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Parent Questionnaire

Thank you for taking the time to complete a parent carer questionnaire during our February parent consultation.  Your views are valued by us.  Please look at the document to see:
  • what others thought
  • areas we are doing well in
  • areas you thought we could improve in and what we are doing about it


Ashfield Primary School Parent Questionnaires Spring 2016

Thank you to everyone who filled a questionnaire in.  We value your opinions.

94 questionnaires were completed.  Where parents had a view the following percentages are applicable:


The school is welcoming to all visitors


My child is happy at school


My child feels safe


The school encourages children to adopt a healthy lifestyle (for example free fruit/veg in the infants, sports and PE, clubs, Healthy School status).


There is a wide range of extra activities (for example the range of clubs, after school activities, themed weeks, trips and visitors etc).


The PTA makes a significant contribution to the life of the school


My child receives support if he/she needs it (for example through provision maps for children with additional needs, provision for Gifted and Talented pupils, support for medical needs, for children with English as an additional language, counselling, playground support)


The school keeps me informed of my child’s progress (Examples of this are parents’ evenings, reports, and SATs results, comments on home learning, certificates and stickers).


My child is making enough progress


Teaching and learning in school is good


Homework is at the right level for the age of my child


Staff and children have good relationships


Behaviour in school is good


Bullying is dealt with effectively


The school tackles any discrimination and inequalities well (do you feel that all children and parents are treated equally and with respect and discrimination/racism is not tolerated and dealt with appropriately?)


The school is well led and managed


The school keeps me well informed about events in school (via text service, newsletters, school blog, new website)


The school takes account of parent’s/carers’ views (this survey, informal chats


The school takes account of pupil views (class and school council, pupil interviews, assembly)


The school makes sure that my child is well prepared for the future (for example when starting school, changing year group or changing school).


I would recommend the school to other parents


Overall I am happy with my child’s experience at this school



Parents wrote that strengths of the school are:

  • Friendly welcoming school
  • Kindness  and caring attitude are evident
  • Caring ethos
  • Children are happy in their environment
  • My child is happy, healthy and learning well.
  • There is support for both students and their families  
  • Polite friendly administrative staff


  • Communication and relationships between staff and parents are good
  • Supportive approachable staff – feel at ease to discuss issues
  • Staff are proactive


  • Staff drive to create an excellent education
  • Excellent teaching
  • RWI scheme
  • Maths workshops
  • Phonics workshops
  • High levels of good quality eduction
  • Curriculum opportunities – e.g. Tim peake STEM
  • Interesting play based learning


  • Extra activities


  • Inclusion of everyone
  • Community feel


  • Communication improving
  • Home communication
  • New website


  • Children behave fabulously – fully understand what is appropriate thanks to golden rules.
  • Children mixing well across all ages.
  • Rewarding good behaviour


  • Motivated high quality staff and leadership
  • Excellent management / leadership
  • Involvement at all levels
  • Relationships between year groups when children move to a new class


Parents wrote about priorities for improvement. Here are our plans for tackling those issues:


Homework amount and variety and the possibility of a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment)

We will review our homework policy as a staff after Easter.

It’s always a hard one to get right for all families.  Parents have differing views with regard to amount of homework, which makes it challenging for us to provide a one size fits all model. 

A core non-negotiable homework will be expected with optional extras.

We will let you know when the policy has been reviewed and put on the website.

Breakfast Clubs and After School Clubs

Ashfield has a breakfast Club open from 8am each morning.  If you require a place please speak to Mrs Brown or Mrs Kelly.  If you need child care earlier than 8am, Kidsclub can help from 7:30am.  They offer breakfast and transport to school.  07910 382528 

We have tried to expand our range of clubs and will continue to strive to do so.  If your child did not secure a place last time, Ms Staton will put them to the top of the list next time.

Solar panels

We are lucky to already have solar panels on our roof.  The Resources Governors put in a bid for match funding in 2009 and they were installed soon after.  We have a monitor in school showing energy generated and CO2 saving in our entrance way – just under the governor display.

It has helped our energy rating become D rather than E and has made some savings on the electricity bills.

