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Long Term Plans​​​​​​​









Unit 1:

Where do we live? Who lives there?

(focus on own home, with a mention of Muslim and Christian special places.)

Unit 2:

How do Christians celebrate Christmas?

Unit 3:

What makes a good helper?


Unit 4:

What can we see in our wonderful world?

Unit 5:

Who and what are special to us?

Silver Birch

Unit 1

Which books and stories are special? (Christianity & Islam)

Noah’s Ark


Unit 2

How do we celebrate special events? (Eid, Harvest, Sukkot (Islam, Christianity, Judaism))




Unit 3 – What does it mean to belong to a Church or Mosque?


Easter unit

Unit 4 – How and why do we care about others?


Unit 5 – Who brought messages about God and what did they say?


Unit 1 - How is new life welcomed?


Unit 2 – How can we make good choices?


Unit 3 – How and why do people pray?


Easter unit

Unit 4 – How can we look after the planet?


Unit 5 – What did Jesus teach and how did he live?


Unit 1 – How do Jews remember God’s covenant with Abraham and Moses?


Pathway of belief DVD

Jewish way of life DVD


Christmas unit

Unit 2 - What is Spirituality and how do people experience this?



Easter unit

Unit 3 – What do Christians believe about a good life?



Unit 4 – What do the creation stories tell us?

Additional unit: Who can inspire us?


Unit 1 – How are important events remembered? (Amy’s Hindu wedding photos)


Christmas unit

Unit 2 – What faiths are shared in our country?



Easter unit

Unit 3 – How do the Five Pillars guide Muslims?



Unit 4 – Why are Gurus at the heart of Sikh belief and practice?



Unit 1 - Why are some journeys and places special?




Christmas unit

Unit 2 -What values are shown in codes for living?



Easter unit

Unit 3 – Should we forgive others?


Unit 4 – What do Christians believe about the old and new covenants?



Unit 1 – How do Sikhs show commitment?




Christmas unit

Unit 2 – What do Christians believe about Jesus’ death and resurrection?



Easter unit

Unit 3 – How does growing up bring responsibilities?



Unit 4 – How do Jews remember the Kings and Prophets in worship and life?