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Design Technology Policy

Ashfield Primary School DT Long Term Plan

Design and Technology is taught from Early Years to Year 6 at Ashfield Primary. We teach: structures, mechanisms, food and nutrition and textile design. 

Year 6 spent a morning building structures with newspaper. They had to think like engineers about how to make their structures tall and stable without using glue.

Year 5 - Creating and building structures and learning from our own success and failures. First attempt.

Year 5 - Creating and building structures and learning from our own success and failures. Second attempt after evaluation.

Year 4 planned, made and evaluated a pencil case.

Year 2 researched their textile product before the design work. The sea creature finger puppets were based on the story 'Tiddler' by Julia Donaldson. We asked Early Years what puppets they would like to play with and then designed a template. The joining method was running stitch.

Year 2 Food and Nutrition: Designing, Making and Evaluating a delicious dip served on a platter with vegetables.

Clean hands, short sleeves and apron on.
Measuring the ingredients carefully.
Using the bridge hold to cut carrots safely.
Using the claw grip carefully to cut peppers.
The finished product!
Another finished product!

Year 2: Using textiles to make a brooch for Mothers' Day. The children sewed on a button and joined their felt pieces by stitching them together.

Year 1 - Moving Pictures: Fire of London

Amazing moving Fire of London pictures!

EY - Maple and Acorns - designing and testing boats

We used foam to help our boats float.
There were lots of different designs.
Testing them on the rapids!

EY - Acorn and Maple Classes - Designing Mittens

First we designed our mittens.
We drew around our hand.
Getting the right colour was essential!
We used felt for the mittens.
There were some amazing designs!