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Cooking and Nutrition is part of our design and technology curriculum. Today we learned how to chop safely using the claw grip and bridge hold. The dip we made was truly delicious!

Willow Sports Afternoon, July 20th. It was a scorcher! The children did so well despite the very hot conditions.

Health Week Day 3: Today we have been finding out about swapping sugary drinks and snacks for healthier options. We have started an experiment using egg shells. What do you think will happen to the egg shells: one is in water, one is orange juice and the other is in cola? We also have minty fresh breath after cleaning our teeth!

Health Week Day 2, Healthy Eating: Today we learnt about the Eatwell Guide. We sorted different foods and drinks into groups and used a Carroll Diagram to record our ideas. We analysed our school dinners and thought of ways in which we could improve our diets. Eat more fruit and vegetables! We enjoyed making a vegetable pizza and eating it! The recipe is on Google Classroom.

Health Week Day 1, 5th July: Forest School at the Chevin

30.6.21 Barbara Hepworth inspired sculptures. This half term we have been learning about the Yorkshire born artist, Barbara Hepworth. We explored a range of 3d shapes to find out which ones stacked before sketching a plan of sculpture. Today, our plans came to life as clay sculptures. Aren't they brilliant?

Happy days! Who would of thought chasing bubbles could be so much fun!

23.6.21 Bee Friendly! We have been finding out how important bees are and we can help them to thrive. We found some wild flowers in our beautiful school grounds this afternoon. Can you identify them?

22.06.21 Amazing work in our geography lesson today. After reading Jeannie Baker's Window (a picture book that shows the destruction of wilderness) we discussed what would make our school playground better. The children agreed that we should cherish and protect the physical features that we have: the trees, wildlife and flowers. Their written responses are thoughtful and inspiring.

Cricket! We have learned how to bowl underarm and how to play a game called Rapid Fire!

Computing in Year 2: Our current topic is robot algorithms. We have been programming the Bee Bots using a specially designed grid.

We have been designing structures in our design and technology lessons. We have created stable structures using a range of joining techniques: tabs, slots, flanges, ties and L braces.

Science: Our current topic is plants and we have been observing the germination and growth of broad bean seeds. Some were in a dark cupboard and some were left by the windowsill.

Curriculum Newsletter

12th May: We've had a lovely afternoon learning about position and movement. It's great when two subjects link; geography and computing. We programmed Beebots as past of unit of work on Robot Algorithms and spent time outdoors describing the routes we created in pairs.

30th April: Mmmm jelly! We have been writing instructions in English this term. Today we made jelly using a microwave oven. We wrote some fabulous instructions and ate the jelly in Golden Time with fruit cocktail.

Skip into Summer, PE Project. We used our brand new skipping ropes for the first time in PE. We can't wait for the Celebration Skipping Day on the 26th June!

28th April: Learning about The Great Fire of London - Mr Ray is Ashfield's fire officer. He visited Willow class to answer our questions about fire safety. We found out that we can learn from history. The Great Fire Of London has taught us that fire plans need to be in place to protect us and our school building. Did you know that Mr Ray checks the fire alarms for dust and dead spiders!