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Willow Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas from Willow class

A festive week: We had an unexpected visitor on Wednesday 16th! Thank you Santa for those lovely Christmas presents. We've enjoyed lovely party food and an afternoon full of games.

The last show and tell for 2020. We loved the talk about Daisy the Whippet!

11th December: Wow! Well done to Willow for running 15 laps of the playground for our Santa Dash.

The Willow Art Gallery: we studied a famous painting called 'Surprise! Tiger in a Tropical Storm' by the artist Henri Rousseau. We created some jungle collages using different textures. We hope you like our toucans and tigers that are hidden in the jungle.

1st December: It's the first day of Advent and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Willow Class. Our tree and decorations are up and we have been busy drawing Babushka dolls for our new display. It's always lovely to finish the day with good book. Today we read 'The Nutcracker'.

Bookworms! We enjoy a quiet read in Willow. At the moment, we are enjoying Wildlife Trust magazines, little chapter books, books by Nick Sharrett and books about toys from the past from Leeds Schools Library Service.

Learning about our past: We enjoyed playing with some Victorian toy replicas.

Willow show and tell! Our Show and Tell season has got off to a good start. We have enjoyed learning about; Halloween celebrations, Hector the puppy and how to make a lightsaber. If you would like a turn at showing and telling, go to Google Classroom to fill in your request.

13th November, Children in Need 2020: We had a fantastic day in Willow Class. All our learning was based on the Children in Need Five to Thrive campaign. We started and ended the day by being active. We spent the afternoon outside noticing red kites and geese flying past. We learnt new things; how to weave and make rainbow toast. We connected with each other by working together to weave on a giant loom. We gave our support to Team Rickshaw by pedalling around the playground.

11th November: We held a two minutes of silence this morning at 11.00 and made some poppies to mark Remembrance Day. Lest We Forget.

6th November: We celebrated Outdoor Classroom Day by planting some wildflower seeds. By spring, we should have some mini butterfly and bee friendly meadows. You will be able to see our handiwork in the grassy plot next to the Beech and Oak classrooms. We also made some nature faces with leaves, twigs and seeds. We certainly ticked all areas of the 5 to thrive wellbeing campaign this afternoon: be active, connect with others, give, notice the world around you, be curious.

4th November: Mrs Wilson is with us this half term to teach music. Today we had a wonderful singing lesson outdoors accompanied by Mrs Wilson on her accordion. Welcome back Mrs Wilson, we have missed you.

21st October: Multi-skills fun! We enjoy PE outdoors on Wednesday afternoon. We usually experience a bit of rain but this doesn't put us off. Being active is essential for our physical and mental health.

20th October: Our science topic is Everyday Materials so you may be asking why we are observing seeds and bulbs. Fast track to the spring term and we will be learning about plants but now is a great time to collect seeds from our Ashfield trees and to look at bulbs before they are planted.

16th October: Today we joined the launch of the new BBC film 'The Promise' based on the book by Nicola Davies and Laura Carlin. We wrote and illustrated a nature plan each to send to Sir David Attenborough. Our Friday afternoon Golden Time was spent in glorious sunshine. We planted bulbs and identified autumn leaves using the Woodland Trust's guide. A happy day for all. The links for the films are in our classwork section of Google Classroom.

2nd October - Toys of the past: Today we started our history topic all about toys. We enjoyed looking at photos of our toys.

October 2020: Our class book is Beegu by Alexis Deacon. Beegu is lost and all alone. She came to Willow to tell us how she ended up on Earth.

We have created a beautiful gallery of portraits inspired by Emily Hughes's wild girl. We experimented with oil pastels, chalk pastels and pencils.

September 2020: We are really enjoying Emily Hughes's book 'Wild'. We have made mini dens like the wild girl's cosy forest lodging. You may have noticed them if you've walked down the school path.

We have started the new year off by sharing our accomplishments. Thank you Willow for creating your accomplishment boxes at home in the holiday. We have also been learning about good mental health and well being. Remember to: be active, connect with other people, help other people, learn new things and connect with the world around you.