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At Ashfield Primary School, we recognise the importance of Science in every aspect of daily life.  As one of the core subjects taught in Primary Schools, we give the teaching and learning of Science the prominence it requires.

We aim to increase pupils’ knowledge and understanding of our world, and develop the skills associated with Science as a process of enquiry. Exciting and purposeful Science lessons and experiences encourage our children to develop a natural curiosity, respect for living organisms and the physical environment, and provide opportunities for critical evaluation of evidence. The history of science will show pupils how science can impact on everyday life and that they can make a difference to future lives.

Question/ Explore/ Discover 

How Science is taught at Ashfield

In Early Years, children learn scientific knowledge and skills through carefully planned provision.

This is planned with reference to the ‘Knowledge and Understanding’ strand of the ‘Early Learning Goals’ – specifically:

Children should:

• Explore the natural world around them using appropriate senses, making observations and drawing pictures of animals and plants.

• Identify and discuss similarities and differences between the natural world around them and contrasting environments, drawing on their experiences and what has been read in class.

• Understand some important processes and changes in the natural world around them, including the seasons and changing states of matter

•Discuss why things happen and how things work.

In Key Stages 1 and 2, Science is taught for 1 hour per week and teachers plan lessons according to the needs of the class. PLAN ( learning matrix documents are used to plan all topics. Teachers have access to a variety of science schemes that they can use to build an appropriate block of lessons for their class. The resources are fully mapped against the National Curriculum and there are opportunities to learn about relevant science careers that may inspire children in their future learning. The science curriculum focuses on the statutory curriculum and enhances this by developing and promoting science capital.

Pre-topic assessments inform planning and ensure the principles of ‘Assessment for Learning’ are incorporated into teaching and learning in science and each lesson starts with a no stakes quiz or activity based on their previous learning. Children will be able to build on prior knowledge and link ideas together, enabling them to question and become enquiry based learners.

Here are the fabulous entries from our British Science Week competition. There were some fantastic examples of creatures that would be able to survive on Mars. Congratulations to all our winners!
British Science Week. Every class did lots of science to celebrate British Science Week. We even had a brilliant interactive assembly from PHGS.

Science is fun!