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Parent Carer Questonnaire 2020

Parent questionnaire issues

110 questionnaires were completed.  Where parents had a view the following percentages are applicable:

The school is welcoming to all visitors


My child is happy at school


My child feels safe


The school encourages children to adopt a healthy lifestyle (for example free fruit/veg in the infants, sports and PE, clubs, Healthy School status – does this help?).


There is a wide range of extra activities (for example the range of clubs, after school activities, themed weeks, trips and visitors etc).


The PTA makes a significant contribution to the life of the school


My child receives support if he/she needs it (for example through provision maps for children with additional needs, provision for Gifted and Talented pupils, support for medical needs, for children with English as an additional language, counselling, playground support)


The school keeps me informed of my child’s progress (Examples of this are parents’ evenings, reports, and SATs results, comments on home learning, certificates and stickers).


My child is making enough progress


Teaching and learning in school is good


Homework is at the right level for the age of my child


Staff and children have good relationships


Behaviour in school is good


Bullying is dealt with effectively


The school tackles any discrimination and inequalities well (do you feel that all children and parents are treated equally and with respect and are discrimination/racism not tolerated and dealt with appropriately?)


The school is well led and managed


The school keeps me well informed about events in school (via text service, newsletters, school blog, new website)


The school takes account of parent’s/carers’ views (this survey, informal chats)


The school takes account of pupil views (class and school council, pupil interviews, assembly)


The school makes sure that my child is well prepared for the future (for example when starting school, changing year group or changing school).


I would recommend the school to other parents


Overall I am happy with my child’s experience at this school



Parents wrote that strengths of the school are:

Friendly and Welcoming

  • You are very friendly and welcoming
  • All staff are very friendly and helpful in sorting out any issues straight away.
  • Being supportive of children  - treating them as individuals
  • Providing a warm and friendly environment for children and parents
  • Very friendly and welcoming especially to new additions to the school.
  • Approachable staff
  • Friendly, loving and close to parents for communication
  • The door is always open for any help
  • Very friendly and accept everybody for who they are and what they believe in
  • Lovely staff
  • Friendliness of all the staff
  • Staff and SLT very approachable.  I know I can raise concerns and they will be addressed efficiently and effectively

Relationships between staff and children

  • Staff relationships with parents and children
  • Teachers have gone out of their way to help (my child) settle and his confidence has grown.
  • Staff go above and beyond for every child and patent alike.
  • Accommodating needs of children and parents alike
  • They treat everyone the same and are fair with all
  • Staff always offer support when needed
  • Teachers and their support
  • Thanks to all staff.  Our children have always loved coming to school and their progress reflects how happy they are at Ashfield



  • Communications with children and relationships
  • Good communication



  • My child is valued as an individual
  • You are inclusive
  • The school is fantastic for children with additional needs
  • SEND provision is particularly brilliant

Care of pupils

  • Great care of children
  • Supportive – available to discuss any concerns
  • Pupil Care and Development
  • Particularly useful to know the emotional support of the learning mentor is available
  • They put children and their needs first



  • Good behaviour is promoted
  • Children are encouraged to help each other out
  • No bullying


  • Open spaces
  • Nice environment – excellent outdoor space
  • It’s a lovely place for kids to be

Happy children


  • Children are happy
  • After a difficult time settling in, my child is really happy and enjoys school
  • It is fun for the children
  • Our child is always happy to come to school



  • The quality of teaching is great.  My child has made really good progress.
  • Staff are brilliant and support my children’s learning well.
  • Curriculum opportunities
  • Teaching
  • Varied ways of learning
  • Feedback from staff about our son’s progress
  • My child has made good progress - I feel the staff are meeting her needs
  • We wholeheartedly recommend Ashfield to others – we’re so happy with our children’s progress


  • A sense of community.  There is a lot of support for children and parents.
  • Part of the local community
  • Community links
  • Close community feel


  • Preparing kids for high school
  • Library stocks a good range of books (including Barrington Stokes Dyslexic friendly ones).  I feel some real investment has been prioritised this academic year.
  • Safety of children
  • Healthy school meals
  • Good  leadership
  • I love Ashfield as a school. I’ve come to know the school well through volunteering and think it is a great school for my child

2 parents wrote that their child not being happy is not a reflection on school but a reflection on the child’s anxiety or the way s/he views things

Parents wrote about priorities for improvement.  Here are our plans for tackling those issues:

Homework amount and variety

Would like more homework


I feel for her age the homework is too much


In Y1, reading, spellings and spelling shed was a bit too heavy to begin with.  It felt overwhelming to get it right


It’s always a hard one to get right for all families.  Some parents want more – some want less. 

Currently our policy asks for:

Year group

Time allocation

mins  per night

Type of activities

Early Years



Sharing books

Phonics practice

Sharing with parents number work done in school

Years 1 & 2



Sharing books

Phonics / spelling practice

Maths practice

Years 3&4



Sharing books and independent reading

Phonics / spelling practice

Maths practice

Topic work – learning logs (every half term)

Years 5&6



Sharing books and independent reading

spelling practice

Maths practice

Extension of topic work in class           

Topic work – learning logs (every half term)

 Our focus is on practising reading, spelling and tables.  Learning logs will give you the opportunity to develop bigger projects with your pupil.  Thank you for persevering.  Eventually it should be routine and not a burden – especially on line tools such as ‘Spelling Shed’ and ‘TT Rockstars.’

