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Spring Term

9th March: Today we had a very young visitor in Willow class. Mrs Kalidas brought baby Mia to our science lesson. We found out how Mia is grown and changed since she was born nearly 10 weeks ago.

A lovely afternoon spent outdoors at Harlow Carr Gardens.

6th March: Our class trip to Pizza Express Harrogate. A big thank you to Mrs Clayden, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Nicholson and Mrs Haley for all their help on the day.

5th March: A cosy read with Year 6 on World Book Day.

26th February: The weather has not felt very spring like lately but today we spotted signs of spring on our walk around the wildlife garden.

14th February: The Reading Cafe was a big hit. The children really enjoyed the activities and spending time with their parents and carers. Thank you very much for attending. Here's some photos from the event and a selection of pictures and thank you letters to Waitrose.

13th February: Today we had a fun and lively session with Professor Tagtiv8. We had to work in teams to make words with the tags. We had so much fun running around that we didn't realise that we were reading and spelling words!

7th February: This term we are participating in the Flavour School project. We have been using our senses to explore different foods. Today we used our sense of smell. Can you guess what the different foods are? Thank you Mrs Bona for leading the activity.

6th February: We read Tiddler the Storytelling Fish by Julia Donaldson for National Storytelling Week and worked in pairs to write our own Tiddler tales.

29th January: Germ warfare! We are learning about hygiene in our science topic: Animals including humans. Today we simulated a sneeze using trigger sprays on paper. We measured the distance of our 'sneezes' with metre rulers. It's surprising how far a sneeze will travel so always remember to catch it in tissue and then wash your hands!

17th January: A tennis lesson with Sam the tennis coach.

15th January: Our final products! I think NASA will be approaching us for our prototypes of moon buggies.

January 9th: Design and Technology in Willow. Our moon buggies are taking shape. Last term we assembled the axle and wheels to the chassis. Today we have been busy adding the features we drew on our plans: aerials, seats, cameras and satellites.