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Evolution and inheritance​​​​​​​

Year-group Vocabulary/Statement(s)
Nursery natural, plant, animal, leaves, seeds, conkers, acorns, twigs, bark, shells, feathers, pebbles, stones, same, different, pattern (Nursery - Living things and their habitats)
Reception plant, tree, bush, flower, vegetable, herb, weed, animal, names of plants and animals they see, name of a contrasting environment (e.g. beach, forest) (Reception - Living things and their habitats)
Year 1 leaf, flower, blossom, petal, fruit, berry, root, seed, trunk, branch, stem, bark, stalk, bud (Y1 - Plants)
Year 2

light, shade, Sun, warm, cool, water, space, grow, healthy, bulb, germinate, shoot, seedling (Y2 - Plants)


living, dead, never been alive, suited, suitable, basic needs, food, food chain, shelter, move, feed, water, air, survive, survival, conditions, light, dark, shady, sunny, wet, damp, dry, hot, cold (Y2 - Living things and their habitats)

Year 3

photosynthesis, pollen, insect/wind pollination, male, female, seed formation, seed dispersal (e.g. wind dispersal, animal dispersal, water dispersal), air, nutrients, minerals, soil (Y3 - Plants)


soil, fossil, bone, flesh, minerals (Y3 - Rocks)

Year 4

environment, habitat, human impact, positive, negative, migrate, hibernate (Y4 - Living things and their habitats)


herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, producer, predator, prey (Y4 - Animals, including humans)

Year 5 life cycle, reproduce, sexual, fertilises, asexual, plantlets, runners, tubers, cuttings (Y5 - Living things and their habitats)
Year 6 offspring, sexual reproduction, vary, characteristics, adapted, inherited, species, evolve, evolution