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Year-group Vocabulary/Statement(s)
Nursery object, float, sink, water, up, down, top, bottom, push, pull, magnet, spring, squash, bend, twist, stretch, turn, spin, smooth, rough, fast, slow
Reception float, sink, up, down, top, bottom, surface, move, roll, drop, fly, turn, spin, fall, fast, slow, faster, slower, fastest, slowest, further, furthest, wind, air, water, blow, bounce
Year 2 flexible, rigid, shape, push/pushing, pull/pulling, twist/twisting, squash/squashing, bend/bending, stretch/stretching (Y2 - Uses of everyday materials)
Year 3 force, push, pull, twist, contact force, non-contact force, magnetic force, magnet, strength, bar magnet, ring magnet, button magnet, horseshoe magnet, attract, repel, magnetic material, metal, iron, steel, poles, north pole, south pole
Year 5 force, gravity, Earth, air resistance, water resistance, friction, mechanisms, simple machines, levers, pulleys, gears