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Otleyopoly attendance game with prizes

How do we play?

If your class achieves 97% attendance for a whole week then one member of the class will be invited to come and roll the dice....

What happens next?

Just like any other game, he or she will move the class emblem along the same number of spaces as the roll of the dice.

What if it lands on Chance?

If it lands on a “Chance?” space then your class will win a prize!

  • Throw again
  • 10 mins extra playtime for the class. 
  • Lunchtime with the chrome books
  • Non-uniform day
  • Slipper day
  • Pyjama day
  • Tea and biscuits with the Headteacher
  • Movie afternoon

The Otleyopoly Board

We've won board game time

We've won a slipper day

Throwing the dice

Throwing the dice

Choosing a card after landing on Chance

Choosing a card after landing on Chance

You've got to be 'in it to win it.'

Oak, Elm, Willow and Maple Classes had over 97% attendance from 12th to 16th September.  This meant they were eligible to play Otleyopoly.  It's a game of chance with lots of fabulous prizes.  This week Oak won a pyjama day and Willow won tea and cakes with Mrs Warren.  Keep up the good work everyone.  Today (14th October) Elm class have won a non uniform day.  Well done Elm Class!

Today, 11th November 2022, Rowan class have won a slipper day and Willow class have won board game time. Well done to all classes playing today ( Acrons, Willow and Rowan).

Friday 25th November, Oak and Elm classes played Otleyopoly.  Oak class won a slipper day.  The date of this will be confirmed.

Friday 16th December, Elm Class are enjoying an attendance slipper day.