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EYFS History Vocabulary

Today, yesterday, then, now, before (I was born), parents, grandparents, a long time ago, old, new. 

KS1 History Vocabulary

Years 1 and 2

History, past, present, before / after, time, today, old /older, life, death, died, ancient, change, changes, hours, 

weeks, years, decade, century, government, parliament, hundred, thousand, millions, compare, role, similar / different, when / why, Catholic, Protestant, plot, event, monarch / monarchy, Britain.

Introduce AD / CE (Common Era) and BC / BCE (Before Common Era). 

KS2 History Vocabulary

Years 3 and 4

Chronology, chronological, duration, sequence, political, religious, social, timeline, centenary, centenarian, narrative,  impact, invasion, culture, beliefs, settlements, achievements, archaeology, archaeologist, artefact, explorer, 

Monastery, monk, conquest, sources, primary source, primary evidence, secondary source, secondary evidence, evidence, analyse, hypothesis, oral, history, narrative, investigation, infer, inference, change, continuity,  events, diversity, society, significant, significance, cause, causation, consequence, similarity, difference, monarch, trends, interpretation, hypothesis, Britain, British, national, international, Empires, emperor, conquer, civilisation, centurion, Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, hunter-gatherer, Christianity, aristocracy, ancient,  earliest, prehistoric, prehistory, century, peasant, millennium, parliament, democracy, government, AD, BC, CE, BCE, era, migration, emigrant/ immigrant. 

Year 5 and 6

Chronology, chronological, duration, sequence, political, religious, social, timescale, timeline, commemorate, anniversary, centenary, narrative, remembrance, impact, invasion, culture, beliefs, settlements, achievements, archaeology, archaeologist, artefact, explorer, Monastery, monk, conquest, medieval, middle ages, sources, primary source, primary evidence, secondary source, secondary evidence, analyse, hypothesis, oral, history, narrative, investigation, infer, inference, change, continuity, events, diversity, society, significant, significance, cause, causation, consequence, similarity, difference, monarch / monarchy, trends, interpretation, hypothesis, Britain, British, national, international, Empires, emperor, conquer, 

civilisation, Holocaust, Christianity, Fascism, aristocracy, Genocide, ancient, earliest, century, peasant, millennium, parliament, democracy, government, Islam, Islamic, AD, BC, CE, BCE, era, migration, emigrant/ immigrant.