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Welcome to Maple Class 2018-2019


Mr Ross is our class teacher and Mrs Hulme is our Higher Level Teaching Assistant. We are also receive support from: Mr Tordoff, Mrs Rhodes, Mrs Hughes and Mrs Patel. You can send news and photos for our class page using the email address:

Maple Class 2017-2018


Maple Class Observations


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Maple Summer Newsletter

14th May: The home bay has turned into a sandwich bar- but we have to make them ourselves!

To finish the week, we had a visit from Wonky's mum (the ewe) and her ten day old twins lambs. Thank you very much to the Nicholson family from bringing them to school.

Our snack this week has been egg and toast. A definite thumbs up and clean shells all round!

18th April: It has been an 'eggciting' week in Maple. Nine adorable chicks hatched from their eggs.

27th March: The Easter bunny left us some chocolate eggs today. We had to find the ones he had lost to receive our reward under his friend Henrietta hen!

26th March: At last, spring is here! It's been lovely learning outside today.

19th March: This week we are baking savoury Easter nest buns. They got the thumbs up at snack and chat time!

13th March: Today we went on a Spring Walk. We used the Woodland Trust Spring Scavengers Sheet to help us look for signs of spring. We did find some despite the recent wintry weather!

12th March World Book Day. Well done everybody for your fantastic costumes. Our class book was 5 Minutes Peace by Jill Murphy and we had lots of elephant related activities.

5th March Pet Week: We were lucky to have a visit from Dianna and Charlie at Blue Cross and we enjoyed learning about how to look after our pets. Zig and Zag came for the whole week and we had fun giving them a bath!

28th February: Fun in the snow!

21st February: We entered the RSPB School Bird Watch. We spotted: 4 red kites, 4 robins, 5 wood pigeons, 3 blackbirds, 2 blue tits, 1 magpie, 6 gulls and 2 chaffinches.

20th February: Get some flour, eggs and milk. Put it in a pan. Toss it high in the air and catch it if you can. Oh, where did your pancake go?

9th February: Friday Family Fun Event. Thank you to all the mums, dads, aunties and grandparents that were able to come.

5th February: This is what we get up to in our gymnastics lesson.

30th January: Wonderful winter. A view of the sun rising over the Chevin and the first snowdrops appearing.

29th January: Our robins are back! Today we made some more bird feeders using pine cones, lard and seeds. They must be hungry this winter as the the feeders we made earlier have disappeared.

23rd January: Run, run as as you can! You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man. We've been baking gingerbread men this week after listening to the story.

18th January: We're going on a bear hunt. We're going to catch a big one!

12th January: Messy art, it's so much fun!

16th January: Professor Tagtiv8 gave us a lesson on letter sounds. It was in the hall and we had to do a lot of running around to collect the right tags.

15th January: The storms have cleared so today we had a big clear up in green base. Look at team ground force!

13th December: It's party time! We had a lovely surprise from Santa Claus this afternoon. Thank you Friends of Ashfield for giving Santa the lovely Christmas pencils. We also said thank you and goodbye to Mrs Mac for helping us every Wednesday.

11th December: Super Ted had a snuggly time this weekend!

4th December: Super Ted had a great time on the farm, posting the Christmas cards and visiting Santa.

27th November: Super Ted helped with the shopping this weekend. He enjoyed a curry too!

24th November: Zig and Zag's spa day. We have been looking after the guinea pigs this week. We treated them to a lovely shampoo and blow dry.

20th November: Someone was very excited to take Super Ted home this weekend!

17th November: Children in Need Day. Thank you for all your generous donations, buns and making the effort to dress up. It's been a fun day.

14th November: We have a friendly robin in our tree. We have made a den so we can watch it and some bird feeders in case it gets hungry this winter.

6th November: Super Ted had a fantastic weekend in the Lake District. What a lucky bear!

6th November: This week we were involved in Otley Science Festival. Today we visited the Courthouse for the Silly Science Event.

2nd November: Today we celebrated Diwali with Mrs Patel. We learned all about Rangoli patterns, diva candles and the story of Rama and Sita.

It was just the day for making dens and digging in the dirt.

1st November: Today we were visited by LJ and her lovely black pug dog, Winnie from the Dogs Trust. We found out how to look after a dog and got lots of kisses and cuddles from Winnie.

Autumn Leaves are falling down. Spinning, spinning all around. Floating down without a sound, so catch them if you can!

