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22nd March: This week is Ashfield Science Week. We investigated the power of a sneeze this afternoon. Are the scientists right, do we really need to keep a 2m distance from people outside our household? Yes, we do! We found out that a fake sneeze from a trigger spray bottle can still land on someone from a 1 m distance but not at 2m. We used some famous coronavirus scientists as targets. We had a great discussion about the pattern we noticed with spraying close and then further away. We also came up with some great 'what if' ideas such as repeating the investigation indoors as we noticed the wind carried some of our spray. Professor Whitty was a very sorry state at the end of the investigation.

More Red Nose/World Book Day Activities: Sharing our books from home with each other, stroking the guinea pigs and an egg spoon race!

19th March Red Nose Day/World Book Day : We enjoyed creating edible funny faces this afternoon with rice cakes and lots of fresh vegetables. We also ticked another class challenge; eat more fruit and vegetables!

17th March: Today we started our Get Active PE Challenge. We came up with lots of good ideas last week in our 'Bouncing Back' to class sessions and it was a lovely afternoon to try them out. The new box of scarves proved to be popular!

Every Friday we have a Wellbeing Workshop with Roger over Zoom. The massages and affirmations were very relaxing.

Guinea Pig Parade!

Exploring different techniques with chalk pastels. Our guinea pig pictures look brilliant.

Our happy place: Looking for signs of spring today. We found wild primroses, daisies, daffodils, catkins and lots of buds on trees. We also found time for a play and leaf fight!

8th March: Our first day back to school as a whole class was fantastic. This afternoon we participated in a live STEM lesson about Dr Jane Goodall. We found out about her amazing career studying chimpanzees in the Democratic Republic Of Congo. Georgie from Soma Yoga in Otley taught us a dance over Zoom and we conducted an experiment to find out which tools are best for picking up objects - just like a chimpanzee.

8th Feb: Art Attack! Look at how creative we have been over lockdown at home and in our school bubble. Here's a selection of paper sculptures, installations of people we love, rocket models and paper boats (inspired by the story, The Marvellous Moon Map).

5th January 2021: You have all made a great start this term. We find ourselves at home again but you have all managed to stay positive, happy and healthy. Being active not only helps us to be fit and healthy but it is good for our mental health and wellbeing. Keep it up Team Willow, we'll get through this lockdown together!