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DT 10.12.21 We finished our chocolate boxes and they look amazing. We just need to fill them with chocolates now!

19.11.21 Children In Need. We enjoyed a mini disco at the end of the day to show off all our sparkles!

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19.11.21 Music. We are having great fun learning to play songs on the glockenspiel!

11.11.21 Science. We are carrying out an investigation to find out if children with longer femurs can jump further than children with shorter femurs. Our results might surprise you!

22.10.21 We collected facts about The Pyramids and turned them into pyramids!

15.10.21 Skateboarding! We had so much fun doing this. We really challenged ourselves and we had all improved by the end of the session.

01.10.21 Harvest. This week we did some harvest themed artwork. Can you spot your fantastic fruit bowl in our gallery?

24.09.21 Today we turned the tables in the classroom into an Egyptian tomb. With only a candle to light the way, we had to navigate our way around and try to find hidden artefacts. We then had to sketch the items we found and talk about what they might be able to tell us about life in Ancient Egypt.