31st October: This week we are reading 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. Today we made porridge outside; real porridge and mud kitchen style! It was lovely and warm on a cool Autumn day.

30th October: Super Ted had a lovely half term holiday. He picked a pumpkin for Halloween from the pumpkin farm, had cake in a cafe with grandma, picked some pears and made a birthday cake.

19th October: Maples enjoyed their spooky day this week: dressing up, exploring pumpkins, counting spiders, making Silly Soup and having a dance at the mini disco.

16th October: Super Ted left school last Friday to travel all the way to Llanberis in Wales. He stayed in a caravan, visited the beach and a castle and watched a fell run.

13th October: Maples have enjoyed bulb planting this week. We looked at different types of bulbs and then found good planting places. We liked using the trowels and dibbers for making holes. Looking forward to Spring!

28th September: We've had a good crop of apples this year in the magic garden. The apples have made the most delicious apple crumble.

We have moved on to Number two now in maths. Can you keep finding ways to represent Number two at home?

25th September: Super Ted went to Scarborough on the weekend and enjoyed a slice of birthday cake after school last Friday. Can you see him on the donkey?

This week we have started learing about number one in our maths session. We found lots of ways of representing one.

18th September: Super Ted has spent time this weeken dressing up and having a cream tea. What a great start to the year!

Newsletter Autumn 2017

Welcome to Maple Class 2016!


Ms Morison is our class teacher and Mrs Butterill is our Higher Level Teacher Assistant. Please let us know if you have anything exciting to add to our class page.

You can email us on


23rd June: Kitchen Disco. Thank you to all the adults who attended our Kitchen Disco. We had great fun sharing our books, making maracas, doing jabadao, making and eating fruit cups, writing riddles and playing maths games. We finished with a boogie to the Kitchen Disco music. We love this book!

June: We had a great time in Health week. We kicked off with The Race for Life and visitors came in to teach us about StarWars Dance, Calm Classrooms, Dogs Trust and Ultimate Frisbee. We talked about healthy eating, being sunsafe, looking after our teeth and keeping ourselves clean.

17th June: A hot, sunny day at Otley Carnival. The Octopuses were fabulous from Maple.

Maple Summer Newsletter

Maple Newsletter Spring 17

11th May: Today we made some healthy smoothies with milk and fruit. A big thank you to the mums that gave up their afternoon to help us.

10th May: The sun is shining and the children are happy. It's been so much fun learning outside today.

25th April: We're learning about capacity. We can use the words full, empty and half full when we measure water into containers.

18th April: Super Ted have a gorgeous Easter break. He had a great time in the sun at Kirkstall Abbey.

27th March: Super Ted travelled to Scarborough on the train and spent a lovely weekend at the seaside.

March 24th - Red Nose Day 2017: Enjoying a crispy bun in the sunshine.

March 13th: Super Ted has down on the farm this weekend. Here he is helping to feed all the animals.

Our eggs arrived on March 13th. It's been great fun watching them hatch and grow up. Thank you Friends of Ashfield for donating the money to pay for Hatch It!

6th March: Super Ted had a great time at Skipton Castle this weekend.

World Book Day March 2nd: We dressed up as our favourite book characters, brought books from home to share and listened to a storyteller.

7th and 8th February: We put on a performance of Jack and the Beanstalk for our families. There was singing, acting and reading out loud from the story.

6th February: Super Ted had a very excting time riding Coco the white horse this weekend.

31st January: The Lion Dancers visited Ashfield today. Kung Fu Stu and Jamming Joe tauught us a special dance for Chinese New Year. You can watch a video of the performance on Early Essence.

30th January: Super Ted enjoyed his time with Honey the dog this weekend. He baked a delicious cake, did a bit of shopping and came back to schook with a brand new cape.

23rd January: Super Ted went to the building site on the weekend. He was very careful using the tools.

Double Trouble: This week we have been doubling numbers up to 5 + 5. Krispin and Kristoff the crow twins have been helping us.

18th January: The Ice Cream Parlour is the place to practise counting. How many sprinkles and cherries would you like on your sundae?

16th January: Super Ted 'kicked off' the weekend at Kids Club on Friday and then a trip to Striker 9, the bookshop, cafe and the Turkish barbers.

9th January. Super Ted returned to the Chevin this weekend for a lovely dog walk.

