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MindMate Ambassadors

Meet the team


My name is Evie, I'm in Year 6 and I wanted to become a MindMate Ambassador because I understand how important mental health can be and I want to help people who might be struggling with mental health. I'd also like to make sure that people don't struggle with their mental health and know what to do if they are struggling. 


My name is Ruby. I am in Year 6 and I wanted to become a MindMate Ambassador because I think mental health is really important and I also love helping people. I think we should;

  • Discuss possible issues
  • Think about how we can solve those issues
  • Help everyone feel more comfortable with mental health.


My name is Lily, I'm in Year 6 and I wanted to be a MindMate Ambassador because I think everyone is important and their mental health matters. Everyone deserves a chance to feel safe at school, no one should feel upset and I want to help people feel better about themselves. I also want to teach people why mental health is so important. 

Mrs Bona 

My name is Megan Bona. I work as a teaching assistant in Year 5. I wanted to be part of the mental health team at Ashfield as I believe mental health is very important. I think children and adults need to know it's ok to not be ok and to know there is support there to help them get through difficult times. 


Mrs Davison 

My name is Stephanie Davison and I am the senior mental health lead for school. I am delighted to be working with such a fantastic team of Y6 students to raise the profile of mental health around school. I am passionate about supporting the mental health needs of our pupils and ensuring that everyone feels heard and has a voice. We want our pupils to know that it is ok to not feel ok and to have lots of strategies and people to go to if they need support with their mental health.