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COVID-19 school updates and information

Please see this easy to understand Covid guidance.

Entry to school avoiding congestion

In order to avoid congestion outside Y2 and Y3 entrance, we have moved the seats and bike racks. We will add bark mulch to the grassy bits to widen this path tomorrow.

  • If you are waiting for Year 2, please go to the right once you are through the gate after the bike racks.
  • If you are in Year 3 please go to the left once you are through the gates after the bike rack and then double back to queue outside Year 3.
  • If you are in any other year group, please go to the left once you are through the gates after the bike rack and then follow normal practice.

Mr Raymond will move one of the bike racks to the grass by the exit tomorrow. If your bike was just inside the gate this morning, it will be just outside the gate when you pick up tonight.

Thank you for your continued patience.

Covid Testing and the cough

Thank you to parents and carers for their patience in getting their children tested if they show corona virus symptoms.

Please read the following points about what and why we are asking parents to look out for and test:


  • The one child who has tested positive had seemingly a bad cold and a slight cough which parents would not have described as continuous. It is for this reason we are being extremely cautious.
  • We were really grateful to these parents for their vigilance in organising a test.
  • Please do not be offended if we ask about a cough and whether there have been 3 or more episodes in an hour or one episode lasting for more than an hour.
  • Coming back to school after a negative test, feeling well but still having a residual cough is OK.  If that cough stops and starts again though, we would consider that as a new cough and a test would be needed again.
  • If your child has to have a test, please make sure that your whole family isolates until you get the negative result.
  • I know that most of these coughs will be part of a cold.  Our vigilance is because we do not want to have to close some or part of the school so Ashfield pupils do not miss out on their education and that Ashfield parents and carers have capacity to be in work.
  • We seek all of our advice and guidance from Public Health England, the Department for Education and our local authority. 

Flow chart - can my child go to school today?

Department for Education letter to parents about Covid testing

Confirmed Covid Case over 48 hours

FAQ about starting on Wednesday 9th September

Letter from Sal Tariq, Director of Leeds City Council Children's Services

SEND Support - The Leeds SENIT (Special Educational Needs Inclusion Team) have produced the following document to support families with home learning.

Help Available in Otley

Letters from Ashfield

Otley’s Response to COVID-19 - Local Support

Please also see home learning information in 'Parents / Carers' tab / Home Learning.