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Welcome back to Ashfield's summer term.

It's been such a good start to term.  We have assemblies in the hall now with Year 1 to Year 6 together.  It has been so lovely to have that community feeling back.

Friends of Ashfield Easter Egg Hunt on Wednesday had such a good atmosphere.  The sun shone on our grounds and it was great to see our children and their families mixing while working out the Easter puzzles.  A huge thank you to our new Friends of Ashfield volunteers for organising this event for us.

Headteacher's newsletter summer term

Spring Music Concerts

Please have a look at the recordings of our spring music concerts.

World Book Day March 2022

We've had a great day today admiring each other's costumes and having a fun reading focus.


Reading Partners

Extreme Reading Competition Pupils

This week all of our Maple Class pupils are learning and playing together.  We have been so please with how well they have got along and and learned all of our routines.  Well done Maples!

Up Coming Events:

Cricket workshops in school each Monday this half term.

30.06.2021 Reports out to parents and carers

05-09.07.2021 Health Week

05.07.2021 Dr Bike Cycle Repair Workshop

07.07.2021 Parent carer consultation if wanted after reading your child's report.

09.07.2021 Sports Day - weather permitting.  Each class will compete separately to be Covid safe.

19.07.2021 Potentially transition day Y6 to PHGS and other classes meeting their  teaching staff for the next academic year.  Risk assessments will be checked nearer the time in line with local Covid cases.

22.07.2021 Y6 leavers' performance

Nearly New Uniform Sale at Bridge Church 13th , 17, and 20th August from 10:30-14:00 with free coffee.

Dr Bike - Repair workshop at Ashfield 5th July

Early Years and Year 1 outside provision transformation in progress

The Big Pedal 19th April - 30th April 2021

On each day of the challenge, schools compete to see who can get the highest percentage of their pupils, staff and parents cycling, walking, wheeling or scooting to school. Ashfield’s best five days will determine our final position, but we can log journeys on all ten days if you wish.

Please can you help us make as many active journeys as you can.  We get extra points for parents' and guardians' journeys. 


In 2019, over 1,682 schools made 3,869,618 journeys to schools by cycle, foot and scooter. Help us to: 

improve health, enhance mental health and wellbeing  as well as reduce congestion.

Big Pedal Promotional Material

Music concert 31st March 2021
Please join us virtually to enjoy our spring music concert. Thank you to Mrs Wilson and the children for presenting it for us.

Hedge supplementing at Ashfield

We've been adding to hedge materials in our field by adding goat willow saplings which we had donated from Leeds City Council.  Hedges may support up to 80 per cent of our woodland birds, 50 per cent of our mammals and 30 per cent of our butterflies. It will help with our pledge to support community vision 2030: enrich wildlife areas to promote diversity in habitats and reduce carbon footprint.

At the moment the plants are small and supported by canes and tree protectors.  If you have any prosecco or champagne corks, please can you donate then to school to add as cane toppers to make the canes less sharp.


We've been sprucing up the outdoors for our almost full return

Red Nose Day / World Book Day Joint Celebration Friday 19th March

We decided to combine the celebrations of World Book Day with Red Nose Day this year with a theme of funny stories.  I am sure you will recognise a few of the characters in the photographs above.

Year 2 willow Class told their best jokes to Zig and Zag our guinea pigs.  They had a starring role on Look North.  Please see a clip of this below:

Y2, Zig and Zag tell jokes on Look North

Still image for this video

22nd February 2021

After the prime minister’s announcement tonight, we are really pleased that we will be able to open to all pupils again from 8th March.  We’ve really missed having everyone under one roof.


How our measures so far have kept us safe

We will use the same Covid measures that kept us safe from September to December with all of our pupils in school.

I have been really pleased that our measures have been effective. Since September 2020 we have had 4 people at school test positive for Covid 19: 3 pupils and 1 member of staff.  None of these cases spread within our school community. 1 pupil had not been at school for 72 hours before symptoms started so we did not have to close a bubble. 2 pupils tested positive in October half term and we had to close 2 bubbles.  No other pupils or staff members from these bubbles went on to display any Covid symptoms. A staff member tested positive in January. Again we had to close a bubble but once again no other pupils or staff members from these bubbles went on to display any Covid symptoms.


Staff lateral flow tests

Staff in school are using two rapid coronavirus (COVID-19) tests each week at home to identify positive cases more quickly and break the chains of transmission. This offers an extra layer of protection for staff and for children and their families.   


