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Beech Spring

The children have made a great start to the new term, and we have been blown away by the children's positive attitude and resilience to new learning. Our new website is now up and running, and we will provide updates about what we have been covering in class. Enjoy!

My Strong Mind

In English we have been reading the book 'My Strong Mind'. We are working towards writing our own set of instructions for somebody to help them create a strong mind. In this picture the children are exploring the text type and discovering the key features of an instruction text. 

Ancient Egypt

The class have LOVED our topic so far. This week they had a go at writing their name in Egyptian Hieroglyphics:

Ancient Egypt Research

If you would like to do any additional research about Ancient Egypt, the following website has some amazing facts:


In RE we have been exploring spirituality and how we can express spirituality through art, dance, music, meditation and religion. The children really enjoyed doing some relaxing meditative activities. Below are some links to the activities they have enjoyed:

Body Scan

Square Breathing