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Welcome to Silver Birch!


Welcome to Silver Birch Class. Our class teachers are Mrs Dolamore (M,T,W) and Mrs Willford (W, Th, F). We are supported by Mrs Longstaffe and Mr Tordoff. As we make the transition between Reception and Year 1 we continue to learn in a provision lead environment which ensures that we are learning in a practical, purposeful way. We have an amazing outdoor space which we fully intend to utilise throughout the year to enhance and extend our learning.

Pudding Lane: we are making our very own Pudding Lane after learning about the Great Fire of London.

Healthy wraps: we tried to make our sandwiches healthier by adding salad and swapping sliced bread to tortilla wraps.

Y1 summer Newsletter 2018

9th -10 July Transition to Year 2: We spent 3 days with our new teacher and teacher assistants: Ms Morison, Mrs Butterill and Miss Milnes. We planned and made an obstacle course and spent a morning in Forest School. The hot dogs and toasted marshmallows went down very well!

Our finished face tree!

More faces! This time we used clay and natural materials to make our faces and then decorated the tree with them.

Faces in the forest. In Art we are looking at sculpture using nature. We made faces out of things we could find in the forest area.

Silver Birch did an excellent job dancing in the danceathon. We enjoyed it so much we continued to dance in the classroom afterwards!

Well done to our recent Team Points winners!

We really enjoyed our walk around the local area to look at the types of houses nearby. Can you identify the different types?

The Big Bad Wolf has been lurking around Silver Birch and we had to call a police man to help us! We caught him in the end- phew!

Tag Tiv 8! We have been getting active in our English lessons- take a look at the photos to see how busy we were. We had to make different words using he letters attached to our belts.

Our new Geography topic is Homes. Look at the ones we made!

We worked hard to sew our stockings before Christmas!

Today was mental health and wellbeing day. In Silver Birch we talked about feelings. Can you guess what we are feeling in there photos?

In PE we have been practicing our balancing skills.

We have been busy working in our provision areas to learn lots of new things.

Team points winners and children with who have completed our Rainbow Challenge this half term

Year One Curriculum Long Term Plan 

Newsletter Autumn 2017

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Silver Birch Newsletter Spring 2017

Silver Birch Newsletter Autumn 2016

Science - We have been learning about vertebrates and invertebrates. We sorted the animals into two groups. We then carried out a test to see which creature would hold most weight. We found out that the vertebrates can carry most weight and decided that this must be why invertebrates are small.

Health Week - Warburtons

Common Exception Words - We have been using spelling pyramids and rainbow words to help us remember how to spell our Year One words.

We created our own line drawings in the style of Picasso...

Sun Safe Sunglasses! We talked about the harmful UV rays in the sun. We then made our own sunglasses. We know that we should never look directly at the sun, even when we are wearing sunglasses.

Sun Safe Science - In science we have been looking at how to stay safe in the sun. We read the story 'Sun Safe George' who taught us to 'Slip, Slap, Slop'! Slip on a t-shirt, Slap on a hat and Slop on suncream. We have made posters to educate the rest of school on the importance of good sun care.

Maths- Place Value (Tens and Ones)


Thursday 7th March 2017 - Silver Birch were lucky to be able to join Elm class for their science lesson.  We spent time planting seeds and made predictions about what we thought might happen to the seeds.  We are going to record our observations in our Little Bean Books.   

NSPCC Spellathon. 

Well done to everyone that took part in the NSPCC Spellathon we raised a massive amount and  Silver Birch won the award for best participation in KS1. 


During P.E this half term we have been doing lots of exciting movement activities. These have included lots of balancing, crawling, throwing and catching. We really enjoy our P.E sessions. 

Traditional tales. 

This week we have been learning all about the traditional tale The Three Little Pigs. We have enjoyed doing lots of different activities including baking our own pig buns, making our own books and lots of craft activities. 

Chinese New Year. 

Design Technology - Designing and making our own house.

We have been working very hard in our maths work this half term. We have been using a model called 'part part whole' to help us to solve missing number problems. See the attached file and ask your child to tell you more!

It's all a bit spooky! Welcome to our lotions and potions shop...

Spooky Spiders!

This week's Superkids are George and Florence!


What a fabulous start we have had to our new school year! The children have settled in really well and are impressing us with how quickly they are adapting to their new routines. We have packed a lot into the past week and a half, including baking bunny biscuits, making clay squirrels and taking part in a dance workshop based on the story 'Man on the Moon'. We have also been working hard on our writing and have been learning how to 'polish' our writing with a purple pen. In addition to that we are excited to be doing our maths work in a very special workbook this year.


We look forward to inviting parents/carers into the classroom for an informal chat on Friday afternoon.

Silver Birch class 2015 - 2016

Send a Friend To School Campaign...

Floating and Sinking... which materials will float?? Do they always float?

Silver Birch Summer Newsletter

Maths - This week we have carried out alot of practical activities to embed the concept of 'equal', 'sharing' and 'halving'. We will be continuing with our work on fractions next week...

We had a fabulous time at the Ashfield Primary School STEM festival, exploring electricity, magnetism, drones and amateur radio (to name but a few!). Silver Birch are now even more excited about their trip to Eureka on Thursday 17th March!

Look at our amazing World Book Day costumes!


Reading Challenge


We are challenging the children to read at home every day. Research shows that children who read at home do better at school than children who don't. Please sign your child's reading log every time you hear them read and they will be in with a chance of winning a prize!



Tips for Reading at Home

DT - Design a Room

Spring Silver Birch Newsletter

15/12/2015 WOW...what a fantastic Christmas party!!

In English we have been learning how to write instructions. We made jam sandwiches, gingerbread men and snowflakes. We then wrote instructions to explain how we made them.

Making Gingerbread Men and writing recipes...

We have been investigating number bonds to 10 and 20. We used a range of equipment to enhance our understanding.

Superstar Writing!