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Science Vocabulary

Working Scientifically

Nursery/Reception words you need to know:

look closely, observe, watch, touch, feel, smell, listen, same, different, compare, ask questions, record, sort, group

Year 1 and 2 words you need to know:

observe, changes, patterns, grouping, sorting, compare, same, different, identify (name), measure, data, record results, drawing, picture, table, tally chart, present, pictogram, block chart, Venn diagram, ask questions, test, investigate, explore, equipment, resources, magnifying glass, hand lens, ruler, tape measure, metre stick, pipette, syringe, spoon, teaspoon, answer questions, interpret results, scientific enquiry, pattern seeking, comparative testing, observing over time, classifying, researching using secondary sources

Year 3 and 4 words you need to know:

practical work, fair testing, relationships, accurate, thermometer, data logger, stopwatch, timer, estimate, data, diagram, identification key, chart, bar chart, prediction, similarity, difference, evidence, information, findings, criteria, values, properties, characteristics, conclusion, explanation, reason, evaluate, improve

Year 5 and 6 words you need to know:

variables, independent variable, dependent variable, control variable, evidence, justify, argument (science), causal relationship, accuracy, precision, scatter graphs, bar graphs, line graphs, force meter

See the other menus on this page for details of vocabulary by topic, for each year group.