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Red Nose Day

Rowan class really enjoyed Red Nose Day. We dressed up as Super Heros, did lots of exciting activities and took part in an amazing sports event led by our Y5 Sports Leaders. We took part in a carousel of activities and worked in teams to support each other. The activities included throwing a javelin, basketball, penalty shoot out, skipping, noughts and crosses game and hurdles.


Rowan class really enjoyed using a programme to record podcasts on the Vikings as part of our computing unit on creating media - audio editing. We really enjoyed exploring ways to record our voices and loved creating our exciting podcasts about the Vikings. 

The Water Cycle 

Rowan class have enjoyed learning all about the Water Cycle in Science. We particularly enjoyed working as a team to cut out, organise a label a table sized diagram of the water cycle. 

World Book Day! 


Rowan class thoroughly enjoyed World Book Day! We watched some great live lessons, created our own books, explored lots of different books, completed reading activities and even visited Reception and read stories with them. There were some great costumes in Rowan class. Can you spot your favourite character? 



Rowan class have really enjoyed working towards the Skipping Festival that takes place in May. They have been building up their skills from simple skipping to the infamous pretzel! Rowan class really supported each other, built up their resilience (hard when you're trying something new!) and worked together on the large rope group skip! 


Rowan class have really enjoyed earning their Dojo's in order to win some fantastic prizes! They include a prize from the Dojo prize box, whole class rewards, changing their Dojo avatar and the exciting homework pass! Well done for working so hard Rowan class :-) 

Science Investigations! 

We have really enjoyed our 'States of Matter' unit in Science this term. We have looked at solids, liquids and gases and explored particles. We have completed experiments around whether gas has a weight and what is the ideal temperature for melting chocolate. We enjoyed talking about making our investigation fair and comparing our results.