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Year Five Curriculum Long Term Plan

Y5 Summer Newsletter 2018

Y5 Autumn Newsletter 2017

Homework Schedule Summer 2018



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Spelling journal

Homework record

Spelling homework

Homework record


Reading record






Maths homework

PE kit

Maths homework



Reading record

PE kit


NB: Reading records should be brought in and taken home every day. It will be checked on Tuesday and Thursday to ensure that you are are completing reading homework.

Mayan Temples

SNOW!! :)


In order to develop our skills as historians, we had to do some deep thinking today. We were asked to finish two sentences. One was "An historian is..." and the second was "a primary source is..." We had really good discussions with each other before writing down our ideas on the paper that was around the classroom. 

Catapult making

To finish off our science topic on forces, we made catapults using lolly sticks. Outside, we were seeing how effective they were at shooting a cube across the playground. Sadly, they didn't go very far!

YEAR 5 non-negotiables

I will underline dates and LOs without being told every lesson.

Cursive handwriting used in all books including reading record.

I will punctuate all sentences I write correctly (. A ? ! , )

I will use a range of openers for my sentences in all my work including my reading record and verbal answers.

I will use high level vocabulary in my verbal and written answers.

I will persevere with all my work and be brave enough to have a go when I’m stuck.

I will ask the class adults for help ONLY when I have followed the 3 b4 me strategy.

I will practice and correct spellings independently.


RE work on why Christians help others.

We have been thinking about why helping others is a good thing. There were some fantastic ideas already including, "We can help everyone reach their potential." As part of our RE topic, we have tried to find out why Christians help others. We have read stories from the Bible and shown the message that these give to Christians. 

Mayan Mission 1

Our first Mayan mission was definitely challenging! As well as gathering clues from artefacts left behind, we had to examine their waste! (Well, flour and beef stock cubes with examples of food Mayans would've eaten, but still , it looked and smelt very realistic!)

Anti-Bullying Week!


This week we have been learning all about bullying. We have focused on bystanders. We worked together, in a group to create some drama and decided who the bystander was and if they did the right thing. 


Check us out! 



We love Football in P.E. and have been working with Inspiration Tree to improve our skills. We started with a Star Wars warm up and then moved onto dribbling skills. Once we had mastered that we had to compete with our partner to knock a football off a cone using our new technique. 

We really enjoy our Monday football! 

Science Planets Demonstration

Elm class have really been working hard to create a planets demonstration as part of their Science learning. We worked out the distance between the planets from the sun and represented this distance with toilet roll! Once we had the distances sorted, we needed to know the size order of the planets and how big they were compared to each other. With all this information we went into the hall, only to discover that we wouldn't have enough room to demonstrate our experiment. Maths came into play here as we divided our calculations by 2 and worked out that our demonstration would work. As a team we measured the distances, collected the correct sizes of balls and added labels to each planet. Some of us even moved onto adding moons and rings. We had a super Science morning and learnt a lot about the distance from the sun to each of the planets. 

We love learning all about Brazil!! 


Our learning log task for the last few weeks has been to create a carnival float inspired by the fantastic carnivals we have been learning about as part of our Brazil topic. Some of us created a float out of a shoe box, some designed one on paper and some of us created a Powerpoint presentation. Check them out! We are so proud. :-)

Science Project Success

Sofia impressed us this week with an extra piece of homework. She create a model of the Solar System, complete with floating planets and lots of detailed information on the back. Well done for going the extra mile Sofia, we are so impressed! :-)
Elm class have really enjoyed completing Space themed art during Golden Time over the last few weeks. This links into our Earth and Space Science topic. We worked hard to create a space atmosphere, a starry sky and then an astronaut floating in space. What do you think? 

Elm class 2016 - 2017

Autumn 2016 Newsletter

Spring 2017 Newsletter


This half term we are looking at Crime & Punishment.  So far we have discussed the types of Crime & Punishment that are currently happening and comparing them with Roman time and Anglo-Saxon times.  The children are enjoying this topic and have noticed some similarities between what has gone on in the past compared to now and some very big differences.  For example - If you were to sell an under weight loaf of bread during the Roman period you would have been flogged, other Roman crimes led to being killed.  During Anglo-Saxon times if you committed a crime such as murder, you had to pay the victims family compensation. 


We are having a French Day on the last Friday of half term - we are getting together with Year 3.  During the day we will be speaking French and setting up a cafe.  We will have the opportunity to speak french and sample traditional french food.




We are looking at life cycles of animals & plants - We are extremely proud of our plants so far and our beans have just started to sprout.  Last week we brought some frog spawn into the classroom and have been watching it turn into tadpoles - because Elm classroom is so warm we thought it would be better to return the tadpoles to their natural habitat.  We have also been lucky enough to be able to monitor the chicks in Early Years.


In R.E we are looking at the 5 pillars of Islam - this week we looked at the first pillar (which is the most important)

this is Shahadah:  Muslims must sincerely recite the Muslim profession of faith.  Over the coming weeks we will be looking at the remaining pillars.


