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Spring Term

Happy New Year!

The children have started the new year with renewed vigour.

Tuesday - PE

Please send in suitable kit for indoor and outdoor PE. The children will need trainers or pumps for outdoor PE.


Friday - Swimming

We need a volunteer to help us walk the children to and from the swimming pool at Prince Henry's every Friday. 

10.20am to walk up and 12.10pm to walk back.

Please let us know if you can help even if it is only one occasion.


How fast can a Y3 pipil run 50m?


Measuring out the track...

Running. We had several goes!


Recording the results.


Journey of Water Through a Plant

We have been looking at and investigating different parts of a plant and their functions. An investigation was carried out to see which part of a plant transports water through the plant. Celery was placed into coloured water to see which part of the plant it went into. The blue-tac held the plants in place. A stick of celery was placed into coloured water, another was split into two and one half was placed into yellow coloured water and the other half was placed into black coloured water. A similar piece was also placed into clear water.