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Reading VIPERS at Ashfield


Thank you for all your hard work and support with helping your child to read at home. Whilst reading with your child, please use the question prompts below to practice the comprehension style questions your child is expected to answer in Year 5 and 6. Here is a copy of the VIPERS prompts we use in school to help us to plan our reading lessons. If you have any questions please ask as I am more than happy to help. Happy reading!


Miss Bowers 




• What do the words ...... and …… suggest about the character, setting and mood?

• Which keyword tells you about the character/setting/mood?

• Find one word in the text which means……

• Find and highlight the word that is closest in meaning to…….

• Find a word or phrase which shows/suggests that…….




• Find and copy a group of words which show that…

• How do these words make the reader feel? How does this paragraph suggest this?

• How do the descriptions of …… show that they are ……..

• How can you tell that……

• What impression of …… do you get from these paragraphs?

• What voice might these characters use?

• What was …. thinking when…..




• From the cover what do you think this text is going to be about?

• What is happening now? What happened before this? What will happen after?

• What does this paragraph suggest will happen next? What makes you think this?

• Do you think… will happen? Yes, no or maybe? Explain your answer using evidence from the text.




• Why is the text arranged in this way?

• What structures has the author used?

• What is the purpose of this text feature?

• The mood of the character changes throughout the text. Find and copy the phrases which show this.

• What is the author’s point of view?

• How does the author engage the reader here?

• Which section was the most interesting/exciting part?




• How would you describe this story/text? What genre is it? How do you know?

• How did…? • How often…? • Who had…? Who is…? Who did….?

• What happened to…?

• How ….. is ……..?

• The story is told from whose perspective?




• Can you number these events 1-5 in the order that they happened?

• What happened after …….?

• What was the first thing that happened in the story?

• Can you summarise in a sentence the opening/middle/end of the story?

• In what order do these chapter headings come in the story?