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Music Policy and Instrumental Lesson Application Form

At Ashfield we offer small group instrumental lessons for guitar, ukulele, piano, flute, clarinet and violin. These are charged at £40 per term for all instruments except piano, which is charged at £50 per term due to being taught in smaller groups of 2. All pupils are invited to perform in a school music concert or performance opportunity each term.


All pupils also have the chance to play ukulele, glockenspiel and recorder in our whole class music lessons, taught by a music specialist.


Our school has an active choir, which rehearses Tuesdays after school (this year starting in October 2019). We have sang at the Otley Victorian Fayre, Otley Christmas light switching on, Otley Christmas Tree Festival and our Family of Schools Yeadon Town Hall music concert. For the past two years we have created a music video for a Leeds choir competition.


Our school orchestra rehearses Friday lunchtimes 12:45 to 1.10. This is open to any pupils receiving lessons (within or outside of school) who are capable of reading standard notation and playing their instrument independently. Piano pupils are welcome to join us on glockenspiel. 


We have a break time practice club on Tuesdays open to any children receiving lessons. This gives them an extra opportunity to prepare for their next music lesson or to share their pieces with friends as they practise. 

Autumn Term Curriculum Music - 1st half term


Year 1 have been listening to 'Peter and the Wolf'. They learned about different instruments, with live performances of the flute (bird), clarinet (clarinet) and violin (Peter). We responded as a class with our own percussion compositions for each character. 

We've also joined in the class 'space' theme. We warmed up our voices, sang our Kodaly 'do, re, mi' scale and sang 'zoom zoom zoom, we're going to the moon'. We used chime bars and tuned bells to play the first three notes of the song. We worked at keeping a steady beat and introduced our special 4/4 Dalcroze time signature dance.  The children used graphic notation to write space compositions using long and short sounds.

For Harvest festival the class sang "shake, shake the apple tree" with groups of percussion being added for each repeat of the song. They showed amazing self control to ensure they only played their instrument when required in the song. 


Year 3 have been learning how to record pitch using standard notation. We found out different ways of remembering the notes with lines through their heads: 'Every Good Bogey Deserves Flicking' was popular! Working with glockenspiels they composed melodies to go with rhythms derived from Egyptian topic words and then notated these onto a stave. Using the glockenspiels we also played a C major scale (happy sounding) and an A minor scale (sad sounding). We took it in turn to improvise in these keys. 

For Harvest festival the class sang "Across the Fields" as a round. Within class we also performed this with our class set of ukuleles. They did well to keep a steady beat and confidently sing whilst hearing the harmony from the second group.  


Year 5 have been learning about Samba music. We started learning different syncopated rhythms using vocal sounds, then built up texture by splitting the class into 2, then 4 parts. We did lots of games centred around keeping a steady beat, as it is tempting to speed up the tempo! We then graduated onto our school samba instruments (surdo drums, agogo bells, tambourims and shaky eggs in place of traditional ganzas). We arranged a structured composition with introduction, section A, section B and ending. As conductor I used a samba whistle to communicate when the class needed to change to the next section. 

For Harvest festival the class sang "Harvest Samba" confidently splitting into 2 groups for the harmony section.

As the class were learning about the ancient Greeks we also learned the song "Living it up in Greece".  


Examples of Year 3 compositions - using rhythms from Egyptian topic words and experimenting with pitch on a glockenspiel. 
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Skylar's Missing Note KS1 Performance and Music Workshop

Skylar's Missing Note KS1 Performance and Music Workshop  1
Silver Birch and Willow classes were very lucky to watch a performance of "Skylar's missing note". This touring music and theatre project was supported by Leeds International Piano Competition. It certainly met it's objective of introducing young children to the magic of piano. In a workshop afterwards they learned about rhythm, pulse, pitch, dynamics and more as together they composed an ending the pigeon's part of the story. We'll be following up on the project in our curriculum music lessons this term.  

wrapping rap.AVI

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storm smaller.mp4

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Heather Pollock KS2 Music Assembly


Heather Pollock, a local musician and retired doctor, visited our school this week to talk about the science of music and perform on some of her many instruments. She used pupils to represent the different parts of the ear, with coloured balls passed between them to show how sounds pass from outer ear through to our brains. She then demonstrated her many different instruments, including an African drum, panpipes, whistle, flute, violin, harp and lyre. The children particularly enjoyed it when Heather played the theme from 'Frozen' on her harp. Thank you Heather for giving up your time to play for us.

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Year 6 Leavers Assembly

Well done to ukulele and guitarists who performed "Castle on the Hill" during the Year 6 leaving assembly. Great to hear so many pupils performing and singing together, welcoming such a great performance opportunity.  

Otley Chamber Orchestra Perform at Ashfield


We were so grateful to members of Otley Chamber Orchestra who volunteered their time to perform at Ashfield today. They brought a string section comprising two violins, a viola and cello and a woodwind section comprising two flutes, an oboe, a clarinet and a bassoon. They also used a pianist who helped to conduct. It was great to hear their instruments individually and as an ensemble playing classical pieces by Beethoven and Handel alongside Disney favourites such as 'the Bear Necessities' and 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'!



If you know of any choirs or musical ensembles who would like to perform for our children, please do let us know.

Ashfield Summer BBQ "Festival Stage"

Well done to instrumental pupils who performed at our "Festival Stage" during the Summer BBQ. It was exciting to hear their performances amplified through a PA system.

ABRSM Music Exams

Well done to our five pupils who took ABRSM prep test and grade 1 exams this summer term.

Well done to our instrumentalists and vocalists who performed "Big Yellow Taxi" at Otley Carnival 2019

Well done to our instrumentalists and vocalists who performed "Big Yellow Taxi" at Otley Carnival 2019 1

Carnival 2019 film.mp4

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A million dreams choir assembly performance

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Ashfield School Choir - A Million Dreams

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Our first take of "A Million Dreams". We'll record it again in assembly after half term.




Harmony Blues - 2019 Leeds Singing Challenge Entry

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We're proud of how many children love to both sing and play instruments at Ashfield.

Yeadon Town Hall Concert March 2017

Yeadon Town Hall Concert March 2017 1 The whole family sang a final song together
Yeadon Town Hall Concert March 2017 2 Ashfield Orchestra
Yeadon Town Hall Concert March 2017 3 Ashfield Choir
Ashfield took part in a family of schools' concert in March 2017.  We were very proud of their performances.  It was great to have so many instrumentalists playing.