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Year 1 Words you need to know:

Which Books And Stories Are Special?

Holy, Moral, Bible Qur'an, Special

How Do We Celebrate Special Events?

Celebration, Festival, Eid, Ramadan, Fasting, Harvest, Birthday

What Does It Mean To Belong To A Church Or A Mosque?

Church, Mosque,

How and Why Do We Care For Others?

Caring, Organisation, Charity, Fundraising, Parable,

Who Brought Messages About God And What Did They Say?

Christian, God, Old Testament, Word of God, Jonah, Joseph, Noah


Christmas, God, Angel, Frankincense Myrrh, Magi


Easter, Cross, Tomb, Resurrection

Year 2 Words you need to know:

How Is New Life Welcomed?

Family, Promises, Parents, Godparents, Sponsors, Ritual, Prayer, Baptism, Aqiqah, Adhan, Font,

How Can We Make Good Choices?

Choices, Influences, Rules, Guidelines, The Pillars of ISlam, The Ten Commandments,

How and Why Do People Pray?

Prayer, Reflection, Church, Mosque, Faith, Symbols, Wudu

How Can We Look After Our Planet?

Christians, Muslims, God, Created, Creator, Natural, Wonderful, Worls, Stewardship, REsponsibility, Recycle, Reuse, Environment

What Did Jesus Teach And How Did He Live?

God, Christ, Jesus, Gospel, Disciple, Parables, Baptism, Crucifixion, Resurrection


Christianity, Nativity, Magi, Carol Shepherds


Wedding, Easter, Passover, Seder

Year 3 Vocabulary:

How Do Jews Remember God's Covenant With Abraham And Moses?

Prayer, Belief, Worship, Moses, Abraham, Exodus, covenant, torah, Ark, Sabbath, Shabbat, Passover, Pesach, Mezuzah, Kosher, Seder, Tallit, Synagogue, Bimah

How Do People Express Spirituality?

Sprirituality, Music, Art, Dance, Poetry, Mool Mantar, Mudras, Sufi, Calligraphy, Psalms and Hymns, Arts, Beliefs, Symbols

What Do Christians Believe About A Good Life?

Christianity, Bible, Old Testament, New Testament, Parable, Symbol, Meaning, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Jealousy, Repentence, Humility, Caring, Loving

What Do Creation Stories Tell Us About Our World?

Creation, Creator, Responsibility, Interpretation

Who Can Inspire Us?

Leader, Qualities, Characteristics, Inspiration, Inspirational, Jesus, Christianity, Christians, Prophet, Messenger of God, Muhammad (pbuh), Islam, Muslims


The Bible Old and New Testamanet, Messiah, Saviour, Isaiah, Epiphany, Christingle, Expectancy, Aspiration Hope


Garden of Gethsemane, Crucifixion, Jesus, Messiah, Betrayal, Remembrance

Year 4 Vocabulary:

How Are Important Events Remembered In Ceremonies?

Freedom, Opression, Interpretation, Celebration, Shared Values, Remembrance, Reflection

What Faiths Are Shared In Our Country?

Church, Mosque, Gurdwara, Synagogue, Community, Faith, Believer, Belief

How Do The Five Pillars Guide Muslims in Life?

Allah, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Shahadah (testimony of belief), Salaah, Sawm (fasting) Ramadhaan (the month of fasting) Zakaah (obligatory almsgiving) Hajj (pilgrimage) Mecca / Makkha, Akhirah (the afterlife) Sunnah ( the way of the Prohhet Muhammad pbuh) Shari'ah (Islamic law) Eid ul Fitr (Eid that follows Ramdhaan), Eid ul Adha (Eid that follows the Hajj pilgrimage) Qiblah (direction of prayer) Sadaqah (voluntary charity) Wudhu ( ablusion) 

Why are Gurus at the Heart of Sikh Beliefs?

Mool Mantar, Panjab, Guru Nanak, Guru Gobind Singh, Guru Granth Sahib, Guru, Khalsa, Amristar, Ikk Oankar, Enlightenment, Gurdwara

Christmas Focus

Christianity, Carol, Saviour, Messiah, Awe, Wonder, Reverence, Mystery

Easter Focus

Harvest, Advent, Christmas, Annunciation, Ash Wednesday, Lent, Holy Week, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter, Ascension, Pentecost


Year 5 Vocabulary:

Why Are Some Places And Journeys Special?

Journey, Responsibility, Belief, Pilgrimage, Reflection, Faith

What Values Are Shown In Codes For Living?

Christianity: Love, Forgiveness, Peace, Honesty, Prayer, Worship, Fellowship

Islam: Ummah - community, Forgiveness, Honesty, Prayer, Charity

Humanism: Honesty, Integrity, Love For THe Truth, Personal REsponsinility, Reciprocity, Atheism

Choice, Morality, Values, Consequences

Should We Forgive Others?

Jesus, Gospel, New Testament, Crucifixion, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Penitence, Repentance, Redemption, Confession, Conflict, Reconciling, Forgiving, Grudge, Revenge, Conflict Resolution, Consequences

What Do Christians Believe About Old And New Covenants?

Old Testament, New Testament, Incarnation, Salvation, Gospels, Messiah, Trinity, Son Of Man, Son Of God, Eternal, Covenant, The Ten Commandments


The New Testamant, Gospels, Matthew, Luke, Judaism, Gentiles, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, King Herod, Magi, Chief Priests, Scribes, Census


Messiah, Prophecy, Passover, Eucharist, Forgiveness, Everlasting Life, Mediation

Year 6 Vocabulary:

How Do Sikhs Show Commitment?

Guru Gobind Singh, Guru Granth Sahib, Khalsa, Amrit, Baptism, Sewa, Langar, The Five Ks: Kesh - uncut hair, Kara - wrist band, Kachera - short trousers, Kirpan - sword,  Khandra - symbol

What Do Christians Believe About Jesus' Death and Resurrection?

Ascension, Communion, Crucifixion, Easter, Forgiveness, Gospel, Incarnation, Jesus, Kingdom of Heaven, Gospels, Palm Sunday, Reconciliation, Ritual, Sacrifice, Salvation

How Does Growing Up Bring Responsibilities and Commitments?

Rites Of Passage, Confirmation, Baptism, Amrit, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Rights, Responsibilities, Growing Up, Adulthood

How Do Jews Remember Kings and Prophets In Worship And Life?

Moses, Abraham, Exodus, Hebrew, Covenant, Torah, Ark, Sabbath, Shabbat, Passover, Pesach, Mezuzah, Kosher, Seder, Tallit, Synagogue, Bimah, Purim


Pilgrimgae, Bethlehem, Lourdes, Makkah (Mecca), Varandsi, Gentiles, Nazareth, Judaea, Herod, Jerusalem, Egypt, The Magi,