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We have loved taking part in our World War 2 day where we have learned about the why the war began, rationing, propaganda and evacuation. We were challenged to display our knowledge through drama where we acted out different scenarios such as the food shortage, The Black Out and the importance of saving fuel. We had lots of fun adding comedy to our scenes! Keep your eyes peeled for videos coming soon...


We also enjoyed taking part in the air raid shelter games and testing our knowledge on key facts to make sure we survived! We loved our role play day - thank you Past Productions for a fantastic immersive experience! 

Dodge Ball Competition

Well done Year 5 on a fantastic dodge ball festival. It was the first time representing school in such a long time and I am so proud of your efforts. We placed 4th out of 8 schools in Leeds! Go Elm! 

Investigating Reversible and Irreversible Reactions


Seated Volley Ball!

Elm have really enjoyed developing their leadership and team work skills whilst participating in the paralympic sport seated volley ball. It was an exciting new sport to try out and they have enjoyed challenging themselves to develop their core strength. Well done Elm! Fantastic sportsmanship! 

Curious scientists on the loose!

We have investigating with sugar to find out if is soluable and dissolves in water. We tried and tested different temperatures to see how the rate of dissolving changed. We concluded that the higher the temperature, the quicker the time taken for the sugar to dissolve. We have learned some new vocabulary words such as solvent, solute and solution!