For more details of the reopening, please see the full letter below:

12th February 2021

Otley Library is putting together bundles of books to borrow. Please see their message below: Introducing... our brand new, shiny Selection Bags! Would you like a bundle of books to lift the lockdown gloom? Whether it’s crime, romance or general fiction, a stash of stories for your primary-age kids or a parcel of picture books for your toddler? Contact us via telephone or email and we’ll have a Selection Bag of terrific titles ready for you to collect from your local library. Their email is phone 01943 466 572

4th January 2021


New advice from the government on Monday evening:



I am sure that you have watched the news tonight with a sense of déjà vu and a mixture of emotions.  We learned that schools will close from tomorrow with the exception of the children of key workers and vulnerable children. 

If you are a key worker and would need your child to be in school, please click this link to fill in our Google Form: 

You can find the most up-to-date list of critical worker occupations here.

If you have already filled in a key worker Google Form, you can bring your child to school tomorrow for 8:45am and we will be ready for them.  I will meet you in the playground to direct you to the correct classroom entrance. There will be no breakfast club tomorrow but we will plan for this in the future and let you know.

Tomorrow, I will ring the parents of vulnerable children to invite them into school. We appreciate your patience with this.

Home Learning will be delivered through Google Classroom.

Please log on to   if you are struggling to get on to this, please don’t hesitate to contact class teacher via the email addresses below.

The work is there to provide interest and choice.  There will be an English activity and a maths activity each day. Science will be twice a week and there will also be another subject in addition to English and maths each day. We realise each family is different and has their own needs. We will try to say which work is most essential and which is an optional extra. If you have any questions, please contact your class staff on the following emails:



Year 1:

Year 2:

Year 3:

Year 4:

Year 5:

Year 6:

The reply might not be immediate as staff may be in school, caring for a child or vulnerable relative.  We will have a rota caretaking each other’s emails for this purpose.


Please be patient with staff this week as they make plans. We have been working hard over the past week to put plans in place for such an eventuality although I didn’t expect it to happen with such short notice.

Thank you for the many messages of support you have already voiced – that’s really appreciated.  In the coming weeks, we may not be geographically together but we will remain Team Ashfield!  Children, parents, carers and staff – a community looking out for each other. 


Do email me directly ( if you have any worries or difficulties that we might be able to help with.


Thank you for your continued support and understanding at this time of uncertainty
Please see our annual Christmas music concerts by following the link below.

The Santa Dash - The children really enjoyed the Santa Dash today. Here are some pictures of their fabulous outfits and the children enjoying the Santa Dash.

Year 6 Leavers Video 2020

Ashfield's summer music concert

I hope you will enjoy the summer music concert that Mrs Wilson has put together virtually using videos of our children performing at home.  

Plans for September and the full opening of school

Please find my letter outlining plans for our full return in September.

I'm so pleased we will be able to fully open for all pupils.  I have missed a lot of smiling faces every day.  

Celebrations Tuesday 14th July


Your child's report will have reached you in one of a few ways:

  • child delivery if your child is currently in school
  • within a home learning pack
  • you may have collected it from reception
  • I may have delivered it to your home

Please ring school if you would like a telephone call with your child's teacher to discuss the report.

It was lovely to see so many of you as I made my rounds of Otley making deliveries.

An advert for 2nd Otley Scouts

Although face to face meetings for our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts haven’t been taking place in the last few months we have been running meetings for all our sections online via Zoom. We have found that the children have relished these weekly get togethers, as have the leaders, so we have decided to continue running them through the summer holidays and until the Scout Association advises us we can finally meet up.

We have spaces for new members contact us through our website

Celebrations Friday 3rd July

New Government Guidelines for schools for September 2020


Government guidelines for full re-opening of schools in September came out yesterday.  A lot of the guidelines refer to all schools but many have to be taken in the context of each school's circumstances. For this reason, I shall consult with first staff, then governors and then write to you soon with personalised details for Ashfield.

Celebrations Friday 26th June

Monday 22nd June  First day back of wider reopening with Reception


It was lovely to see another ten of our Reception pupils today. 


Mr Nowell and Mrs Hey have been really impressed at how mature the children have been. 

So far they have been enjoying the following:

  • seeing friends again
  • riding outside on bikes and scooters
  • telling and listening to lots of stories
  • playing with the construction toys




Celebrations Friday 19th June

Celebrations Friday 12th June

Thursday 11th June

Please see my letter updating how our gradual wider reopening has gone with the children on key workers, vulnerable children, Year 6 and Year 1 as well as our plan for the return of Reception children.

Wednesday 10th June 

It was lovely to see 14 of our Year 1 pupils today. 


Ms Morison, Miss Monaghan, Mrs Whitehead and Mrs Butterill have been really impressed at how mature the children have been. 

