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School Council

 Four members of Ashfield School Council attended a children's voice event at Prince Henry's Grammar School on Friday.  They had the chance to speak to local councillors and representatives from Leeds City Council, and took part in several activities to decide on how different sets of money could be spend in the area. They really enjoyed taking part in the event and making a difference to their community. 

Pupil voice event

Ashfield is proud to have such a proactive school council. Already this year the children have created and run a 'Christmas Library' for students across the school using LLS books. They have looked into Healthy Packed lunches and are working together to create a leaflet for parents. Y6 school council members went to a Children's Voice event, where they met local council members and let them know what changes they wanted to see in the Otley area. 

Other things coming up: 

  • Revamping the school library. 
  • Mini lending library for the school. 
  • Golden time (new ideas and structure).
  • Playtime activities for the whole school.


Keep checking back for new updates from the school council.