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Y5 Summer newsletter 2018

We have had a fabulous trip to Wagamama in Leeds Trinity today. It was an early start with a trip on a public bus into Leeds which we all enjoyed and we had many compliments about our lovely behaviour. We arrived at the restaurant and we were greeted by the staff who gave us hats and hairnets so we could become part of the team. We took part in three activities: a tour of the restaurant, making and trying different fruit juices (using an apple sandwich) and preparing our food which included following the recipe and weighing the ingredients(a mini yaki soba). After that, we all sat down to eat our mini yaki soba (chicken noodles) with our chopsticks- yum yum. Finally, we caught the X84 home and we were back in school just after lunch time. 
On World Book Day we explored the book 'The Lost Thing' by Shaun Tan. We enjoyed creating our own 'Lost Things' using our imagination and anything we could find in the cupboard-see what you think...

Mr Sebastian Brown visited Cherry Class today to teach maths-the class were very impressed with his ability to explain the concept of division

Cherry class continue to use resources in maths to help explain our understanding. Here we are using place value counters to explain division.

Cherry's Lost Things

Year 5 Spring Newsletter 2018

Homework Schedule Spring 2018



Bring In

Take Home




Spelling journal-test day

PE kit


Spelling homework




Reading record





Maths homework

Maths homework



Reading record

PE kit


NB: Reading records and spelling journals should be brought in and taken home every day. It will be checked on Tuesday and Friday to ensure that you are are completing reading homework.

YEAR 5 non-negotiables

I will underline dates and LOs without being told every lesson.

Cursive handwriting used in all books including reading record.

I will punctuate all sentences I write correctly (. A ? ! , )

I will use a range of openers for my sentences in all my work including my reading record and verbal answers.

I will use high level vocabulary in my verbal and written answers.

I will persevere with all my work and be brave enough to have a go when I’m stuck.

I will ask the class adults for help ONLY when I have followed the 3 b4 me strategy.

I will practice and correct spellings independently.


Cherry are working hard on our 'growth mindset' by using the Power of Yet!

Maya Civilisations

Cherry Class made an amazing discovery in the deep jungles of Central America...

Handball Tournament Reflections

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On January 11th 2018 Cherry participated in a Handball tournament at Prince Henry's Grammar School. It made a great stimulus for writing. Here are some of the children's thoughts following the event.

We welcomed the RSPB into school which was very exciting and gave us the opportunity to explore our lovely school grounds.


Cherry class are very lucky to have Mrs Fenton Green teaching us handball on Tuesday afternoons until Christmas. Please can all children have their full P.E kit including outdoor in school throughout the week. 

We are working like geographers exploring Brazil and the continent of South America.

Welcome to Cherry!


We will be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.
Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your Teacher know!

Do you like our monitoring of time? Our target is that we can all tell the time by the time we leave Year 5.

Watch this space Brazil carnival masks are on the way...

Cherry enjoyed dressing up for Roald Dahl day and took the opportunity to show off our drama skills.

Cherry class use resources in maths

Year Five Curriculum Long Term Plan 
Year Five Autumn Newsletter 2017 

Rowan and Larch Class had a fabulous time at the cricket festival. We all did really well!

We all had a brilliant time at Skipton Castle and learnt lots of new facts about the Normans.

We have been making our own version of the Bayeux Tapestry! Here is Larch Class testing out different stitches.

To help learn about angles, we went outside and made different angles in pairs.

We have been learning all about teeth and digestion. We did an experiment to see how clean our teeth were!

Norman Castles

We have been learning about Normans in Larch and Rowan class. As part of our topic and also bringing in the 3D modelling element from ICT we have been using Minecraft to design and build our own Norman castles.

Larch have been working on persuasive writing and we gave a speech to persuade people to buy a product we had chosen.

Larch have been doing tennis in PE- we created some games to practice our skills.

Viking composition

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Viking composition

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Viking compositions

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Larch worked with Miss Carpenter to create some Viking inspired musical compositions. The children worked together really well and created some fabulous music!

Viking Visit

Larch and Rowan class had an unusual visitor on Tuesday in the form of a Viking! Visiting from Murton Park, our Viking guest told us some of the real truths about Vikings, dispelling some of the myths that have risen up around them. They did not for instance have horns on their helmets - this was the invention of a painter from the beginning of the 20th century, and a tradition carried on by Wagner in his Operas. 

We also learnt that the Vikings were farmers more than warriors, and that they not only invaded England, but went East to Russia, down to Constantinople as well as west to North America.


We were then shown some amazing Viking inventions such as a wooden wheel that enabled them to navigate and an early padlock.


Jack was then outfitted in the helmet of a Viking and given an axe with which to defend his farm!  We all had a fantastic time and discovered how people who lived over 1000 years ago were much more advanced than we sometimes give them credit for.

Larch really enjoyed their storytelling workshop with author Eden Ballantyne!

Can you guess who we dressed up as on World Book Day? There were some fantastic costumes!

