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PSHE - we have really enjoyed our PSHE lessons this term, we have learned all about law and democracy (we even had our own manifestos and votes!). We learned a lot about why people become bullies during Anti-Bullying week and what we can do to help everyone involved in a bullying incident. We enjoyed Children in Need this year and wrote 'One Kind Word' about everyone in our class. 

We really enjoyed learning about networks and the internet in computing this term. We went into the hall and became a network ourselves and had children as switches, passing on messages within our network and then routers passing messages from network to network. 

Guinea Pig Visitors

Rowan class had some exciting visitors to the classroom, our school Guinea Pigs Zig and Zag! We have been learning about Non-Chronological reports in our English lessons and we decided that there wasn't a better subject for our reports than our very own Ashfield Guinea Pigs. The children loved looking at their habitat, diet and discussing their appearance. We are working very hard to prefect our reports and will share some pictures of them soon. 

Diwali Lamps 

We have really enjoyed learning about why light is important in different religions. One of the religions we looked at was the Sikh festival of Diwali. We learnt all about the story of Rama and Sita and then we made Diva lamps out of clay. 



Rowan class enjoyed a skateboarding session today. We particularly enjoyed watching the instructors demonstrate all the skills they had. Some of Rowan class were a little nervous before we started but overcame their fears and before we knew it were very confidently skating across the playground. 


What a fantastic morning! 

Harvest Festival 


Rowan class really enjoyed Harvest today. We learnt all about why we Harvest Foods in the Autumn. We watched a video of two children who lived on a farm who discussed the importance of farming and harvest. They talked about the different ways that foods were harvest on their farm. We talked about the importance of bringing foods to share with those less fortunate than ourselves. We listened to Harvest songs and made harvest wreaths out of a range of craft materials that depicted the fruits/vegetables and Autumn colours to display in our classroom.

Living things in Science. 


Today Rowan class enjoyed exploring our playground and wildlife area to collect and look at the different plants we have as part of our exploration of the plant kingdom. We noticed lots of different types of leaves, different shapes, sizes, colours and textures. We discussed the different plants that make up the plant kingdom and collected some samples. When we were back in the classroom, we explored grouping our findings in lots of different ways.