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Welcome to Acorns!

We will be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.
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On the run up to Mother's Day, the children shared with us what they loved about their Mummy's.

Today we have been playing with clay! The children have been creating some rainbow fish.

Brrrr! It’s been a cold day at school today. To warm us up we’ve all had a cup of hot chocolate. Yum yum!

All the bulbs we have planted are starting to peak out of the soil.

Fish Collage.

We shall have a fishy, on a little dishy! 

Acorn children have been reading The Rainbow Fish in class this week. We had some little visitors of a fishy variety, mackerel, sardines and a smoked herring. The children explored the feel and the smell of the fish, afterwards Acorns had a taste as well. Who knew mackerel and smoked herring on buttered bread would be such a hit? To top off our week the children made a collage of the rainbow fish. 

Run! Run! as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!

The Gingerbread Man story has been a big hit in Acorn class this week! We have baked biscuits and played with ginger scented play-dough. We have even created our very own lifesize collaged Gingerbread man. The children have used props and a sensory board where we have crushed and rolled ginger biscuits to re-tell the story.

Gingerbread Man Collage.

Sensory Tray.

In Acorn Class this Half Term, We are being Explorers. The children can go to the moon and go on an polar expedition. 

I'm forever blowing bubbles.

We've been blowing bubbles to make art today. Our children really enjoyed it.


Welcome back, we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. The children are all settling back into Acorn class life, painting lovely pictures and building forests in the sand. 
Christmas has arrived in Early Years today! We opened our first door on our advent calendar and all the children we're in full festive spirit, Ho, Ho, Ho!

It's Santa!

This week in Acorn we've had some furry visitors! Zig and Zag the school Guinea pigs have been spoiled with cuddles and a pampering day. 

Who knew bathing guinea pigs would be so much fun!

We have been exploring using our senses.

Ice, jelly, foam and sticky spaghetti.

Acorn children have been settling into school.

This week Acorns enjoyed a spooky day, dressing up, exploring pumpkins and having a dance at the disco.

Acorn Spring Walk. We enjoyed a walk in the school grounds spotting all the different things that are beginning to appear! The children found blossom, leaves, daffodils, different birds like a robin. And much more!

Shapes! Shapes are everywhere! The acorns have been making shape sandwiches, printing with shapes and making shape crowns. We are shape detectives!

Time to dance! The acorns have been dancing in PE, we listened to the rhythm of the music and moved our bodies to the beat!

The Acorns and the Chicks! Early Years are very happy to welcome nine eggs. The children learnt about the hatching process and we are waiting for the eggs to hatch...

Spring Planting! The Acorns planted seeds in February and have enjoyed watching them grow!

World Book Day Story... the acorns enjoyed listening to The Three Billy Goats Gruff!

World Book Day!! The acorns made a special effort with their costumes for book day, they also brought in the matching book and were excited to tell everyone about the stories!

Diversity Day- we enjoyed reading Elmer the Elephant story and painting our own patchwork elephant to explore diversity.

Chinese New Year Celebrations!

Physical Activity! In PE the acorns mastered an obstacle course including: jumps, crawls, tunnels and floor ladders!!

Jabadao! In groups the acorns enjoy Jabadao play sessions with Miss Patel, which focus on physical play and group activities.

Santa delivered an early present to all of the acorns... a book!!

The Morning Acorns Christmas Party! Again... Santa came to visit the acorns in between their games and party food! They also had a fantastic, festive time!

Acorns afternoon Christmas party!! The afternoon acorns enjoyed their Christmas Party with food, games, gifts and a visit from Santa!!!

Christmas counting!! The acorns enjoy singing nursery rhymes whilst counting Santa's!

Bake Off! The Acorns helped make jam tarts. This followed the theme of our Queen of Tarts nursery rhyme.

7th November: Silly Science!!! We enjoyed an afternoon of scientific activities at Otley Courthouse. There were planets, snakes, spiders and lots more to explore!! The acorns had a brilliant time!

Pumpkin Soup!! The acorns have been reading the story Pumpkin Soup and enjoyed investigating inside some pumpkins of our own!! The pumpkins were 'stringy', 'cold' and 'gooey'!

Diwali! Today we celebrated Diwali with a party! We tried a variety of Indian food, clothes and dancing.

We love reading!! We have been looking at lots of books this week. The acorns have also been learning to read their names.

10th October: pizza making!! Today, the acorns made pizzas. This involved counting the toppings and spotting different shapes in the food. Of course it also involved tasting the pizzas!

Mark making: our acorns love to practice mark making using the whiteboard and our interactive whiteboard!

September: the acorns have fun outside whilst doing the obstacle course!

Acorns class 2015 - 2016

The chicks are so soft and fluffy. We love them!

Play is a child's work!!

Welcome to Acorn!


Acorns have been enjoying Diwali celebrations. Mrs Patel came to see use and bought lots of exciting clothes to dress up in, food for us to taste and we all enjoyed dancing. Thank you Mrs Patel.