So far they have been enjoying the following:

  • Art and Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) have been combined making pictures of what’s inside their heads!
  • ‘White Rose Maths’ has gone well and it’s good for the teachers to see the children working hard on this.
  • ‘Super Movers’ has made the children giggle.
  • Playing outside this lunchtime – I was told that lunch was yummy.


Celebrations Friday 5th June


We're now planning for our Year 1 pupils to return to school on Wednesday 10th June. 

Staff for this cohort will be in school on Monday and Tuesday ensuring we have got everything sorted.  Ms Morison has written pupils, parents and carers a letter to let you all know a bit more of what to expect.  You can find this letter: 

We’re really looking forward to seeing the children again as we have missed them. We do understand that the decision whether or not to send your child to school is a difficult one and that each household has different circumstances therefore we will support your individual decisions.


First day back of wider reopening with Year 6


It was lovely to see 18 of our Year 6 pupils today.  Despite the drizzle this morning, Year 6 pupils returning brought smiles to the staff’s faces. 


Mr Patel has been amazed at their progress since he taught them 3 years ago.  He was wowed with their improved concentration, reading ability, maths ability and their ability to understand his jokes now!


The children said they had enjoyed seeing their friends and having a change of scene. I persuaded them that they had enjoyed flexing their brains but I could not persuade them that they had enjoyed Mr Patel’s jokes.


Pupils have really thought carefully about how to follow our social distancing codes and helped each other with polite reminders.  We have  been really proud of their maturity.


I’m sorry not to have had the opportunity to have had any close conversations with you today.  Please know that although the door is not wide open, we are available to chat to over the phone or email.  Do let me know if there is anything that may be worrying you or that may be worrying your child.



Year 6 pupils to return Wednesday 3rd June

We're planning for our Year 6 pupils to return to school on Wednesday 3rd June.  We've got a new 1 way system for arrival and entry and a queuing system just like the supermarkets.


We’re really looking forward to seeing the children again as we have missed them. We do understand that the decision whether or not to send your child to school is a difficult one and that each household has different circumstances therefore we will support your individual decisions.

Letter to all parents and carers about our proposals for the wider reopening of school Saturday 23rd May 2020

Wider reopening of School  

We're working hard to risk assess the wider reopening of school.  The hub for schools in the north of Otley will come to an end on Friday 22nd May.  Over half term, key workers' children will be in school Monday to Wednesday and we will have Thursday and Friday to clean and organise class bases.  A letter detailing our plans will be sent to you all very soon.

Celebrations this week Friday 15th May

Well done to members of Willow Class for extra effort this week and to Aaron in Y5 for helping his brother so well.

We're all really proud of you for working so hard.

Ashfield Rainbow

We are missing you all and cannot wait until we can all go back to school. Until then,we hope you enjoy these messages (and pets!)

We're very proud of Loukas in Y6 for entering and winning an Otley poetry competition.  The theme was spring.  He's certainly captured the theme of nature sprucing itself up and the hope that spring brings.  This is so well matched to the hope we all need this spring as we hope for everyone to stay safe and well support our NHS workers and carers. 

Signs of Spring


The cycle of the seasons never cease to amaze,

But spring is my favourite when we get longer days,

Like bears in hibernation your neighbours do emerge,

And mum gets all busy with the spring cleaning urge,

This year we see the beauty mostly through the glass,

But when you go outside you can smell freshly cut grass,

The daffodils and blossom, seeds and buds,

Signs of spring give hope that one day all will be good.


Zig and Zag on holiday at the Claydens

We've all had our routines disrupted.  Zig and Zag have landed on their cute hairy feet however with no food shortage or queuing.  They're just munching their grassy carpet at the Clayden's house.

Friday 27th March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

A Keeping in touch letter



  • I’m just writing to say a big thank you to all our families.  You’ve all been so patient last week as the messages gradually came out that we would have to close the school. 
  • Thank you to families where there are key workers for keeping us up to date with your needs and your solutions to keeping everyone safe.
  • Thank you to Ashfield staff who are either coming into school to supervise the children of key workers and vulnerable children or manning the home learning electronically.
  • I’m sure you will join me in thanking NHS staff and other key workers for their contribution in this national emergency.


School without you all

School has been a strange place.  The corridors echo. The children who have had to remain with us have been fabulous.  We’ve really missed everyone else though.  It’s been good to wave to a few of you if I’ve been out delivering.


Home Learning

Your teachers have been busy updating the website and Google Classroom with home learning ideas.  There will probably be too many ideas for you all to do.  Please log on to   if you are struggling to get on to this, please don’t hesitate to contact class teacher via the email addresses below.

