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Y4 Summer newsletter 2018

Y4 Spring Newsletter 2018

Homework Schedule Spring 2017



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NB: Reading records should be brought in and taken home every day. It will be checked on Tuesday and Thursday to ensure children are completing reading homework so we can fill in the Rocket Boost reading chart.

Year Four Curriculum Long Term Plan

Masters of Music

The Chevin is alive, with the sound of Glockenspiels!

Rowan Class have been inventing their own compositions in Music lessons with Mrs Carpenter. Some are more pleasant to listen to than others!

Wet nappies and sweetie surprise!

The super scientists of Rowan Class have been investigating how many millilitres of urine can be held by different sizes of nappy and what absorbent materials are inside them. After a good hand wash, they grouped and classified sweets using Venn, Carroll and Flow diagrams. 

Build like a bird

This week is Science Week! We talked about what materials birds build their nests from, what they look like, what their priorities are and where they choose to build them. Then, we went outside to collect twigs, leaves, grass and the occasional feather to make our own. It was trickier than we thought! Ultimate respect to birds, who don't even have hands - they have to use their beaks! 

"Inverted commas!" the class shouted excitedly.

Today we were learning about speech marks (inverted commas) and all the associated punctuation that go along with them. We started with Caitlyn Comma, Ruth the Referee, Captain Arthur the Capital letter, Pola the Drama Queen, Ethan the Punctuation Puppy and Loukas the 99 year old man. 


The children were asked to do silly things to help them remember, "Inverted commas are tricky as there's so much to remember!" announced the exhausted, frazzled teacher helplessly.

Rubbings in the sun

Today was the first glorious sunshine we have had, so we went outside to collect rubbings for our landscape collages we have been making in art lessons.

Sport Relief - This is me - The Greatest Showman

The whole school have been rehearsing This is Me from The Greatest Showman film to perform for Sports Relief - this is a video of the choreography for pupils to practice at home.

World Book Day

Finally, after all this snow, World Book Day arrived! Rowan Class looked at the book called Tuesday which involved mysterious goings on; including levitating toads and flying pigs. We learnt to infer from the illustrations and predict possible endings to the story which finishes on a cliff hanger. In the afternoon we made landscapes using rubbings and collages. Even the teacher joined in as Bilbo Baggins. Congratulations to Hermione Granger who won a fencing competition and brought in her medal!

Olympic Inspiration

Mrs Fenton Green from PHGS comes each week to teach a class how to perform at high school level. She is a teacher of great expertise and her coaching encourages the children to achieve their best and show off their talents. Year 4 are doing gymnastics and are just loving it!

Rocket Boost your Reading!

Well done and thank you to all the adults who have been reading with your children at home! Some people are shooting up into space on a literary adventure! Keep up the great work. Remember to give us some feedback on how your child reads aloud and ask them questions about their book. Ideas for ways to improve your child's reading can be found in the reception area of school.

Winter Wonderland Walk

We took advantage of a glorious morning and went out into the frosty field to take in the sights, sounds and smells of the country. Setting the scene for our stories inspired by the Grimm fairy-tale of Hansel and Gretel. It was easy to think of fabulous vocabulary to capture our audiences attention and imagination!

Christmas Recounts

The children learnt all about the features of a recount, so they could tell us what fantastic things they got up to over the Christmas holidays! Santa Claus has spoilt them rotten! Lucky things!

The Best Gift

This week we did a citizenship lesson on the true meaning of Christmas. We talked about material gifts and the gifts we can give to each other through caring and kindness. We pretended to be Father Christmas and give to others, 'The Best Gift' we could think of.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Over the last few days we have been working hard making our calendars for 2018. We used different techniques of paint blending, pointillism, fine drawing and most importantly GLITTER STICKING to create our midnight winter scenes. Please treasure them and display our efforts somewhere special.

We protest!

Today we worked with Mrs Burnham, learning about pollution and how it affects our health and the environment. We made big placards to protest against unnecessary use of cars and the amount of waste factories produce.

Journalists in the making!

This week in English we are learning about the water cycle so that we can write explanation texts all about it. We can believe the same water has gone around earth since the beginning of time!! Your orange squash could have been an Egyptian bath or a dinosaur's wee! Check out the water cycle song to learn more about the four -tions.

Amazing Archery!

Thanks to Mrs Wheeler who organised for our class to do archery in our PE lesson. We had to use the equipment with accuracy and care. Some of us hit the bulls eye! Mr Rodriguez set a maths challenge for us at the end.

Explanation Text Teamwork!

Rowan class worked hard to sort out the features of an explanation text and find the matching definitions.


This term we have been learning about democracy and how our country is run. To understand how voting works, we had three political parties, Yellow, Red and Orange. The members of these parties read out their manifestos and we then voted for the party we liked. Yellow party won!

Friendship wheels and Party Manifesto.

