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Week beginning 13th September:

Y6 Oak: Alfie, Taylor and Evie - trying hard and learning from any errors they make.

Y5 Elm: Leila for kindness to others

Y4 Rowan: Leevan for being sensible, helpful and kind and Ruby for super concentration in lessons.

Y3 Beech: Bobby and Jimmy - fabulous participation in lessons - particularly computing.

Y2 Willow: Chloe for always listening well.

Y1 Silver birch: Nathan and Emily for challenging themselves.

Week beginning 7th September 2021

Oak - Y6 - Whole class - for trying their best in all subjects and being super role models in the playground.

Elm - Y5 - Ollie - for being polite - Lorcan for positivity coming into school

Rowan - Y4 - Amelia for being an amazing working role model - Hayden for settling into Ashfield so well.

Beech - Y3 - Whole class for their attitude to all aspects of school

Willow - Y2 - Lewka for effort in all things and Jacob for being such a kind friend to others

Silver Birch - Y1 - Phoebe D for challenging herself at home and school with her reading and Hattie for her many acts of kindness

Week beginning 12th July:

Y6 Oak Oliver  and Tomas  for being brilliant in play rehearsals, Ruby for super work on GC today and 

Lucian for being brilliant a brilliant music maestro! 

Y5 Elm - George R for his polite patient help to others with IT and Griff for his positive attitude towards assessments

Y4 Rowan - Rebecca and AJ for helpfulness and sporting attitude in sports day.

Y3 Beech - Malakai for his perseverance and managing to swim 25m

Y2 Willow  - Annabelle, Emily, Lewis, Keeley, Rosie J, Harry, Ralph, Ava, Walter, Eliza S, Tom, Jasmine, Kara and Sophia for working well on Google Classroom in the isolation period

Y1 Silver Birch - Reuben, Warren and Lewka for being  kind and helpful

Rec Maple - Harley and Leyla for super work at home in isolation

Week Beginning 5th July 2021:

Year 6, Oak: Lucian and Bobby for being such good ambassadors at PHGS

Year 5, Elm: Sophie for a huge improvement in concentration and including all of the success criteria inn her writing and Esme for resilience in assessments

Year 4, Rowan: Archie for concentration and Josh for a continuous super attitude to everything

Year 3, Beech: Ellis for enthusiasm in history both at home and at school

Year 2, Willow: Bobby for being such a good friend to others on the class trip

Year 1, Silver Birch: Fatima for hard work and improved confidence

EY, Maples: Harley for her focus in well being workshop and Abi for her focus on writing.

Week beginning 28th June:

Year 6 Oak for doing every single piece of work set on Google Classroom while isolating: Bella, Eddie, Ewan, James, Maddie, Poppy, Toby, Tomas, Ruby, Daniel and Aaron


Year 5 Elm

Lexie for super positivity

Harley responding so politely to feedback


Year 4 Rowan

Erin settling in to Rowan routines really well

Lorcan for improved focus


Year 3 Beech

Chloe settling in to Beech routines really well


Year 2 Willow

Mathematicians – working hard at home and school – times table crazy Jasmine and Kara

Sculptors – Rosie J and Alissia


Year 1 Silver Birch

Reuben rapid improvement in reading

Jacob adding most to the kindness jar


Early Years Maple

Leila for always putting her full effort into everything

Week beginning 21st June

Early years – Maple - Ruby, Evie, Hattie and Violet this week for some amazing independent writing in Maple class this week|

Year 1 Silver Birch - Phoebe and Phoebe – for being especially kind helpful and hard working

Year 2 Willow - Eliza B, Sophia and Rosie Woof for fantastic geography work

Year 3 Beech – Lilly for improved motivation to work hard straight away

Year 4 Rowan - Billy for concentration and focus especially in maths and Stanley – for stellar writing

Year 5 Elm – Ruby L, Ruby M, Austin, Martha, Kaitlynn and Charlotte for sustaining exemplary behaviour

Year 6 Oak - James for his contribution to the play and Bella for an all-round fabulous week

Week beginning 14th June 2021

Y6 Oak - Brooklyn and Eleanore for an excellent attitude to work all week

Y5 - Harley - super work editing writing

Y4 - Leila - for always following all of our Golden Rules

Y3 Beech - Alicia for improved confidence and resilience  - developing school learning at home

Y2 Willow - Walter, Morgan and Rebeca for hard work and perseverance in all areas

Y1 Silver Birch - Ana and Henry B for superb writing

Early Years Maple - Logan, Teddie and Dylan for their amazing progress, focus and hard work in phonics

Week beginning 7th June

Reception Maple

Violet - Amazing writing  - great letter formation and sentences

Emily - A fantastic world oceans day poster

Lucas - 100% participation in the Wellbeing Workshop

Year 1 Silver Birch

George for trying his best all week

Chloe for fantastic reading and spelling

Year 2 Willow

Emily and Jimmy for a mature outlook and being almost Year 3 ready

Year 3 Beech

Ethan, Eva, Barnie and Russell have put in the most effort to answer questions and have been working much more independently

Year 4 Rowan

Billy for perseverance in all aspects of his work

Year 5 Elm

The whole class for kindness and collaboration

Year 6 Oak

Toby for determination in reading leading to a much improved reading comprehension score

Daniel for going above and beyond with his homework

George for resilience.

Week beginning 24th May 2021

Maple Rec-        Abigail for fantastic use of phonics in her writing

Silver Birch Y1 - Phoebe B - enthusiasm for reading at every opportunity in school

Willow Y2 -        Harry - flexible and kind super manners

Beech Y3 -          Leevan  - exemplary behaviour, independent writing and explanations in maths

Rowan Y4           Ellis - resilience in maths

              Leila and Isobelle  - for being lovely friends to others

Elm Y5  -             George R  - a huge improvement in handwriting

              Daniel even temper and resilience

              Lexie – great concentration and kindness

Oak Y6 -              The whole class for team work and cooperation in their Forest Schools day