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Reading At Home​​​​​​​

Pupils on the Read, Write Inc Phonics Programme in Reception and Key Stage 1 are assigned a book from the Read Write Inc scheme to read at home. We ensure that each child is reading a book that is accessible for them at their level, so that the child can read it and enjoy it. The books are changed once a week. Our aim is to ensure enough time is given for all pupils to revisit the aspects covered in their reading sessions in school: decoding, fluency and comprehension. We want the child to read the book over and over again, allowing them to increase in confidence and therefore increasing the level of enjoyment. We then expect the pupils to have some understanding of what they have read. Parents meetings through the year share how this can be done effectively at home. Reading records are given to every child when they arrive at school in September. At the start of each year we spend time with all parents in Reception, Y1 and Y2, usually during the ‘meet the teacher’ afternoon explaining how to use these reading records. Parents appreciate knowing exactly what they should be focussing on whilst reading at home. Although some parents find it a challenge to always complete the three reads at home, many do manage this.  Parents understand that this book should be read to their child and loved.

Children who have completed the Read, Write Inc programme are matched with a book to read at home based on their fluency and comprehension ability. For children in years 2 and 3 this will be a book from a reading scheme that has a book band level. Children in years 4,5 and 6 that are developing early reading skills will also be assessed using the PM Benchmark assessment tool and will be assigned books from the book band level that matches their ability. Children in Key Stage 2, who are competent readers, have access to books in their class library to read in school and at home.