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We will be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.
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Year Six Curriculum Long Term Plan 

Y6 Summer Newsletter

Spring Newsletter 2018

Autumn Newsletter 2017

Video of children from the show

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Rounders video from show

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3.7.18 - Great Superstar Trip to the Summit Adventure Centre in Selby

Fantastic day out at the Pizza Expess pizza making class and Ilkley park.

27.02.18 Water filters

27.02.18 Water Filters


We looked at water use in Oak class today as part of a science project.  We use an amazing 150 litres of water per person on average in the UK per day !  which is a huge amount! After looking at our own use of water and ways of saving water (turning off the tap when brushing our teeth), we thought about how some people around the world cannot access water directly from a tap in their homes.

In Kenya and other African countries, some people have to walk for several kilometers to get water, and even then, it may be contaminated and dirty. To help clean the water and make it safer to drink, we started to look at and design water filters.

Using a range of materials, from sand, cloth, coffee filters and stones - as well as a pair of tights - we worked in small groups to design and build our filters. 

After our prototypes were tested, we refined them and then tested them again - you can see the final results in the photographs - all worked well, but two were filtering to such a level that clear water was coming out. Whilst we would not drink it (we discussed the use of active carbon filters) by the end of the lesson, we could all explain how different filter materials contributed to different levels of filtration.

23.02.18 - Minecraft Anderson Shelters

Painting David Hockney style

13.11.17 - We had a lovely walk down the river to the park yesterday as part of a river study we are doing in Geography and setting descriptions in English. It was bit chilly but it was good to see how many features we could pick out.

13.11.17 - We had a lovely walk down the river to the park yesterday as part of a river study we are doing in Geography and setting descriptions in English.  It was bit chilly but it was good to see how many features we could pick out.

11.11.17 - Otley Science Fair - Oak and Elm class did a great job helping out at the science fair.

Two basketball coaches came in today to teach us some basketball skills.

As part of our Ancient Greek topic, we have been making clay pots.

Classifying our Class - today we classified all the children our class. We started by boy/girl then went down to eye colour. It was fun!

Welcome back to school and to Oak class.  I am really excited about the fantastic things we are going to be doing this year.


All the children have settled into Year 6 extremely well and I am positive that we are going to have a successful year.  Watch this space for news and photos of what we are doing.

Oak Class 2017 - 2018

Oak class were presented with lovely dictionaries from Otley Rotary Club today.

Some photographs from our fabulous Health Week.

Spring 2017 Newsletter

Fun in the park to celebrate the end of SATS.

20.4.17 - We have been looking after Zig and Zag all week to support us with our report writing. Today, Mrs Warren let them explore the classroom (Mrs Chaplin was worried they would escape!).

24.3.17 - Some of our fantastic Anderson Shelters that we made for our World War 2 Learning Log

9th March 2017 - investigating the volume of cubes and cuboids.

1st March 2017. Oak and Elm had a fantastic day at City Varieties and Leeds City Museum. The loved running the theatre through real life maths activities.

We've had a great day looking at and thinking about Human Rights and Equality in Year 6. Here are some photographs of us buying and selling Human Rights.

We have been looking at the components of blood this week in Science and even made some!  We used raspberries for red blood cells, mini marshmallows for white blood cells, pineapple juice for plasma and sprinkles for platelets. 

Oak children have been having a fantastic time at the Music Project on Tuesday afternoons.  The project is being run by the Big Hoo Ha and has been funded by Leeds Music Hub/Artforms.  

They have been compiling music to go with the  Myths that they wrote in Autumn 1.  We are hoping to have an assembly to celebrate and listen to their creations.


A fantastic Learning Log from Olivia Bradford.

We had great fun in Science making electrical circuits then trying them out to see if they worked.  If they didn't work, we had to figure out why.
On Monday 21st November, Oak were lucky to have a visit from the Peace Museum in Bradford.  The Peace Museum explores the history and the often untold stories of peace, peacemakers, social reform and peace movements. 
Herd Farm

We have all arrived safely at Herd Farm and got settled in. After a tour of the site and our home for the next two days we were shown to our bedrooms. Some of Oak had a shock when they found out they had to make their own beds ... which for some was quite a task!


After a delicious tea we washed up and were then taken on a night walk of the grounds. After walking up to the reservoir, we navigated the outlying paths of Herd Farm, saw some evening frogs and toads and then had a quick game of Splat! in the rain. 


Once inside, all our wet clothes went in the drying room and it's now pyjama and movie night... with hot chocolate and cookies!


More exciting updates tomorrow!

Herd Farm - Day 1

A very big welcome back to school and to Oak class.  It is really lovely for us to be together for another year with a change of scenery in a new classroom.


All the children have settled into Year 6 extremely well and I am positive that we are going to have a fantastic year.  Watch this space for news and photos of what we are doing.



Monday 12th September 2016 - Bug Hunting in our fabulous school grounds. We spent some time yesterday afternoon collecting bugs for our Science topic and examining them under out fabulous new microscopes. We found a whole family of common Newts.

Great fun problem solving in Maths - Friday 9th September

Oak class 2015 - 2016 

Members of Oak class were invited by Mrs F to take part in a teamwork demonstration

6th July 2016 - Assembly

Oak Class Summer Newsletter

Oak class Spring Newsletter

Health week! 


Oak class really enjoyed 'Health week.' We wore our PE kits all week and took part in many activities including Yoga, Star Wars martial arts, Quick sticks, Road to Rio and a Footloose dance workshop. We had lots of fun taking part in all these fantastic events. 

Bridge day!! 


