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Week beginning 10th January

Year 1 Silver Birch George for super reading and Vinnie for super focus in lessons

Year 2 Willow - Fatima for enthusiasm and resilience

Year 3  Beech - Lewis for working hard on his writing targets and responding to adult feedback

Year 4 Rowan - Ellis, Milo and Layton for amazing writing

Year 5 Elm - Charlotte, Tyler and Jenson  for amazing writing & Hattie school council see below

Year 6 Oak - George H, George R, Evie and Lily for being super school council role models

Week beginning 5th January

Year 1 Silver Birch Whole Class for making Mrs Joyce so welcome and trying their best

Year 2 Willow - Henry B for such a positive attitude to all his work

Year 3  Beech - Molly for a much improved pace of work in all her lessons

Year 4 Rowan - Alicia and Eva for being fabulous mentors to others in maths and William for his resolution to try his best in all lessons

Year 5 Elm - Whole Class for working really hard and making a supply teacher so welcome

Year 6 Oak - George R for super effort in all work, Griff for supporting another child


Week beginning 13th December:

Year 1 Silver Birch - Whole class for making Mr Nowell's term so enjoyable and for trying their best.

Year 2 Willow - Whole class for trying their best and being proud of their achievements

Year 3 Beech  - Charlie, Ralph, Maisie, tom, Rosie W, Rosie J, Keeley, Rebeca, Annabelle, Bobby and Ava - for being so brave playing their instruments to an audience after just a term's practice.

Year 4 Rowan - Ellis for playing so well and being so patient in our music concert and Barnie for trying his best

Year 5 Elm - Sophia for fabulous focus and articulate discussion skills in RE

Year 6 Oak - Whole class for trying their best all term

Week beginning 6th December

Y1 Silver Birch - Harley and Leila for consistently trying their best.

Y2 Willow - Arron for persevering and being so polite

Y3 Beech - The whole class for an amazing French nativity and working so well together

Y4 Rowan - The whole class for a great Christmas performance working together

Y5 Elm - The whole class for entertaining us so well in their Christmas performance

Y6 Oak - Austin for a leap in maths progress

Week beginning 29th November

Year 6 Oak - Sophie resilience in maths and Ben always trying his best

Year 5 Elm - Everyone for a fantastic attitude to assessments

Year 4 Rowan - Phoebe and Leo for determination in swimming

Year 3 Beech - Charlie B for fantastic French preparing for Beech Class' performance.

Year 2 Willow - Henry M for his determination in maths

Year 1 Silver Birch - Bryn for his growing confidence in maths and Leila C for attention to details and explanations linked to her moon buggy design

Week beginning 22nd November 

Year 1 Silver Birch -  Vinnie and Harley - always trying their best and having such a positive work ethic

Year 2 Willow - Jacob and Lewka for such a positive contribution to maths

Year 3 Beech - Harry for being a positive role model, Keeley and Walter for covering rehearsal parts in the Christmas performance practices

Year 4 Rowan - Isla for beautiful English work and Chloe for trying her best

Year 5 Elm - Ellis for resilience and a positive attitude to school, Josh, Isabelle and Isla for amazing rocket based homework

Year 6 Oak - Austin and Codi for scientific writing

Week Beginning 15th November

Year 1 Silver Birch - Bryn and Sam for persistence 

Year 2 Willow - Lilia and Maddie for detailed writing about Remembrance Day

Year 3 Beech - Ralph - increased confidence and pace

Year 4 Rowan - Henry for trying his best and Barnie for fabulous writing presentation

Year 5 Elm - Leila and Isla for helpfulness, Sofia for an amazing learning log and Rebecca for fabulous behaviour

Year 6 Oak - Esme and Ben for commitment to school work and resilience. 

Week beginning 8th November:

Year 1 Silver Birch - George and Vinnie for super reading and writing

Year 2 Willow - Dylon for trying his best

Year 3 Beech - Jasmine for patience and setting and reaching her own targets

Year 4 Rowan - Phoebe for writing and Billy for being a kind friend

Year 5 Elm - Kaleb and Stanley for team work.

Year 6 Geo H and Griff  - for attention to detail in foundation subjects.

Week Beginning 1st November 2021:

Year 1 Silver Birch - Sam and Leila fantastic art and writing

Year 2 Willow - Grace and Charlie for settling into Ashfield so well

Year 3 Beech - Keeley, Emily and Rebeca for resilience in maths

Year 4 Rowan - Lilly for focus and Freddie for sharing ideas well

Year 5 Elm - AJ for focus

Year 6 Oak - Daniel and Sophie for perseverance

Week Beginning 18th October

Year 1 Silver Birch - super writers Ebony and Leo

Year 2 Willow - e-safety work - Henry

Y3 Beech - WHOLE CLASS for a fabulous half term transitioning from KS1

Y4 Rowan - Mason for all round effort, Lily for amazing maths and Dom for amazing English

Y5 Elm - Joe, Jenson, Erin and Oli for fabulous maths progress

Year 6 Oak - Sophia - settling in well, Lexie all round trying best, Acer and Charlotte for working so well with younger children at playtimes

Week Beginning 4th October

Year 1 Silver birch - George G writing skills developing well - Ebony extra effort in maths

Year 2 Willow - Evelyn growing confidence

Year 3 Beech - Annabelle for being a role model helping friends

Year 4 Rowan - Calvin for always being helpful - Amelia for always trying her best

Year 5 Elm - Kale and Deacon for positive attitudes

Year 6 George H, Griff, Ruby L and Ben for responding to feedback so well when editing their writing

Week beginning 27th September:

Y1 Leyla for her voracious reading at home

Y2 Phoebe B for her eagerness in all aspects of learning

Y3 Max and Charlie for settling in so well and trying their best at everything 

Y4 Alicia for fantastic ideas and questions in science  Eva for being kind and helpful

Y5 Macey for pride in the presentation of her work and bravery in class discussions

Y6 Esme for her resilience  Kaitlyn and Josh for a positive attitude to his work Kaitlyn

Week beginning 13th September:

Y6 Oak: Alfie, Taylor and Evie - trying hard and learning from any errors they make.

Y5 Elm: Leila for kindness to others

Y4 Rowan: Leevan for being sensible, helpful and kind and Ruby for super concentration in lessons.

Y3 Beech: Bobby and Jimmy - fabulous participation in lessons - particularly computing.

Y2 Willow: Chloe for always listening well.

Y1 Silver birch: Nathan and Emily for challenging themselves.

Week beginning 7th September 2021

Oak - Y6 - Whole class - for trying their best in all subjects and being super role models in the playground.

Elm - Y5 - Ollie - for being polite - Lorcan for positivity coming into school

Rowan - Y4 - Amelia for being an amazing working role model - Hayden for settling into Ashfield so well.

Beech - Y3 - Whole class for their attitude to all aspects of school

Willow - Y2 - Lewka for effort in all things and Jacob for being such a kind friend to others

Silver Birch - Y1 - Phoebe D for challenging herself at home and school with her reading and Hattie for her many acts of kindness