Communication  -

Information can be a bit hit and miss at times

We don’t always get the letters – can email be useful?

Give out newsletters and event information with more notice

Please send text messages to 2 contacts

I apologise if you have found our communication a bit hit and miss.  We try to plan for the year but sometimes opportunities arise that we don’t have as much notice for. We will continue to try to improve this area.

We have looked into using email and set up a service with the same company who provide our text service.

To have second contact texts sent out linked to your child’s name would cost another £600 per year.  Please let the office know if this is a particular problem for you. We’ll look into what we can do.






I had 2 written worries about bullying.  If you have worries initially please speak to your child’s teacher or Mrs Hey (learning mentor) or Mrs Warren.  We’ll talk to your child.  We’ll talk to the other party and often we will organise a circle of friends where each party chooses other children they trust to help.  All children meet regularly with a member of staff to discuss how to make sure everyone sees the situation as improving and no one is isolated.  To start with this happens a few times a day and then reduces.  Please also encourage your child to talk to us as soon as they feel uncomfortable.

We have found a restorative approach like this has a longer lasting effect than a punitive approach.  Please talk to us again if you feel the situation has not improved or encourage your child to do so.



Would be helpful to know what PTA pays for / contributes to trips and items in school.

The events Friends of Ashfield supported last year were:-

  • Supporting  transport costs for trips and events at Ashfield £1000 divided between each class
  • Supporting Christingle – buying the oranges and accoutrements for that.
  • Supporting the Carnival 
  • Supporting leavers presents.

This academic year Friends of Ashfield are also saving for an exciting new resource at school. The Scrap Shed.  This is a large shed where children can get creative and build models and sculptures from various recycled scrap materials.  The other half of the shed will support various types of sports equipment.  This will be an amazing asset for all the children at break time or lunch time; as well as being used in school lesson time. 

The above was in a PTA letter sent this academic year.



Parent confused with who to talk to re SEND support and level of provision

Parent wishing for more SENCO time with pupils on her list

Class teachers have primary responsibility for the progress of all pupils in their care.  They spend every day with these pupils and know them best – apart from you of course.

The SENCO role is to have a strategic overview of support in class and and liaise with external professionals and class teachers.  Parents must always speak to the class teachers in the first instance.

Since 2016-2017 we set up termly SEND meeting with SENCO class teacher and you as well as pupil voice to review progress for your child.  As well as this class teachers have professional conversations regularly with the SENCO.  For further guidance on the strategic SENCO role and our core offer please visit the NASEN website and the SEND page of the Ashfield website.

Each individual pupil with SEND will have varying needs for SENCO involvement outside of these termly meetings. 

Uniform policy enforcement -

Scruffy children reflects badly on the school

You are probably referring to footwear.  We made the decision to go for black shoes or trainers to try to be flexible to most needs.  We will send out reminders for when parents and carers next buy footwear.  We know it’s hard when children’s feet keep growing!

Toilets smelling Y5

We have experienced a drain smell.  Mr Raymond is investigating.

More events with local schools e.g. sport, arts and music

To bring children together and preparation for leaving

This year we have plans for the following events with our local schools:

There will be Y5 taster day at PHGS in the summer term

Y6 transition will be for 3 days in July

PE festivals Y3 was cricket in September, KS2 cross country was October, Y6 rugby was October, Y3 PE festival December, Y4badminton was February, Y5 – netball will be April, Y1 multiskills will be May, Y2 multiskills will be July. 

There will be a ‘Poetry Slam’ in June for Y5 and Y6 pupils

Some Y6 pupils get the chance to visit PHGS for English, maths and science lessons.

PHGS teachers come into school every week to teach PE and French

There may be other opportunities not yet planned for children to visit PHGS.  In the past this has been a Design Technology taster

Each school’s ‘Eco Group’ will also be meeting to compare ideas later this academic year.

Next academic year we will have an inter school art competition on eco art.

Encourage pupils to drink more water

We encourage children to bring in water bottles to school each day and have three stations around school to refill.  I’ll ask staff to encourage children who are not drinking, to drink regularly.

Set up payment system for activities etc.

At moment we have our new on line payment system set up for  lunches, breakfast club, residential and music lessons.

Our next set up will be for most trips.  Sometimes, it is useful for us to collect cash if we are going on public transport to pay the bus driver, though most of our trips are by coach and the payment system will work well for this.

For after school clubs, sometimes the cash is used to buy resources.  We will continue to add events to our payment system.  Give the office a ring if you are experiencing any difficulties.

A broader curriculum – art, music and geography in KS2

All schools are developing their foundation subjects this year.  Staff are working in paired year groups to develop this curriculum. The family of schools are also sharing ideas and expertise. In KS2 particularly, trips to support geography and history have been undertaken – down Green Lane Stream to the River Wharfe, to Eden Camp, walks around Otley for geography.  Music is taught by our specialist fabulous teacher Mrs Wilson.  Some of the artists KS2 children have studied this year are Cezanne, Monet and Hockney.  Children have made sculptural pots, plaques and Ancient Egyptian death masks.  Pop up books mixing DT and art are currently being made by pupils.