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Autumn 2021 Willow Newsletter

16th December: Year 2 Christmas Music Concert. What a talented bunch our Y2 musicians are.

14th December: Let's party like it's 2021. We enjoyed a delicious brunch, party games and a visit from Santa. Thank your Friends of Ashfield for supplying Santa with the lovely Christmas pencils.

7th December: Our performance, Christmas Counts, was a really hit. Don't we look lovely!

2nd December: We enjoyed our fencing workshop today.

8th November: Science in Year 2. Today we investigated absorbency. Which materials were best for mopping up a spill: cotton wool, paper, fabric, metal or plastic?

What a talented bunch Willow class are! Make sure you peek through our window to see our colourful Kandinsky paintings. They all look amazing.

3rd November: Kandinsky inspired abstract art. We used watercolour paints, crayon and watercolour paper to create a fantastic lines, shapes and vibrant colour schemes.

15th October: We are enjoyed our skateboarding lesson with Butters Skateboarding and Scooter School this morning.

5th October: We have been learning about the artist Kandinsky and all about colour palettes. Today we learned that some colours are cool and others are warm. We used watercolour paints to paint a sunset on the ocean. Can you tell which colours are cool and which are warm?

30th September: Computing lessons in Year 2. Miss Monaghan teaches computing every Thursday afternoon. This half term we have been le.arning about technology in the world around us. We had great fun with our scanners and bar codes this afternoon

15th September: Meet the explorer bears. We are learning about space exploration in history this term. Today we explored our school grounds with the explorer bears. Next week we will find out about famous explorers: Ibn Buttuta, Christopher Columbus, Robert Falcon Scott, Amelia Earhart and Neil Armstrong.

Drama in our English lesson. We had a visitor in class today. Beegu is not supposed to be here. She is lost and nobody seems to understand her. Her flying saucer crashed and she is trying to find her way home.

Mayday, Mayday.. a flying saucer crashed last night in our school grounds. We went to investigate the damage before Mr Ray cleared up the mess.

9th September: We learn about plants in Year 2 science. Autumn is the perfect time to investigate seeds. Today we dissected a calendula flower head to find its seeds and we compared the seeds to seeds that are falling from the trees in our school grounds.