattie's Radio Project Read all about it!

Albie has been busy with his learning.


Hattie's D&T

Hattie has following the recipe to make her own fruit salad.


Love the rainbow colours!

Lorcan the naturalist.

Lorcan has spotted lots of interesting wildlife around where he lives. So far he's seen red kites, buzzards, oystercatchers, chaffinches and blue tits. Lots of Peacock butterflies, a vole, a female pheasant the size of a goose! And a huge hare running across a field. He also spotted a cat stalking and catching a mouse, sheep, lambs and hens. 


At the vets last week he watched a sheep having a caesarean. It had 2 lambs, but sadly, only one lived. He also saw a goat kid being taken from its mother and heard how angry the mother goat was!


He spotted a carcass that had been dragged into a hole in a wall and thought it may have been the remains of a lamb, as it was quite large. He suspected a mink or a stoat may have been the predator?

Lorcan's tadpoles

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Ollie has been busy...

Thinking about others.


Writing stories and about how he feels.


Practicing his times tables.

Sophia's Science explorations!

Sophia's science explorations

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Daily Homework:

10 mins Reading with an adult.

10 mins Spelling practice.

10 mins Times tables practice.