Bioblitz with the RSPB 26.09.17

Today we were very lucky to have a visitor from the RSPB. Liz showed us a video of the animals that can be seen in Britain and asked us which we recognised. We were very good and knew most of them! After that, we completed a challenge called "Bioblitz." This is where we went outside in teams of three and had to see how much nature we could find! Out school grounds are full of spiders, woodlice and ladybirds.

Roald Dahl Day

ROWAN CLASS 2017 - 2018

Homework timetable 2017



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Rowan Newsletter Spring 2017

12/05/17 - Skipton Castle

On Friday, both Year 4 classes, Rowan and Larch, went on a trip to Skipton Castle to learn more about the Normans and Norman castles.

We had a fantastic guided tour in in small groups, and the guides were very knowledgeable about the secrets of the castle. 

The favourite rooms were the toilet (the long drop) and the banqueting hall. 

10/05/2017 - The Digestive System

Rowan class have been investigating the digestive system using some hands on activities.

We began by breaking up two crackers and a slice of bread in a plastic bag. 

Next we added a small bit of water to simulate saliva and mix it up thoroughly.

After the water, bread and crackers were well mixed, we added some orange juice to represent stomach acid. This was mixed again - it felt very weird!

Miss Simpkins used a 3D diagram to explain the different areas of the digestive system and their functions and we moved onto the intestines.

This involved filling a pair of tights with our food and squeezing out the liquid - in our bodies this would be where the nutrition rich parts of the food were extracted. Some were more keen than others with this part!

The final part was to take out what was left in the intestines (tights) and put it in a cup with a hole in. This was your bottom, and the waste was excreted by pushing another cup on top. This was the fun part!

Norman Castles

We have been learning about Normans in Larch and Rowan class. As part of our topic and also bringing in the 3D modelling element from ICT we have been using Minecraft to design and build our own Norman castles.

21.03.17 Vikings!

Rowan and Larch class had an unusual visitor on Tuesday in the form of a Viking! Visiting from Murton Park, our Viking guest told us some of the real truths about Vikings, dispelling some of the myths that have risen up around them. They did not for instance have horns on their helmets - this was the invention of a painter from the beginning of the 20th century, and a tradition carried on by Wagner in his Operas. 

We also learnt that the Vikings were farmers more than warriors, and that they not only invaded England, but went East to Russia, down to Constantinople as well as west to North America.


We were then shown some amazing Viking inventions such as a wooden wheel that enabled them to navigate and an early padlock.


Jack was then outfitted in the helmet of a Viking and given an axe with which to defend his farm!  We all had a fantastic time and discovered how people who lived over 1000 years ago were much more advanced than we sometimes give them credit for.

15.03.17 - West Yorkshire Cross Country finals at Temple Newsham

Congratulations to Will in Rowan class who was successful in representing Ashfield at the West Yorkshire cross country final at Temple Newsham on Wednesday.

Will was the only Ashfield pupil to make it through to the final, and competition was extremely tough, with other year 4 pupils from across West Yorkshire attending.


Running in a pack of almost 100 other runners, Will made good progress, finishing in the first third of the 900m race across Temple Newsham park.


Well done Will - you did amazingly well!

02.03.17 World book Day!

Well done Rowan class for a fantastic effort in dressing up for World Book Day. It was great to see such a wide variety of characters. We have had a great day taking part in a story telling workshop where we had to create freeze frames in a particular place. We also shared some of our favourite books and finished the day with a bedtime story. 

20.2.17 Testing electrical conductivity

Continuing our science topic of electricity, we investigated the conductivity of various materials, to see whether all metals conducted electricity and nothing else would. 

Working in groups, we planned the experiment from scratch, working out what apparatus we needed, the method we would use and how we would record the results.

Using our existing knowledge of circuits, we first made a simple working circuit then introduced various materials such as metal, wood, plastic and paper to see whether the circuit would complete and the bulb light. 

09.02.17 Science investigation into the brightness of bulbs

01.02.17 Animation week 4

We are continuing to film our short animations this week and are well underway. There should hopefully be some films available in the next couple of weeks!

01.02.17 Netball Skills

Today we were practicing the Netball skills we have been working on this 1/2 term, introducing pivoting as a method of changing direction without running.

We ended with a series of games in the hall, with some amazing teamwork and concentration. Definitely some future netball stars for our tournaments!

24.01.17 - Division

We are currently looking at division in Rowan during our Maths lessons, and we began by using various apparatus to help us understand the key concepts.


Starting with blocks, we divided them into equal groups, then moved on to remainders. On Tuesday, we took this further, working collaboratively in the playground with hoops and cones. By using hands on methods, we are getting a better understanding of what it actually means to share out and divide objects equally, and what to do with any left over.

18.1.17 - Beginning our animations...

Last week, Rowan and Larch class (both Year 4 classes) began their animation topic in IT.

After watching some examples of different animation, they began to storyboard their own short film.


Over the next few weeks we will be filming our videos and then editing them on computers. We will add sound effects and music. They will be amazing!


We will publish them on the website once completed.

13.1.17 - Anglo Saxon Campfire

On Friday, as a way of concluding our Anglo Saxon topic and introducing our Viking topic, Mr Ross took us out to the fire circle to enjoy food and stories around a real camp fire.


