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Celebration Winners


Silver Birch:  Harley, Lexie, Elle, Griff and Ruby L

Willow:   Bobby, Oliver and Finley

Beech:   Chrissy, Ethan, Izzie and Johnnie

Larch:  Seb, Leigha and Joe

Rowan:  Matthew, Finley, Lizzie and Maggie May

Elm:  The whole class

Oak: Kaitlin, Chloe, Lloyd and Aiden



Silver Birch:  Lexie, Daniel, Ethan, Evie, Caitlyn and Esme

Willow:   Beau, Daniel and Aaron

Beech:   The whole class

Larch:  Emily, Joe, Tanya and Laura

Rowan:  James, Will and Faith

Elm:  Mason, Lydia, Tom, Kitty, Erin, Gracie May and florence

Oak: Maisie, Olivia B, Olivia C, Evan and Libby