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For more information about our curriculum, please contact Stephanie Davison Assistant Headteacher or Elspeth Warren, Headteacher.

Curriculum Intent 

Risk Taking Participating Safe Secure Independence Current Progressive
Challenge Practical Progressive Reflective Inspire Nurturing Creative
Empathy Inclusive Loved Well-Being Collaborative Community Diverse
Celebrating Diversity Effort Pride Global Confident Friendship Resilience
Life Long Learners Engaged Kind Active Respect Decisive Culture
Valued Individuality          

Our Curriculum enables our children to become responsible citizens of the future by continually reflecting on prior knowledge and skills, building solid foundations for the next stage of learning. 

Through our curriculum and Ashfield child: 

  • has a resilient and independent spirit 
  • has an open and caring heart 
  • looks after their mental and physical health
  • understands their local and global impact 
  • is inquisitive and creative 
  • takes risks and embraces challenge
  • is unique and proud 

For additional information about the curriculum, please refer to class termly newsletters:

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Please see our links to Equalities and SEND

pages which show how we make the curriculum accessible for those with disabilities, special educational needs or any other inclusion need.