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Summer Music Concert

Summer 2020 Music Concert


Welcome to Ashfield Primary School's online summer 2020 music concert. Thank you to all pupils who have contributed to our concert and their adults for supporting them. For further information about music at Ashfield Primary please visit

First we'll hear from George, who's in Rowan class. George has learnt so many pieces during our online lessons, he’s talented at both playing by ear and reading notated music. George decided to arrange a mash up of his four favourites. I’m amazed that he’s learnt it all off by heart, no music page turns required here! Do you recognise any of the tunes? (answers after the video)


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Answers: Back to the Future. Down to Business. Pirates of the Caribbean. Harry Potter: Hedwig’s Theme.  


Following the recording of his mash up video, George learnt ‘Unity’ by TheFatRat in the space of a week. He worked out the tune by ear himself and quickly managed to add the chords. I insisted he record this one too for you all to hear!

George unity.mp4

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I’m so glad Calvin from Willow class filmed a video for our concert. I had no idea Calvin was such a talented drummer and he’s only in year 2! He’s performing the piece 'Latin Groovers'. He likes it as it uses the cymbal throughout (rather than high hat). Calvin has private drum lessons, this is his teacher's website: He has managed to continue his lessons online during lockdown.


If your child is interested in drum lessons they are also taught at council run Saturday morning music centres in Horsforth and Guiseley. I am not yet sure if they will be open in September, for further information their webpage is here:  

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Beth, from Oak class, has been learning “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi. It's a lengthy piece and the right hand includes tricky rhythms. She’s done brilliantly to manage the left hand at the same time. Well done Beth, it sounds amazing.

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Eleonore, from Elm class, is always a pleasure to teach. She's great at playing by ear and creates beautiful melodies when we do improvisation tasks. For our main piece we've been working hard at ‘Old Town Road’. I now prefer her piano version to the original, great work Eleonore!


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Pola, from Oak class, is very talented at working out tunes by ear. She came to a recent online lesson already able to play the right hand of “Memory” from Cats. Using sheet music we then added in the left hand accompaniment. This includes a tricky broken chord pattern that required a lot of practise. I'm so glad she put in those hours of practice, it sounds great Pola!


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Toby, from Elm class, is to be congratulated in gaining a distinction in his grade 1 piano during Spring term (the highest accolade). Well done Toby! You can hear the hundreds of hours of practise that goes into his playing. Toby has gone on to arrange a real treat for you all: can you guess the movie theme tunes in this mashup? Answers are at the end of the video. I’m really impressed by how he arranged the music to fit together so well.


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Hattie, from Beech class, completed the requirements for her flute ABRSM copper music medal during our online lessons. Well done Hattie! She didn’t stop practising at that point though. She’s been learning lots of new higher register notes and playing amongst other tunes “Hedwig’s Theme” from Harry Potter. Amazing progress to think she only started playing in September and is still in year 3! She’s playing “Spongebob squarepants” for you today.

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Ben, from Oak class, only started piano lessons in September, yet listen to him play! He has made outstanding progress thanks to his prior musicianship developed playing guitar with Mr Rossiter and his regular piano practice routine. In June he completed the requirements for Trinity initial grade piano. Well done Ben! He performs 'Lullaby' and 'Allegro' for you today.


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Charlotte, from Rowan class, has been playing some brilliant tunes during our online lessons. I’ve particularly been enjoying her version of ‘Space Oddity’ by David Bowie. Today she’s treating us to the ABRSM initial grade violin piece ‘Old Timer’ and the very seasonal ‘Summer Sun’.  Good work getting these so fluent.

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Lorcan is still only in year 3, but is already playing his flute with a lovely tone. It’s strange to think back in autumn he was working towards just getting a sound out of the headjoint; what progress! He performs “Mary had a little lamb” for you today.


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Ewan, from Elm class, has been working hard to prepare his clarinet ABRSM bronze exam pieces. I particularly enjoy his playing of 'Daisy, Daisy'. Today he's performing a piece he heard used in a video game. When I heard it I realised it's "We didn't start the fire" by Billy Joel. A great choice! We only worked on this for a couple of weeks, but he quickly picked up the melody. 


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Lexie, from Beech class, has continued both her clarinet and piano lessons online. In piano lessons she's been enjoying playing Katy Perry's "Roar" This piece has complex rhythms in the right hand and tricky chords for the left hand. She's done so well to master this whilst still in year 3.


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In clarinet Lexie has completed both of her ABRSM copper music medal exam pieces and has been sight reading pieces from her tutor book. She has done so well in a matter of months. I'm particularly impressed by her work starting to tongue notes. She plays Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" for you today. 


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Poppy, from Elm class, has been playing 'Lean on me' and '7 years'. It's been great hearing her play during our online lessons. She's particularly good at improvisation and playing by ear. She performs 7 years for you today, experimenting with starting in a different hand position to see how it changes the piece:  


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Patrick, from Beech class, has been working towards his ABRSM prep test exam. This is very impressive to think he's still in year 3! He's worked really hard to perfect the tricky piece 'The Train':


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                  The Cup Song Challenge


Thank you to everyone who tried our 'cup song challenge'. I've really enjoyed watching your videos and hearing about the fun you've been having. Daniel and Callum's recreation of the video using flour is a particular highlight! Thank you so much to the teachers in school who have helped many pupils to learn it. Special shout out to Mr Tordoff, Mrs, Butterill, Mrs Whitehead and Mrs Burnham! 

(Please note there's no sound for the very start and end of the video):

the cup song challenge.mp4

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Thank you again to everyone who has contributed to our online concert. I hope you have a great summer!

Mrs Wilson