The work is there to provide interest and choice.  We realise each family is different and has their own needs. Please adapt the amount of work and type of work to your family.   If you have any questions, please contact your class staff on the following emails:



Year 1:

Year 2:

Year 3:

Year 4:

Year 5:

Year 6:

The reply might not be immediate as staff may be in school, caring for a child or vulnerable relative.  We will have a rota caretaking each other’s emails for this purpose.



Internet safety

With 0ur children staying inside and accessing home learning electronically there may be some digital risks. Please see our e-safety guide for parents on the website:




Guinea pigs and Blog

Zig and Zag have also had a change to their routine.  They are on holiday at the Clayden’s house and by the looks of the photos they are having fun.  If you have a funny or lovely picture that you’d like to share with the school, please email me and I’ll put it on my HT blog. I can’t promise to use them all but it would be a lovely way to stay in touch with each other.



Happy to help

Do let me know if you are experiencing difficulties you think Ashfield could help with, such as a food bank referral. I’ve put my email address at the top of the letter as well as the usual


Take care and stay safe.


Best wishes


Elspeth Warren


Happy New Year

The children have had a great first week back in January 2020.  We've been really impressed with how ready to learn they have been.  Thank you all for your Christmas cards and gifts.  Look out for class newsletters coming home for the spring term.  I've got a basic diary for you here to save the dates.

6th January

Training Day

7th January

Return to school

28th January

Friends of Ashfield meeting in the Yew Tree at 6:15pm

3rd – 7th February

National Storytelling Week

11th February

Safer internet day

15th February

Break up for half term 3:15pm

17th – 21st   February

Half term

24th February

Return to school

27th February

Friends of Ashfield ‘Big Night in’

4th March

Parent Consultation afternoon and evening

5th  March

World Book Day

9-13th March

Sport Relief week

3rd April

Break up for Easter – 3:15pm

6th April – 17th  April

Easter Holidays

20th April

Return to school

Christingle Tuesday 17th December 2019

KS1 led us in our annual Christingle celebration at Bridge Church.  Revered McCullough and the Bridge Church Elders mad eus feel very welcome. The children retold the Nativity story and sang beautiful carols and Christmas songs.  KS2 children helped the younger children with their Christingle orange candles.  Thanks you to all the volunteers who helped us walk the whole school down to the church and thank you to so many parents family members and carers who helped us to celebrate.

Instrumental Concerts week beginning 16th December 2019

Instrumentalists from KS2 entertained school and their families in a series of concerts this week.  WE are really proud of the efforts they have made to practice and improve.

Early Years' Nativity

Early Years children presented their Nativity story in nursery rhyme form today.  They not only looked fabulous,  their speaking and singing was super too.  They did so well remembering all their lines and song words as well as being brave in front of a large but appreciative audience.

KS2 Christmas Carol Concerts 5th December 2019

Oak, Elm, Rowan and Beech classes held an afternoon and an evening concert for parents playing instruments and singing a variety of traditional Christmas carols. 

Oak Class sang, 'O Little Town of Bethlehem,' with ukelele accompaniment.

Elm Class sang, 'We Three Kings.'

Rowan Class sang, 'Here We Come A Wassailing,' with cello/violin, guitars, glockenspiels and recorders.

Beech Class sang, 'The First Nowell.'


The choir gave us a rendition of their 'Winter Carol,' performed the previous Sunday in Otley Market Square at the Victorian Fayre.


Our audience of parents, carers and family, helped us to sing,'Silent Night' and 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas.'

Thank you to all who donated jumpers and came to buy.  We raised £39 and did out bit for the environment.
  • One in four Christmas jumpers bought last year was thrown away.
  • About £220m will be spent on them in the run up to Christmas this year.
  • Because they’re not worn often most are as good as new.
  • Children grow so fast that Christmas jumpers will be grown out of before they wear out.
  • The Ellen MacArthur foundation recently exposed the scale of the waste generated by the fashion industry, and how its throwaway culture generates greenhouse emissions of 1.2bn tonnes a year


Come to Ashfield to recycle – your old 2018 Christmas jumper and purchase a nearly new jumper for 2019.

Nearly new jumpers can be bought for £3.00.  If you bring in an old jumper, you get a token for £1.50 towards a nearly new one.

 Our Christmas jumper sale will take place on Friday 29th November in the hall at 3:15.

Don’t go adding to the issues we are faced with, recycle and support a good cause.