We really enjoyed our bridge building day. First of all we learnt all about the different types of bridges there were. Using a chrome book, we researched the various types of structures and the materials they were made from. Next we looked at strengthening materials and joining materials. After that we used materials around us to create bridge structures; we even used ourselves, string and books! 

We then designed a bridge using all the information we had learned that morning. Using a variety of materials we then built a bridge structure in pairs and tested to see if if took the weight of several 'cars.' 


Fantastic work Oak, we have been very impressed. 

Lotherton Hall 


Oak class recently visited Lotherton Hall as part of our WW2 topic. We dressed up as evacuees and took part in a range of activities including learning how to use Morse code, handling real WW2 artefacts and learning how to turn a house into a hospital for injured soldiers. We had a fantastic day. 

Anderson Shelters- Oak class really enjoyed researching and then creating Anderson shelters as part of their WW2 topic. There were some very creative designs and we were very impressed with the effort that everyone had put into them. Well done Oak! 

STEM Day! 


Wow!! What a fantastic day in school! Oak class began with Erin and Joel (from Leeds University) explaining to us how a rocket worked. After becoming a rocket's wing ourselves, out on the playground, we then worked in teams to create our own rockets. Once we had finished them we launched them in the playground! It was SO exciting!! We learnt so much about how rockets work, how and why they fly and what ways to make our paper rockets fly better! An unforgettable STEM day in school :-) 

Illustrators workshop: This week Oak class really enjoyed meeting two fantastic authors (Kate Pankhurst and Jim Medway). The authors came into school and talked about what it was like to be an author/illustrator. We then had a go ourselves! We had a fantastic afternoon and our work will be showcased in a fantastic book. Watch this space! 

World War Two!


We LOVE our History topic. This week, a member of Oak class had discussed WW2 with his family and learnt all about family member's roles during WW2. He decided to bring in a range of objects to show the class. We were so impressed with the ration books, photographs, coins, medals and letters that he shared with us!! Super home research and fantastic presentation skills. 


Inspired by our topic, another member of Oak class painted a stunning picture of a WW2 Spitfire plane. We love it! 

Spanish classes! 


Each week we have a Spanish teacher from Prince Henry's Grammar School come into Oak class to teach us Spanish. This week we really enjoyed learning all about shopping in Spanish! We took on the role of shopkeeper or buyer. Using Euros, we had to ask for and discuss the products we were buying using our fantastic Spanish skills. 

We love technology! 


Today we heard all about a fantastic flying helicopter and compared it to the exciting drones we had in our class last week! I think we will be having a class full of inventors at this rate! What do you think? 


Today we had a visit from a Buddhist nun called Dra-Ma. She came into school and led a KS2 assembly. She then worked with Oak class for the afternoon. During this afternoon she explained about Buddhism, set up a display and discussed meditation. We were very interested in what she had to say and asked lots of questions. At the end she said she was very impressed with how deep our questions were! Well done Oak. 


Oak class have been captivated this week by two members of our class bringing their drones into school. We discussed how the drones flew, how to control them in the air and how they use GPS to keep track of them. We then decided to create our own space themed drones! 

Four members of Oak class have been attending Science classes at Prince Henry's Grammar School every two weeks after school. This week they came back to tell us all about the 'special' paintings they completed. They used something creepy crawly to create them! Ask them more to find out what!! 

Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader speaking to the school on Tuesday 2nd February

We were lucky enough to receive a visit from Green Party leader Natalie Bennett on Tuesday. This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to meet and question someone in parliament. The children asked some very mature questions, such as "What was the most desperate place in the world today?"
School is looking to host members of other political parties in future assemblies to broaden the range of pupil's political understanding.

World War Two! 


We have been researching our new History topic on World War Two. For our learning log homework, we looked at various different aspects of the war and presented our findings in creative ways. Super work! 

Maths Investigation

Oak class were completing a mathematics investigation on area and perimeter. The children were investigating whether two shapes could have the same area but different perimeters. Could they create a 2D shape with a larger perimeter by moving the position of the brick? Could they create a 2D shape where the perimeter is double the area? What about a shape where the area is double the perimeter? Oak class really enjoyed using cubes to support their investigation and have really enjoyed learning area and perimeter in depth. 

Self esteem



Oak class are concentrating on self esteem in PSHCE. We created images of ourselves and then wrote our strengths around the edge. Once completed, we all went around the class and wrote fantastic things about each other!  

Christmas books!

We borrowed some Christmas themed books from the Leeds Schools Library service. We really enjoy reading them in class, in our book corner and as a group. 


As part of our enterprise project, Oak class made two fantastic gingerbread houses (in honour of our Christmas performance of Hansel and Gretel). We sold raffle tickets at each performance and two lucky winners were able to take the houses home to eat! Congratulations to our winners and well done Oak class for the money you raised towards enterprise! 

Hansel and Gretel

This years performance of Hansel and Gretel featured some fantastic actors from Oak class! We had Cody and Evie as Hansel and Gretel. Shane as the father, Ethan as the wicked step mother and Fay as the spooky old lady. They were fantastic and gave stunning performances! Well done :-)

Homework Hub!

Oak class have a special display board in our classroom where we display our fantastic homework! So far we have had our talented artist Alex share his drawings, Harrison sharing his 'top trumps' 3D shapes cards, Josh sharing his mini research booklets and Fay, Cori and Jake demonstrating what a fantastic reading record should look like. Keep it up Oak! frown

Herd Farm!

Oak class really enjoyed their visit to Herd Farm in September! We have been writing some super persuasive writing pieces based on our experiences. 
Welcome to Oak. 18.11.15

Here is Oak class enjoying pond dipping as part of their Science topic on life processes. We really enjoyed discovering new creatures from the pond.