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Week Beginning: 19/02/2024

Year 6 Oak – Russell and Layton for enthusiasm

Year 5 Elm – Rosie J for enthusiasm and Kara for resilience

Year 4 Rowan – Chloe, Selena and Lilia for perseverance in DT

Year 3 Beech – George and Bryn for concentration in assessment

Year 2 Willow – Rory and George for detailed explanations

Year 1 Silver Birch – the whole class for being so well behaved on their trip on Wednesday

Reception Maple The whole class for amazing Read Write Inc progress


Week Beginning:5th February 2024

Year 6 Oak – Layton for super homework and Phoebe, Henry, Isla, Levan, ruby, Sonny, Rory and Hayden for effort in enterprise activities

Year 5 Elm – Lewis for positivity and Finley & Louie for great teamwork

Year 4 Rowan – Rosie for presenting her Roman artefacts to the class

Year 3 Beech – Hattie for great maturity with Hollie and Ebony for trying their best

Year 2 Willow – The whole class for fantastic writing

Year 1 Silver Birch – Eliza, Oliver and Sam for being very kind as well as Milo and Ava for trying hard


Week Beginning: 29/01/2024

Year 6 Oak – Levan for amazing writing and Layton for persevering despite not feeling his best this week

Year 5 Elm – Charlie C for amazing effort with writing

Year 4 Rowan – Selena as a maths spark has ignited and Silas for amazing progress in guitar lessons

Year 3 Beech – Leila, Freya, George, Phoebe, Logan, Bryn, Sam, Jess and Teddy for amazing presentation

Year 2 Willow – Nina and Lucas for being so inquisitive in RE with respectful and sensible questions

Year 1 Silver Birch – Elliot and Harvey for working hard and being so polite


Week Beginning: 9th January 2024

Year 6 Oak – The whole class for super focus

Year 5 Elm – Annabelle for being a kind, caring talking partner

Year 4 Rowan – The whole class for trying their best this week

Year 3 Beech – Willow for her fabulous maths work

Year 2 Willow – Max M and Jackson for fabulous neat handwriting presentation

Year 1 Silver Birch – Isla and Noah for super maths work


Week Beginning: 18/12/2023

Year 6 Oak – Sonny, Leo, Ruby and Rory for enterprise work at the Christmas Fayre raising £80

Year 5 Elm – the whole class for creativity and general fabulousness this week

Year 4 Rowan – Jack for being a super star – good luck in your move

Year 3 Beech – the whole class for working so hard

Year 2 Willow – Ava, Lea, Stanley P, Nina and Freya for stepping into parts last minute to save the Christingle Nativity

Year 1 Silver Birch – Isla for resilience

Week Beginning: 11/12/23

Year 6 Oak – Emily for super effort, Eva for independence and Lucy for growing maths confidence

Year 5 Elm – Annabelle, Lewis, Kara, Sophia, Emily, Max and Walter for being amazing role models

Year 4 Rowan – Chloe for resilience in maths and writing

Year 3 Beech – Arthur and Dylan for having positive attitudes

Year 2 Willow – Lucy for doing so well on her ticktastic chart

Year 1 Silver Birch – Ava, Izabek and Iris for trying their best


Week Beginning:4/12/23

Year 6 Oak – Leo for amazing progress in English and maths assessments and Mason for helpful maturity

Year 5 Elm – Tom for consistently following our Golden Rules and Sophia for resilience and progress in maths

Year 4 Rowan – Warren, Lilia, Fatima, Bruno, and Toby for perseverance and collaboration in DT

Year 3 Beech – Emily for extra flair in her writing and Hollie for being so kind

Year 2 Willow – Jake and Lea for reading progress and trying their best

Year 1 Silver Birch – Charlie for trying his best with his handwriting

Reception Maple – Theo and Leah for handwriting resilience


Musical Groups who have represented Ashfield so well with resilient practice, beautiful singing and respectful behaviour:

Winter voices concert – Jasmine, Kara, Rosie J, Tom, Sophia and Emily

Singing Club at the Christmas Tree Festival - Jasmine, Kara, Rosie J, Tom, Sophia, Emily, Annabelle, Eliza S, Sam, Ruby, Hollie, Phoebe, Abigail, Leo A, Maddie, Phoebe B, Charlie C and Grace