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Year-group Vocabulary/Statement(s)
Nursery mix, stir, cook, hot, oven, microwave, change, burn, melt, hard, runny, set, freeze, freezer, cold, blended, hard, soft, bendy, stiff, wobbly, wood, plastic, paper, card, fabric
Reception ice, water, frozen, icicle, snow, melt, wet, cold, slippery, smooth, big, bigger, biggest, smaller, smaller, smallest, hard, soft, bendy, rigid, wood, plastic, paper, card, metal, strong, weak, hot, apply heat, waterproof, soggy, not waterproof, best, change, change back
Year 1 object, material, wood, plastic, glass, metal, water, rock, brick, paper, fabric, elastic, foil, card/cardboard, rubber, wool, clay, hard, soft, stretchy, stiff, bendy, floppy, waterproof, absorbent, breaks/tears, rough, smooth, shiny, dull, see-through, not see-through
Year 2 opaque, transparent, translucent, reflective, non-reflective, flexible, rigid, shape, push/pushing, pull/pulling, twist/twisting, squash/squashing, bend/bending, stretch/stretching
Year 3

rock, stone, pebble, boulder, grain, crystals, layers, hard, soft, texture, absorbs water, fossil, bone, flesh, minerals, marble, chalk, granite, sandstone, slate, types of soil (e.g. peaty, sandy, chalky, clay) (Y3 - Rocks)


magnetic force, magnet, attract, magnetic material, metal, iron, steel (Y3 - Forces and magnets)

Year 4

solid, liquid, gas, heating, cooling, state change, melting, freezing, melting point, boiling, boiling point, evaporation, condensation, temperature, water cycle


electrical conductor, electrical insulator, metal, non-metal (Y4 - Electricity)

Year 5 thermal insulator/conductor, change of state, mixture, dissolve, solution, soluble, insoluble, filter, sieve, reversible/non-reversible change, burning, rusting, new material
Year 6