6th January: Super Ted enjoyed his Christmas break on the Chevin. He helped decorate the trees.

14th December. It's party time!


More WOW moments from home. We have been been impressing our adults at home by looking after puppies, carefully writing Christmas cards and being resilient.


More WOW moments from home. We have been been impressing our adults at home by looking after puppies, carefully writing Christmas cards and being resilient.

12th December: Super Ted loves his new tartan ribbon! He got cosy with a bedtime story after a weekend of parties and Christmas fun.



Some more Nativity pictures sent from Stanley's dad.





Maple's Christmas Production




Many parents have asked for the audio file from the Christmas play. Press the play button to listen to our fantastic actors!


8th December: Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh! A super brick model.



Christmas Counts Nativity Performance 2016. We think they smashed it!



5th December: Super Ted had a fabulous time at the Otley Victorian Fayre on the weekend. He got up to some other festive fun too!



Some more WOW moments; swimming and reading and writing this week.




Using our new equipment in PE. We now have big spinning tops, a giant elastic for ring games, an agility ladder and balance see-saws.





18th November: Children in Need Day. The Maples raised £33.65 and wore their clothes back to front and inside out (on purpose today)!







This week the Maples have enjoyed activities from the Silly Science Trip back in the Early Years Unit.



14th November: This week's Super Kid took Super Ted for a walk in the woods. They climbed trees together!



More Super Stars! We have WOWS for: swimming, helping with chores, being kind and helpful, writing and learning big numbers.








9th November. Fun in the snow!



Two swimmers sharing their WOW stars!


The Silly Science event at Otley Courthouse was brilliant.












7th November Super Ted had a great time with sparklers on Bonfire Night.




Celebrating Diwali. Thank you Mrs Patel for sharing your costumes, music and snacks with us.













31st October Super Ted carved pumpkins for Halloween during half term week and went geocaching.


Our Striker Nine Football Star. Well done for your fantastic penalty shoots!


Garden Workforce. We had great fun planting Winter bedding flowers today and finding the odd worm! Thank you Mrs Patel and Callum for the lovely plants and containers.










19.10.16 Another two WOWs. One for a first swimming lesson and the other for practising writing at home.


This week's Super Kid took Super Ted to a fun swimming pool with pirates and to a party.






18th October: Autumn Days!






Class of 2016 -17. This photo was printed in the Yorkshire Evening Post, 17th October 2016

Pizza Week: We've enjoyed playing in the Pizzeria (aka home bay) and making real pizzas.










Two more swimming WOWs!


10.10.16: This week's Super Kid. Super Ted had a great time riding Boris the pony and meeting Pup the dog and the new puppies.



WOW! Our two latest swimming badges.





6th October: Maple Class performing the 'Welcome Song' at this year's Harvest Festival. Well done everybody!


5th October: Today we talked about number two. We used the words 'pair', 'couple' and 'twins'. Look at this fabulous robot. Can you see two arms, two legs and two eyes?


4th October: Our number one collection. Anything could go in the hoop but only one of each thing. What can you see?



Super Ted had a great time last weekend at the park sharing chocolate with a friend!



3rd October: The penny shop has been very popular today. How many bananas can you buy with 5p?


WOW. Our Maple mermaid swam 100 metres and raised £200 for charity.


28th September: We said good bye to our gorgeous painted lady butterflies. One did not want to leave with the others!


WOW, look what we can do: showjumping, mountain climbing and earning a first badge at swimming lessons.



The butterflies have emerged from their chrysalides. We will let them go soon in our school garden. Bye bye beautiful painted ladies!


26.9.16 Super Ted is resting now after a busy weekend. He went shopping at the market and at Waitrose and visited the library and Harlow Carr.





19.9.16 Super Ted has had a great weekend making dens, riding on a skateboard and playing with the Death Star.




The chefs preparing a healthy salad for all of us to try.





Our very hungry caterpillars are getting bigger and fatter. I wonder what will happen next?



The Maples invented this game. It's called Catch the Apple. You need water, apples,a blindfold and a spoon.



The fabulous ice cream factory. A 99 with strawberry sauce please!






Our first Super Kid for the new year! Super Ted loved his picnic on the Chevin!





Summer is not over yet. We have been keeping fit and healthy in our outdoor provision.













Harvesting the apples from the magic garden tree. We have made delicious apple crumble to eat and interesting potions and soups in the mud kitchen.