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Spring Term

Still smiling!

Still smiling! 1
Still smiling! 2
Still smiling! 3

A Stray Puppy                                        

A stray puppy was scavenging for left over chips. But he could only find the tasty oil from the chips. Then a steaming chip splattered on the ground, it smelt delicious the puppy scrambled to the chip cautiously. Then puppy quickly ate the chip. As puppy was eating, a hand thrust in front of him holding a chip. It made him jump backwards. Then the man waved the chip in front of him. Puppy slowly edged towards the chip then he gobbled it up as fast as he could. The next thing puppy knew he was in a house with a bowl in front of him and a bag next to him. All of a sudden the bowl was full of biscuits. Puppy had never seen so many bits of food before. He tried one biscuit then as quick as a rocket he ate all of the biscuits in the bowl.


Daily Homework:

10 mins Reading with an adult.

5 mins Spelling practice.

10 mins Times tables practice.


Friday: Swimming

Thursday: PE

Learning to play tennis.

Learning to play tennis. 1
Learning to play tennis. 2
Learning to play tennis. 3
Learning to play tennis. 4
Learning to play tennis. 5

Practicing our Judo moves

Measuring mass

Measuring mass 1
Measuring mass 2
Measuring mass 3
Measuring mass 4