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Spring Term

Shrove Tuesday

We LOVED tasting the pancakes and choosing a yummy topping! We were especially impressed by an amazing pancake flipper Mrs Rhodes is!

We Love PE!

We Love PE! 1
We Love PE! 2
We Love PE! 3
We Love PE! 4
I am so proud of how the children have been listening carefully and following instructions in our PE lessons. We really love the game 'Duck, Duck Goose' and 'The Bean Game'. We have been using floor spots to find spaces and have been working hard at developing good sportsmanship. We love to high five our team/ partner and say 'well done'. 

Exploring Ice


We have taken full advantage of the cold weather and have been exploring ice. The children looked closely at the ice and have talked about the changes to the ice as the temperature warms up. I am convinced that we have a class of little scientists!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


Dinosaur Munch


I have been so impressed with the children's creativity over the past few weeks! A group of Acorn children enjoyed sharing the story 'Dinosaur Munch' and were then inspired to create their own dinosuars. They even designed their dinosaur before making it. Have a look at some of the amazing creations...

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Tuesday 8th January 2019


Science Investigation Day


Wow, what a fantastic first day back at school. It has been lovely watching the children reestablishing the friendships that they made in Autumn Term. I am convinced that the children have grown over the holidays!


Today has been very exciting because it has been Science Investigation Day at Ashfield Primary School. In Early Years we were asked to investigate what happens when we add water to skittles. The children made some really good predictions and were really excited when we created a rainbow using the skittles. We used warm water first and then predicted what would happen when we used cold water. We noticed that cold water makes a neater rainbow. We also noticed that the bottom of the skittle completely lost it's coating!


I wonder whether your child can tell you all about the rainbows that we made today...



Skittle Science Investigation

Skittle Science Investigation 1
Skittle Science Investigation 2
Skittle Science Investigation 3
Skittle Science Investigation 4
Skittle Science Investigation 5
Skittle Science Investigation 6
Skittle Science Investigation 7
Skittle Science Investigation 8