Playground risk assessments and separate play grounds for younger pupils

One parent was worried about risk assessments for our playgrounds to prevent accidents.  We do have risk assessments and conditions are monitored every day.  At lunchtime the children play together to ensure a higher ratio of staff supervision and first aiders are available to all children.  Some of our parents were pleased with the way children from different year groups play together.  This family feeling and caring for each other is always on our agenda.  We will continually monitor how well children play together and look after each other at all points in the day.

Communication with both adults if parents are separated

We have recently reviewed our ‘teachers2parents’ text system and will ensure, if required, that messages are sent to both parents.

We have also taken up a parent suggestion of 2 letters from any separated parents requesting this.  Please let the office staff know if this would be useful for you.

Visitor access to the playground during the school day

As we have a low fence and gates, with no electronic locking system, we have a careful monitoring system of visitors in school.  Any stranger, not wearing a badge supplied by the office, will be challenged.  This ensures office staff all know who is in the building.  School staff make sure that doors are not left open when classrooms are unattended so that strangers cannot just walk in.  At playtimes, the top end of the playground, by the gates is watched carefully by a member of staff as is the area leading to the wildlife garden to ensure children stay where it is supervised and safe.

Open Early Years’ playground gate earlier so parents can shelter if it is raining

We will try to do this for you.

For parents and carers in other parts of the school there is a small shelter by Larch Class in the main playground and there is the shady area in the magic garden.

Paving by the side of the benches outside Willow and Rowan




Mr Ottoway will add some new slabs next week.

Classroom space particularly for Y3

I’d love a magic wand for this one.  As the children grow, we will look at where the current Y3 are best housed.  We do have the possibility of using Quad space too.  There is no longer any LEA money now they are in KS2 to help us adapt. The Resources committee of the governors will be looking at solutions within our new budget discussions.

More chances for parents to come into school to celebrate with pupils

We have introduced class assemblies again to our assembly timetable in spring term.  We will continue with this.  As part of subject workshops (maths this term) you have a fantastic opportunity to see a wide range of your child’s work. Also look out for texts home on Friday if your child has been celebrated. We will continue to look for more ways to improve this aspect.

PTA – new events and better visibility

Friends of Ashfield are going to work on their website page next half term.  New event ideas include: a curry night, bingo and maybe a quiz.  The next meeting will be on 26th May at 6pm.  All are most welcome.

Ensure all subject areas are taught frequently

We teach foundation subjects in topics so that children can become immersed in a theme and make subject links across the curriculum.

Please have a look on our website: Key information; Curriculum and choose a particular subject area.  This tab will show you when the subject is taught for each year group in a long term plan as well as our subject policies. You can also look at our whole school curriculum map on that webpage.

Stretching more able pupils


We have stretched out more able learners. We have a growing trend of high achievers at KS1.The percentage of pupils achieving level 6 at the end of KS2 is increasing. We are especially pleased with 4% level 6 in reading both 2014 and 2015 as so few children nationally manage to achieve this at KS2.KS2 level 6 results 2015

The new curriculum promotes mastery learning.   This is children gaining a broad experience of all objectives in many different contexts.  Breadth of learning is developed and children are encouraged to apply their learning across all curriculum areas.

Uniform and rules to prepare for PHGS

Please see the uniform rules on the Parents page of the website.  Children are asked to comply and a text is sent home if they are not in complete uniform. The Y6 staff team work hard to support the transition of our pupils. This includes providing them with a 'secondary school style' planner to organise their homework, transition sessions with PHGS teachers, English, Maths and Science classes for small groups at PHGS and various sporting events at PHGS.

Positives in parents’ eve as well as growth comments.

It is important for parents to feel they are getting a balance between hearing all about the wonderful achievements of their child so far at school and understanding the areas their child needs to improve in order to progress with their learning. The staff endeavour to ensure parents leave parents evening with a strong grasp of which areas their child needs to develop as well as an understanding of the successes they have achieved so far. We have extended the time each set of parents / carers get so it’s not a total rush.  This should help.

Book journal communication

Most parents were pleased with this aspect.  If you do have a problem, please talk directly to your child’s class teacher if you have a problem.  Please send an email to if you cannot get into school.