Our Bollywood dance is coming on really well, the children have been split into groups to choreograph their own routines.  



In English we are working on persuasive letter writing.  Our mission this morning is to write a letter to Mrs Warren, to persuade her to let us go to the cinema to watch the film Wonder.   Wonder is our class book at the moment, it  is a story about a young boy - August, who was born with facial disfigurement, due to his condition he has been educated at home.  His parents make the decision that he should start High School - the story shows the difficulties that August faces throughout his every day life. 

Maths (fractions)

We have been using chocolate in our Maths lessons (for problem solving purposes).  We had 3 tables and each had the following - table 1 - one bar of chocolate, table 2 - two bars of chocolate and table 3 had three bars of chocolate.  The children then had to work out which table they should sit at to get the most chocolate - i.e child 1 went to table 3 because they got 3 bars of chocolate, child 2 went to table 2 so they got 2 bars of chocolate, child 3 went to table 3 so they got 1.5 bars of chocolate.  This process went on until all the children were at a table.


This half term in science we are looking at life cycles of animals and plants. 

This week we linked up with Year 1 for our science lesson, we planted seeds and made predictions.  Over the next few weeks we will be getting together again to talk about our observations. 

P.E Bollywood

Week 3 of Bollywood, I don't know what you think but we seem to be improving.



Bollywood Week 3

Still image for this video

Morning Maths Booster


We like to get things started early in Elm.   


West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service


On Monday 27th February we were visited by West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service.  The afternoon was very enjoyable, they spoke to us about all aspects of their job and showed us short clips about how dangerous fire can be.  We talked about making a fire action plan at home and included some role play.  Whilst they were here they managed to recruit a new fire fighter!

Diversity Day 

We have been learning about Rosa Parks today.  We spent part of the day watching a short clip about Rosa, then we created fact files, had a go a some role play discussing how she felt.  This afternoon we produced some amazing pieces of Pop Art.



As part of the P.E curriculum we have to cover dance.  Mrs. Wheeler thought it would be a fantastic idea to do Bollywood Dance, so we thought it was good idea that she joined in with us.  Look who joined in at the end!


Still image for this video



In maths some of the class have been working on a Tarsia Puzzle.  The children had to use their knowledge to add and subtract fractions.  This then enabled them to complete the puzzle.

Religious Education

For the past few weeks we have been looking at Pilgrimages, this has covered Christianity, Sikhism, Judaism and Hunduism.  Our next topic is to look at Islam.  This afternoon we spent time familiarising ourselves with Islamic art patterns, before we move on to creating our own geometric patterns.

BBC 500 word competition

We are all extremely excited in Elm as Rowan has written her own 500 word story.  This has been entered into the BBC 2 competition.  We hope you will join us in wishing Rowan every success with her wonderful story.

Team Building

Friday 10th February 2017 - We have had a lovely afternoon team building.  We spent time in small groups orienteering, den building & fire lighting.  We ended our afternoon all gathered around the fire toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate. 


Thank you Mr. Ross and Mrs. Wheeler

Friday 10th February 2017

We had a visit today from a group of Year 11 students from Prince Henry's Grammar School, they listened to us read and brought us some activities to do.  



In English we have been practising our formal letter writing.  We had a an ideal opportunity to do this following our wonderful trip to Wagamama in Leeds.

The versatile role of the Oreo

Mrs. Wheeler arrived into school on Monday morning armed with a box containing numerous packets of Oreo biscuits.  The children were really appreciative and were looking forward to tucking into the biscuits during the day.  Unfortunately, their hopes were dashed when we were informed the biscuits were going to be used for our science lesson.  Okay we thought, well tasting biscuits could be part of science.  Sadly not, we were informed the Oreos were going to be stuck onto black paper with pva glue.  But why? we asked.  The Oreos were to be used to show the different phases of the moon.  In addition to this, we have been investigating the moon, developing scientific questions and our research skills.

Our Trip

On Tuesday the 7th February we went on our trip to Wagamama in Leeds.  It was a very early start with some children meeting at school at 7.50 and the rest joining them at Otley bus station at 8.25.  We caught the X84 bus from Otley into Leeds then we had a short walk from the bus stop to Wagamama on Eastgate.


When we arrived at Wagamama we split into 3 groups, each of the groups took it in turns to:

Look around the food prep area.

Look at different foods that Wagamama use.

Make and sample juices.


At the end our visit Wagamama provided us with our lunch.


At 12.20 we caught the X84 from Leeds back to Otley, finally arriving back at Ashfield at 1.30pm.


We all had a lovely time.


Thank you to Wagamama for their kind hospitality and Mrs Wheeler for coming up with the idea.





Following the sponsored spelling test in aid of the NSPCC, we are pleased to announce that we won the award for best class participation.  Thank you for your support and kind donations.