On Diversity Day, Larch Class looked at the book The Colour of Home. We did drama work and created some beautiful paintings showing how it might feel for a refugee to leave their home.

We are learning to play the ukulele in Music with Miss Carpenter.

Super problem solving skills in our Maths STOPS lesson!

Scandinavian map work!

In ICT we are creating animation videos. Here is a sneak preview of some of our work so far!

Larch Newsletter Autumn 2016

Larch Spring Newsletter 2017

In PSHE we added to our wishing tree. We looked at our goals and aspirations from the beginning of the year (green leaves) and then added our new goals and resolutions (orange leaves).

Merry Christmas from everyone in Larch!

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Christmas Wishes 12/12/16

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If you were given one wish, what would you wish for?
Here are some of our Christmas wishes.


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Problem Solving Friday

After a very busy week rehearsing and performing the Christmas show, Larch class had just about enough energy left today for some paired problem solving.

Pyjama Day

Larch class are very much looking forward to sharing a story session with their parents and teddies this afternoon!

Problem Solving

This morning we have been working in pairs to solve problems in maths involving symmetry.

Star Writers!

Congratulations to Laura and Sofia who have both been awarded their 'pen license' for consistently neat handwriting in all subject areas.

Year 3/4 Spellings List

Happy Diwali everyone!

A big thank you to Dee who came in today to tell us all about Diwali! She brought in clothes for us to wear, food to taste, sticks to dance with and showed us a variety of gifts and cards to celebrate the Hindu and Sikh Festival of Light. We also talked about the famous story of Rama and Sita and got to make beautiful Diva lamps out of clay.

Habitats Havoc!

Today in Science we went out to hide objects in our local environment. We discussed important factors like camouflage, food, predators and conditions. Using these factors, we could make an informed decision about where to hide our objects. We said hotter or colder to guide our friends to our chosen spot.

Life is better, down where it's wetter, under the sea!

We love our Friday afternoon art sessions and are getting rather good. Here are this week's efforts. We used a scratch technique to re-create scenes from the movie Finding Nemo. Bonus points if you can spot a jelly!

Hinduism and Diwali

We have been learning about Hinduism with Mrs Whitehead and today was our celebration event! We worshiped at the pretend temple, shared food from a Puja tray, dressed in traditional clothes, washed the god as a sign of respect, took blessing by a candle and meditated. What an amazing experience. It's great to find out about other people's religions and beliefs.

Flower Power

Big thanks to Mr Patel who organised the bring bulbs to school day. Also to all the parents out there who brought some in. The school will look blooming marvelous in spring time! It was such fun getting mucky while digging and learning about the life cycle and needs of a plant.

Chocolate Melting Madness!

In Science we planned an investigation to find out which type of chocolate had the highest melting point, white, milk or dark. We found out that the more cocoa solids there were in the chocolate, the lower the melting point. This meant the white chocolate took the longest to melt and was hottest as a liquid. It was such fun learning to use all the equipment, but it was more fun getting to eat the melted chocolate at the end!

It's Harvest Time!

Thank you to everyone who came down to see our performance in the church today. We had a great time going bonkers to Conkers!

Art Workshop

We have had such fun in Larch this week doing art work with Kate from Leeds City Art Gallery. First we went out into the landscape to draw with pencils, graphite and charcoal. Then we used water-colours to make our drawings come to life with brushes of different thicknesses. Finally we made collages in imaginary compositions.

Marvellous Maths

Today we were learning to round to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. This helps us to estimate and when we do a mental maths test. It was really tricky, but not once we learnt the rounding rap! Check it out here:

Perfect Presenters

We have been learning all about the water cycle. Now it was our turn to teach Mrs Farrington something new! For our presentation we had to introduce the subject, draw our own labelled diagram and practice using technical vocabulary, which all impressed our audience!

Dahl-icious Day

September 13th was Roald Dahl's 100th birthday and at Ashfield we know how to celebrate in style! Some of us dressed up in the most amazing fancy dress outfits. During PE we moved like characters from the books and worked as a team to create our own giants, like in our class book - The BFG. At the end, we even had a race! 

Super Sorting Scientists!

New Larch class has been finding all about the states of matter. We have learnt that everything is made out of particles, but that the particles are arranged in different ways. Their properties are affected by the way the particles are arranged. Using what we learnt, we sorted everyday objects into three categories. Feel free to ask us what the properties of a solid, liquid and gas are!

Larch Newsletter Autumn 2016

Larch class 2015 - 2016

Footloose dance acadamy

Martial Arts

Learning about volcanoes inspired Sofia to create a model of a volcano at home.

Observing closely, we were able to produce amazing drawings and water colours.

Larch class have been learning about what plants need to grow. We grew some cress seeds to see how fast they would grow. Too much water slowed the growth down!

We are learning about fractions. In order to find the fraction of a quantity, we used marshmallows. The best bit was that after we found out what a half, third or a sixth of a number was... we could eat the marshmallows!
Every morning Larch class have a few mad maths minutes practicing their times tables!