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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Children's Mental Health Week 2022

The week beginning 7th - 13th February 2022, it was Children’s Mental Health week. For this year’s theme ‘Growing together,’ children were encouraged to consider how they have grown and how they can help others to grow. There were lots of exciting events that took place over the week, including the re-introduction of the very popular ‘Daily Mile.’


On the Wednesday, we had a focus day in school. Children were able to come to school in their comfy clothes and took part in lots of activities around mental health and well-being. Each class has written about their experience during Children’s Mental Health week below.


Early Years:

Acorns and Maple classes read The Colour Monster book and discussed emotions and talking about how we feel. 

We also enjoyed Yoga sessions and a marshmallow and hot chocolate around a campfire, enjoying the company of our friends and the relaxing dance of an open fire in the firepit.

Mr Ross.


Year One:

Silver Birch really enjoyed child mental health day on Wednesday. They especially enjoyed bringing in their teddies and wearing comfortable clothes for the day. We started the day with some mindfulness colouring and watched the online Cbeebies session about feeling good in your own skin. We then drew self portraits and talked to each other about what made us each wonderful. These are now in the classroom so we can see them every day. After lunch we read about The Colour Monster who uses colours to help him to describe the different emotions he is feeling. We used this as inspiration to create our own colour monster books which we chose our own colours for each emotion! Mrs Joyce.


Year Two:

Willow started the week with the Place2Be virtual assembly hosted by Oti from Strictly Come Dancing and Lindsay from Blue Peter. We completed the 'Growing together' activity from the assembly by listing all the people that support us to grow emotionally around our hot air balloon pictures. The 'daily runs' have been very popular this week and we have decided to continue running on a daily basis. Willow enjoyed coming to school in their comfy clothes on Wednesday. We cuddled our soft toys in a mindfulness session and we have learned to be kind to ourselves by listing our special traits on our self portraits. Willow are always happy when they're being creative. We spent a lot of time this week enjoying some therapeutic art. Our paper sculptures look amazing! Ms Morison.




Year Three:

On Wednesday, Beech class enjoyed a day learning about ourselves and exploring how to be more mindful. We completed our daily mile to get our bodies moving and enjoy some fresh air. We thought about being kinder to ourselves and shared things we're good at and that make us special. We practised mindfulness and discussed times that we might use it in the future such as if we're anxious or worried about something. We also considered what we are thankful for and gathered a bank of things that makes us feel happy and safe. In the next week, we'll be continuing with our secret kindness challenge, finding as many opportunities as we can to be kind to others in our class. Mrs Rousseau.


Year Four:

Rowan class really enjoyed our Children's Mental Health week. We particularly enjoyed Wednesday where we came to school in our comfortable clothes and practiced lots of mindfulness. We enjoyed workshops from Cebeebies, a workout with Joe Wicks and a Well-being and Mindfulness session with Jessica from Glitter Minds. We also learnt about mindful eating whilst we enjoyed our healthy snack and talked about eating a rainbow. Rowan class also particularly enjoyed a kindness challenge, where they were given another member of Rowan class to show kindness towards but it had to be completed secretly so the chosen person didn't know it was them! Mrs Davison.


Year Five:

Elm class have really enjoyed our focus on mental health this week and have taken part in a range of activities to help improve our mind and bodies. We have enjoyed some calming reading sessions with relaxing music, a dress comfy day and we have worked so hard on our running stamina during the daily mile. I am particularly impressed by Elm class’ enthusiasm to try something new. We were lucky enough to have a special football session from Elite Coaching where we practised our teamwork and sportsman ship skills. 

We had a calming afternoon on Wednesday where children had a choice of pom-pom making, mindfulness colouring and (our favourite) Lego time! It was lovely to do something off timetable and really relax! We have created a gratitude jar where we all wrote something we are grateful for down and popped it in the jar. Each day we select a note to share with each other. Miss Bowers.


Year Six:

Oak class really enjoyed Children's Mental Health Week.  It was nice reintroducing the 'daily mile' and doing it every day. Wednesday was the best day as we came to school dressed in comfortable clothes and brought blankets and pillows to school for our 'chill out' time.  We enjoyed a live session with CBeebies, Jumpstart Johnny, a body treasure hunt (where we closed our eyes and focused specifically on different areas of our body), reading and doing activities from the book 'What to do when you worry too much' and a 30 minute Yoga session in PE. Mrs Chaplin.


We think all the children really enjoyed Children’s Mental Health week and we will continue to prioritise mental health and well-being as a school.



Please see linked pages on our website: SEND and social and emotional mental health.

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