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Spring 2022 Newsletter Willow

March 2022: We have started a new science topic; Green Plants. Today was perfect for a spring wildlife hunt. We found lots of new buds growing from trees and some wild primroses in our wildlife garden.

Planting summer flowering bulbs. In science, we learn about seeds and bulbs. We know that some bulbs are planted in the autumn to flower in the spring. We planted some gladioli and lily bulbs today that should flower this summer.

Red Nose Day 2022: We enjoyed the obstacle event this morning. Thank you Miss Bowers and the sports leaders for organising it.

World Book Day! Some great book character and favourite words costumes were worn today. We enjoyed sharing our books with the Year 6 children.

A visit from baby Lily! We are learning about growth in our science topic Animals Including Humans. Chloe's mum told us how to look after a baby and how they grow and change.

Do you make healthy eating choices? Have a look at the Eatwell Guide to decide whether you need to eat more or less of certain foods.

14th February: We learn about making healthy food choices in Year 2 science. Today we used the Eatwell Guide to see if school dinners include the right portion of food from the different food groups. We all agreed to choose more fruit and vegetables from the salad bar and to swap some foods in our packed lunches for fruit and vegetables.

Self Compassion Portraits and Emotional Support Balloons are two of the activities that we enjoyed as part of Children's Mental Health Week. We talked about how it is important to be kind to ourselves through recognising our special qualities. We considered how we grow emotionally through the support of other people in our lives.

Paper Sculptures! We have loved learning how to use different techniques to create a 3D paper sculpture in art this half term.

24th January: We are learning about hygiene in our science topic: Animals, including humans. Today we investigated what happens when a sneeze sprays onto a surface. We used fake snot in aerosol bottles and measured the effects from three different distances: 20 cm, 50 cm and 1m. Now we know why it's important to catch sneezes in a tissue!

This half term we are learning to read and write instructions. Today we read and then followed instructions on how to make jelly. We even got to eat it!