Using his Forest School knowledge, Mr Ross lit a fire and made a delicious soup that we enjoyed as we listened to the story of the Snow Queen, linking in to our literacy work.


We learnt that the Anglo Saxons would listen to tales around fires in the evenings - as they didn't have televisions or X-Boxes! Despite it being a bit chilly, our warm soup and toasty blankets made it an extremely memorable and atmospheric experience.

Grid Method Multiplication 9.1.17

Maths was very different today for Rowan class - we used bamboo canes and whiteboards in the hall! 
Using an innovative way of representing the grid method, Rowan class made grids using bamboo sticks and white boards for the numbers. 

The grid method is a useful method of reaffirming knowledge of multiplication as it allows step by step checking of the calculation. 


Multiplication Challenge - 29.11.16

In Rowan class we are starting to learn about multiplication. To test our knowledge, we played some group games on the playground, answering True or False questions. Some fantastic teamwork was displayed, with each group conversing and discussing whether the answer was true or false. The question or statement then had to be placed in the correct hoop. Some interesting discussion and understanding arose from this activity which brought a new and enjoyable way of learning outside of the classroom using team skills and dialogue.

Benchball! 23.11.16

Following on from our basketball topic in PE, after practicing our skills we had 2 games of benchball on Wednesday morning. The action was fast and frantic, as you can see from some of the pictures - Rowan class were moving too fast for the camera!

Fitness Training

We have been working on fitness training in PE, building up our stamina and skill using various activities and apparatus. We hope you enjoy the pictures of Rowan class, who have worked extremely hard and focused throughout.

Google Goggles!

We were visited today by Google who brought in Google Goggles as part of their Google Explorer project.


Using an android mobile phone, a special cardboard case and two lenses, we were able to visit the Galapogas Islands, both on land and under water, the Taj Mahal and the Moon!


The Goggles were 3D images that moved as you moved your head so we were able to explore by looking around.


It was amazing!


Water Cycle collages

Rowan class have been learning and writing about the water cycle in their science lessons and are now expanding this knowledge into art and DT lessons, creating amazing collages of the water cycle.

Building stamina

Outdoor learning to appreciate the states and features of Solids, Liquids and Gases

Continuing our Science topic of Solids, Liquids and Gases, Rowan used hoola hoops to visualise and represent qualities of each state.


Solids are very tightly packed together and cannot move far.

Liquid particles are packed less closely together than solids, but not as loosely as gas.

Gas particles are very loosely packed together, giving them lots of room to move.


Roald Dahl Day

Solids, liquids and gases

Our science topic this term is Solids, Liquids and Gases. We will be exploring these three states in the weeks ahead. We started off this week by identifying and sorting solids and liquids...

Constructing a Shaduf

Rowan class have been looking at methods of water collection, linking in history, our topic of water and science (solids, liquids and gases).

We have looked at methods of water collection in history, and used straws, playdough and material to construct a Shaduf, an ancient method of collecting water from rivers and lakes.

Rowan class 2015 - 2016 

Throwing some shapes!

Today we learnt how to make 3D shapes using modelling materials. It was tricky to remember the names of all the different ones, especially the prisms. Then we had to measure and draw 2D squares carefully to make a net and build cubes using card.

Battleships ahoy!

We made the most of the lovely sunshine and went onto the playground to learn about co-ordinates and translations. It reminded us of the game battleships. It was such fun!

Every body get Footloose!

Footloose dance company came to our school to do a session with us. It was amazing fun and we all got very hot!

Super Science on Sound

We did an investigation to find out how the sound we hear gets affected by moving further away from the source. It turns out the sound gets quieter as you move further away. That matched our prediction; but we didn't expect to be able to still hear the sound from such a great distance.

Come and try a Triathlon!

Health Week

A great big thank you to the Orchard staff for organising such amazing activities for us this week. We have had an absolutely amazing time! Activities included - archery, fencing, hockey, drama, Star Wars choreography, bread tasting and yoga.

Bridge Building Bonanza!

We spent a whole day developing our D.T. skills by building bridges. As part of the learning we looked at bridges from all over the U.K. and some from across the world. We evaluated those bridges and talked about their appearance and function. Then we designed our own drawbridge for a castle we are going to build! Through playing with paper, we discovered how material manipulation can improve its strength.

Contact with Space!

We were lucky enough to meet teams of experts to help us learn during the STEM festival. Among many activities we learnt Morse code, how to talk on the radio, the physics of stars and how to paint a galaxy.

Look what we've been up to in Art

In our art lessons we have been learning the art of weaving and mosaic. Weaving was really tricky as you had to go over then under and keep all the strips of card under control.

The alien masks made us look awesome on our ARISS day when we spoke to Tim Peake!

Five go mad in Otley!

To celebrate the Tour de Yorkshire route being announced, a few of us went down to Otley courthouse to find out if it would be coming through our little town. Drum-roll please ... it will!! Look out for us in the paper.

Skipping for Sport Relief!