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Parent Questionnaire March 2018


Thank you to everyone who filled a questionnaire in.  We value your opinions.

102 questionnaires were completed.  Where parents had a view the following percentages are applicable:

The school is welcoming to all visitors


My child is happy at school


My child feels safe


The school encourages children to adopt a healthy lifestyle (for example free fruit/veg in the infants, sports and PE, clubs, Healthy School status).


There is a wide range of extra activities (for example the range of clubs, after school activities, themed weeks, trips and visitors etc).


The PTA makes a significant contribution to the life of the school


My child receives support if he/she needs it (for example through provision maps for children with additional needs, provision for Gifted and Talented pupils, support for medical needs, for children with English as an additional language, counselling, playground support)


The school keeps me informed of my child’s progress (Examples of this are parents’ evenings, reports, and SATs results, comments on home learning, certificates and stickers).


My child is making enough progress


Teaching and learning in school is good


Homework is at the right level for the age of my child


Staff and children have good relationships


Behaviour in school is good


Bullying is dealt with effectively


The school tackles any discrimination and inequalities well (do you feel that all children and parents are treated equally and with respect and discrimination/racism is not tolerated and dealt with appropriately?)


The school is well led and managed


The school keeps me well informed about events in school (via text service, newsletters, school blog, new website)


The school takes account of parent’s/carers’ views (this survey, informal chats


The school takes account of pupil views (class and school council, pupil interviews, assembly)



The school makes sure that my child is well prepared for the future (for example when starting school, changing year group or changing school).



I would recommend the school to other parents


Overall I am happy with my child’s experience at this school






Parents wrote that strengths of the school are:

Nurturing, friendly and caring ethos

“The school has amazing staff. I know that if my child has any problems they can go to any member of staff to help them.”

“I genuinely feel that all staff have pupil’s best interest at heart.”

“We are very happy that our children are at Ashfield and they are too!”

“Teachers are lovely. Really nice setting. ****** seems to be very well supported.”

“Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) runs through the ethos of the school.”

“We are pleased with the encouragement of self-belief, confidence and friendship - feeling safe and happy in school with good pupil/teacher relationships.”

“All staff and teachers are very approachable and very helpful. They address personal and social development.”

“Ashfield is a caring and safe environment for learning.”

Many of the comments were about good child  / staff relationships and good parent staff relationships which all go to help the children and make Ashfield a welcoming place.

There were also many comments about children being happy and confident at school.

Caring staff and children were also praised several times.

We were pleased with comments about Ashfield staff treating all pupils equally, understanding the differing needs and skills of its pupils and celebrating those differences.


Many parents praised communication.

“Communication is great. Texts, emails etc. are brilliant. Staff are happy to take a minute at the beginning and end of school.”

The environment

“Ashfield is in an excellent setting.”

“Ashfield are continually expanding pupils’ horizons – many opportunities to go beyond the classroom to offer a range of great experiences.”




Learning and teaching

“I am very pleased with my child’s progress.”

 “Ashfield encourage independent learning.”

“Many thanks to all staff for their hard work.”

“Celebrating achievements is a strength of the school.”

“Ashfield have amazing teachers and teaching assistants.” “ Ashfield have highly committed teaching staff.”

“Members of staff are responding in a differentiated way to the needs of children.”


Several parents mentioned they were pleased with our SEND support.

“The SEND provision is an amazing strength and the reason we chose the school over others in Otley.”

“The support that **** has received with his speech and language needs has been brilliant.”


The community feel of the school was praised by a number of parents.

“Ashfield continues to be a positive learning environment thanks to the amazing teachers and strong feeling of community.”

“Ashfield are good at encouraging children to participate.”












Parents wrote about priorities for improvement.  Here are our plans for tackling those issues:

Parent priorities for improvement

Our plans for tackling these issues or our view on these issues

Communication generally –

More notice for non-uniform days etc.

 We will continue to endeavour to forward plan more carefully to reduce short notice events – especially when this requires you to do something, bring something in or organise costumes.


More sports clubs and

more after School Clubs

Many parents were really pleased with the variety of after school clubs on offer.  We will continue to try to expand our range of clubs.  Staff leading booster clubs after school and attending meetings means that we cannot always offer many more clubs.

A request for more sports clubs has been noted.

Higher fences around the school and intercom.

Planning permission in our area does not allow for the 2 metre fences often seen in city schools.  I have consulted with a Leeds City Council Health and Safety officer about keeping our children safe with these conditions.

We have introduced an electronic gate by the playground and keep the playground gate locked during the day (excluding pick up and drop off times).

We have a careful monitoring system of visitors in school.  Any stranger, not wearing a badge supplied by the office, will be challenged.  This ensures office staff all know who is in the building.  School staff make sure that doors are not left open when classrooms are unattended so that strangers cannot just walk in.  At playtimes, the gate at the top end of the playground is watched carefully by a member of staff as is the area leading to the wildlife garden to ensure children stay where it is supervised and safe.

On occasion, there may be a child who we are worried about and they will have an individual pupil risk assessment to keep them safe.

Outdoor play improvements/ playground paint markings.

School council are liaising with Mrs Farrington about playground markings.  We are using some of our sport premium to buy these.  The money will also be used to buy more playground games equipment.  School council will keep this item on their agenda.

Please can we have water at PTA discos not just pop.

Both Friends of Ashfield and Governors have discussed this issue.  Cups will be made available for pupils to use the water coolers in future.

Homework – more regular and systematic please

Governors are soon to be reviewing our homework policy.  They have already spoken to children to get ‘pupil voice.’  Staff will then discuss findings and alter our policy accordingly.

On line payments

At the moment we have the facility to pay for school meals this way.

We will be looking at the pros and cons of other school’s systems before discussing if they might be suitable for use in Ashfield.

School dinners

Our school meals are provided by Leeds City Council.

They have a nutritionist to carefully work out a balanced diet.  Although the puddings look very ‘sinful’, they are made to be lower in fat than standard sponge puddings.  There is always a salad bar and choice of vegetables and for pudding there is always a fruit or yoghurt choice.

Children are encouraged to bring water bottles to school each day and they have chance to replenish them at our water coolers. I’ll organise an assembly to remind everyone about the health benefits of drinking water.

School council talk to our cook regularly.  We will feed back your comment.