Energy Heroes

As part of our Science and Maths lessons we are taking part in a project called 'Energy Heroes!'.  Over the course of 6 lessons we are going to be exploring where energy is used at home and at school.  There will be a number of Home Challenges too that we hope you will be able to support your child with, unfortunately there may be some nagging to turn the lights off.  


As part of our P.E lessons we are working on increasing our fitness levels.  On Wednesday afternoon we started with an Aerobic workout, followed by 30 mins circuit training.  Our circuit training included step ups, skipping , jogging on the spot and star jumps.  Everyone appeared to enjoy the session including the staff. 


We have started our work on fractions, this has involved simplifying fractions and looking at equivalent fractions.

Fractions can be challenging but by working together (peer support) we are making good progress.


In science this week we have been looking at Geocentric and Heliocentric view of the Solar System.Image result for geocentric.  


Friday 20th January 2017

Stops Problem Solving:  In our maths lesson today we had to solve the following problem:  Can you solve our problem?

Odds & Evens

You need 13 counters and a 5 x 5 grid    


You can only put one counter in each space.  Get an odd number of counters in each row, each column and 2 main diagonals.


Thursday 19th January 2017


Our mission:  To work in groups to complete a number of tasks.  

The brief:  We had to create a model of the Solar System to be used to educate other children.  We had to use fruit and toilet paper (yes fruit & toilet paper) to show the size and distances of the planets.  We had access to laptops to research any information we needed.  


We labelled the planets and identified of they were rock or gas.


We are working very hard on division in class, using resources to help our understanding of the dividing process.



In English we are looking at Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo - the children are really enjoying listening to the book.  The book will inspire us to write a balanced argument by looking at different peoples point of view.  


On Friday 13th January we took part in the BBC Live 500 words story writing session.  

Monday 17th January 2017


Today we welcomed the N.S.P.C.C into our class.  As part of the workshop we talked about how to keep ourselves safe & bullying - (including cyber bullying).  

Tuesday 13th December -   Otley Amateur Radio Society ran a radio station from school. We had a special ‘call sign’ which was how we identified ourselves. It was unique to us.  We used High Frequency radios to try and get contacts overseas and Very High Frequency and Ultra High Frequency radios to get more local contacts. We also used the Fusion radio to reach other countries using the internet. In addition to this we had a go at learning Morse Code.



We have been practicing our Basketball skills this half term, with the help of Mr. Davies from Prince Henrys Grammar School.  We have all improved our skills including passing, dribbling, shooting and also team work.  Thank you Mr. Davies for your time.


In maths we have been busy working on squared and cubed numbers.  We used blocks to help us explain how we worked out our answers.
We were visited by a lady from the Peace Museum - she talked to us about how our choices can not only affect what happens to us, but they can also affect what happens to others.

The World's biggest coffee morning comes to Ashfield!

On Friday 30th September 2016 Elm Class hosted a coffee morning to raise money for Macmillan cancer care.  Thanks to everyone's kind generosity, not only in providing cakes for us to sell but for visiting school to buy coffee and cake, we managed to raise over £370.00.


Brainstorming our ideas in English to help us write non-chronological reports.



In Science we have been learning about Sir Isaac Newton and forces.  We used Newton Meters to measure the force of classroom objects.

Elm Newsletter Autumn 2016

Elm class 2015 - 2016 

Elm Summer Newsletter

Elm Spring Newsletter

Light saber training

As part of Health Week, we had training in the use of Light Sabers! There was some fantastic hand to eye co-ordination, balancing, athletics and dexterity displayed when Elm class trained with light sabers on the field. Members of the class made up some new moves and demonstrated just how versatile an exercise tool a light saber can be!

20.4.16 - Investigating the different parts of a daffodil.

On Wednesday, Elm class held their own assembly. The theme was 'Stopping and thinking before getting angry'.
The class wrote the  assembly themselves, which included two small dramas and a reflection of the golden rules and staying calm. We are incredibly proud of the independence shown by the whole class in preparing and writing the whole assembly.

Investigating the perimeter of composite shapes.

Using Newton meters in Science to measure forces - 6th January 2016.

Year 5 Coding

Christmas Jumper Day/Text Santa 2015

Elm class have been using different shapes to design their own stained glass window, taking inspiration from York Minister, Chartres Cathedral, and Otley Parish Church.

Newsletter Autumn 2015

Elm Class representing the Earth, Sun and Moon for our Science topic.

Text maps to help us retell a diary entry inspired by Pie Corbett.

Here is Elm class investigating which material is most absorbent in Science. We enjoyed doing a practical activity.

Simplifying Fractions

Elm class have been looking at Fractions. Part of this involved simplifying fractions. We worked in small groups to confirm our knowledge before looking at problems individually.

Netball in PE

We are lucky to have Mr Davies from Prince Henrys every Monday to teach PE to Elm class. This half term he is showing us netball skills. After an energetic warm up, we practiced some of the skills we had learnt in previous weeks then went on to play a match of corner bench ball.