Our Relocated Library Is Taking Shape

After The Orchard Centre relocated to Kirkstall, we decided to dedicate the space to a library.  Mr Raymond has had the space re-carpeted and painted.  School Council talked to Mrs Hughes about the murals they would like on the walls.  They chose themes from the books they are reading with captions to reflect how reading and books make us feel and what they made us think about:

  • Rest and recuperate
  • Imagine
  • Face your fears
  • Find a friend
  • Soar to the stars
  • Choose to change
  • Watch and wonder

Mrs Davison has a new band of librarians after a rigorous selection process.  They will help her to open the library up for classes and individuals during and after the school day.  More details about this to come.

Six newly appointed school librarians, Oscar, Izzy, Poppy, Finley, George and George, helped me to judge the class reading corner competition.  They looked at each class's entry under the following categories:

  • Can you tell which author or book the corner is based on?
  • Is it inviting to children?
  • Is it creative?
  • Are books displayed invitingly?

Each child gave each category a score out of 4 for each class.  It was a close competition.  The winner with 85 points was Elm Class.

Have a look on the Class Blogs section of the website for the pupil comments.

Reading Corner Competition

Rowan Class have started our reading corner competition with a Harry Potter themed entry. I'm looking forward to seeing the other entries before our new pupil librarians help me to judge the competition. 

Acorn Reading Garden

Maples Reading Cave

Maple Class have a cosy 'Reading Cave' to hold their class books after the story by Rob Hodgson. 

Silver Birch Reading Corner

Willow Reading Corner

Beech Class Reading Corner

Elm Class Reading Corner

A David Attenborough theme with a hand made model of David Attenborough made by Toby R.

Oak Class Reading Corner

An Alice in Wonderland theme.  We're not saying every day in Oak is like a Mad Hatter's tea party!

After over 30 years at Ashfield, Mrs Perring has retired. Good Luck!

Our goodbye video on the occasion of Mrs Perring's retirement.

Launching Chef of the Week

Red Nose Day 15th March 2019
As well as making a contribution for coming to school in red, our parents, pupils and staff also got baking for our bun sale.  Thanks you so much either if you were a baker or a buyer.  In total we raised £302.49 for Comic Relief.  Well done everybody.
World Book Day 7th March 2019

Some of our fabulous World Book Day Costumes

Shared Reading Across School

This January and February, I've been working on writing with Elm Class.

Here are some examples of their super work.  It's great for me to keep in touch with classroom techniques.

The Start of Ava's 2 World Fantasy Narrative

Christingle Tuesday 18th December 2018
A huge thank you to all our carers, parents and relatives who came to support our Christingle led by KS1.  I was so impressed with the children's reading, acting, singing and behaviour as they presented us with the nativity story and made an atmospheric start to Christmas with the church looking stunning lit by our Christingle candles.
KS2 Christmas Performance Wednesday 12th December 2019
Early Years' Nativity Performance 11th December 2018

Dancing with our parents and carers after the super Nativity

Community Clear Up Day Saturday 17th November 2018

Many thanks to all the children, parents and staff who came into school this weekend to help clear up the wildlife area.

Please remember to vote for your parent representative on the governing body.  Slips are due back by 16th November 2018.

Grandparents' Day in Silver Birch Class 1st October 2018

Silver Birch children were really excited to invite their grandparents into school to show them their work, sing them a song and show them their fabulous reading skills.  Thank you to all our grandparents for supporting their grandchildren.

Thursday 27th September 2018 Peter the artist worked with KS1

Peter brought his own art work into school called 'Fantastic Hat'.  our children created their own drawings based on this.  

Harvest Festival 25th September 2018

This year ,we couldn't manage to get a date to visit the church for Harvest Festival so decided to keep our celebrations low key with a Sing-along to our Harvest Greatest Hits.  Thanks you to all our parents and carers who supported us with this.  We're also really grateful for the donations to Otley Food Bank.  School Council will take these to the food bank next week and feed back to the school on the fabulous works they do for our community.

Peace Rose for the Inner Wheel Club

The President of Otley Inner Wheel Club, Jennifer Angus, brought Ashfield a gift of a Peace Rose to celebrate World Peace Day on Friday 21st September.  After an assembly earlier in the week, the children wrote their ideas to make the world and our school a more peaceful place on tiny doves.  You can see these in the background of our photograph.  Mr Patel and his gardening team are going to choose a tranquil place in the magic garden for our special gift.

Herd Farm Residential 19th to 21st September 2018

The children in Year 6 had an amazing time on residential - despite the rain.  They were real troopers and challenged themselves in all sorts of ways - taking on chores such as bed making or washing up, pushing themselves to be brave on the assault course, zip wire and high swing as well as working as a team to help each other.  When I came to visit for the overnight shift, I was so impressed with their kindness to each other.  What an excellent start to the school year for our school leaders.