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Autumn Term

Egyptian Masks! 

We loved creating our own Egyptian Masks based on Tutankhamun!

The B.F.G 
We are really enjoying reading the B.F.G in Rowan class and today a member of Rowan class took to the stage and read to us all! 
Egyptian Masks
Today we made Egyptian death masks! We enjoyed learning all about Tutankhamun and his role as an Egyptian Pharoah before making a similar death mask to his! 
Learning Logs
We enjoyed spending time at home making Egyptian themed learning logs over the past three weeks! We made tombs, pyramids and mummies! We also made puzzles, crosswords and poems. There was even a cake! Check it out. 
We have been looking at parliament and the role of the government during our PSHE lessons. We became MP's and chose topics that meant a lot to us. We worked in groups to try and persuade the class to agree with our statements. We really enjoyed being MP's and debating as a class! 
The Egyptians! 
Egyptian Plaques
We have looked at Egyptian Hieroglyfics as part of our Egyptian topic and we decided to make Egyptian plaques out of clay. We chose Egyptian themed words and used clay tools. This would have been how the Eghyptians communicated with each other. 
Breaking into a tomb
Rowan class have really enjoyed our Egyptian topic so far! We broke into Tutankhamun's tomb and found some very interesting images and objects to explore. We used torches to explore the tunnels and used a whiteboard to draw pictures of what we had found. 
Mummifying an orange! 
We learnt about mummification as part of our Egyptian topic. We learnt all about mummification during Egyptian times and what the Egyptians did. We decided to mummify an orange in the same way! We used cloves and salt and wrapped the orange up in bandages. We will have another look at them in a few weeks!